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Fastcoexist. All ideas change the world in some small way, but not all ideas are "world changing.


" At Co.Exist, we like to consider the ideas that are tackling the big problems that face our society and the planet—a better term might be "world-fixing ideas"—at the moment they're sitting somewhere between science fiction and the possible. Home. Envisioning, a future studies network. Trends Archeology - TrendsObserverTrendsObserver. The Agenda For The Europas Conference: AI, Drones, Health, FinTech, Fashion & More. An Early Look at the Office of the Future.

Young people entering the workforce today aren't just digitally inclined, they're also not too keen on cubicles, apparently.

An Early Look at the Office of the Future

More than half of Millennials prefer working in an office with an open floor plan than one with cubicles and private offices, according to a 2014 Coldwell Banker Commercial Affiliates survey. By contrast, less than half of the Gen Xers and Boomers surveyed prefer an open floor plan. "Mobile people end up where they want to be, not tethered to a desk where they have to be," says Ricky Biddle, turnstone industrial designer. To address this changing view of the workplace, turnstone, a brand by the furniture company Steelcase, recently showed off its "office of the future," complete with a mix of home and office furnishings.

The model office--which overlooked Central Park (not a bad touch)--also housed lounges, colorful upholstery and seats designed after exercise balls. Escape From Distractions In The Analog Office Of The Future. Buzzing.

Escape From Distractions In The Analog Office Of The Future

Beeping. Text messages. Facetimes. Facebook likes. We’re so inundated with technology meant to improve our lives that it’s actually distracting from what we care about most. For Fast Company’s special package on the New Rules of Work, we asked global architecture firm Perkins+Will to imagine an office from a decade in the future. DANIELSIMON ® Official Website Of Syd Mead 2015. Futuro da Medicina - by: OneHealth. Proa - Realidade Virtual. Meu coração palpita na goela a 220 metros de altura: ofegante e suando nas mãos, estou sentado entre duas mulheres em um brinquedo chamado Pêndulo.

Proa - Realidade Virtual

Olho para baixo, vejo carros do tamanho de grãos de arroz, e uma violenta descida tem início. Dou um berro enquanto despenco, fecho os olhos e, ao abri-los de volta, agora a dois metros do solo, pressinto que a haste que sustenta o Pêndulo baterá na minha cara. Viro o rosto. E sinto duas mãos em meus ombros. Santiago Andreuzza, um dos sócios da, me ajuda a retirar os óculos e os fones de ouvido.

Não é de hoje que a realidade virtual transporta pessoas para outro ambiente, outro tempo e outro mundo em testes de laboratórios ao redor do planeta. O que há de novo, tanto na quanto em universidades e empresas espalhadas pelo país, são projetos atentos a um mercado promissor – embora ainda incipiente, como mostra o gráfico logo após este texto – que vão além de brincadeiras e games. In Ikea's Kitchen Of The Future, You Won't Have A Fridge, But You Will Have Drones. Kitchens haven't changed radically since the refrigerator took off in the 1940s.

In Ikea's Kitchen Of The Future, You Won't Have A Fridge, But You Will Have Drones

But in the next decade, as food prices go up, water and energy become more precious, and Internet-of-things tech proliferates, there might be another big shift in kitchen design. Hyper Island - Changes of Tomorrow. Top-3-trends-in-payments. This Is How You'll Shop In 2020. If you want to be happy, recent research suggests, you should spend your money on experiences, not things.

This Is How You'll Shop In 2020

PSFK presents the Future Of Cities. Ikea: 7 Predictions For What Your Home Will Look Like In 2020. There's a good chance that Marcus Engman is directly responsible for at least one piece of furniture in your house—and if you're a millennial, maybe all of it.

Ikea: 7 Predictions For What Your Home Will Look Like In 2020

Ikea And Ideo Tease A Kitchen For The End Of The World. There always seem to be two potential futures: In one, we have Marty McFly flying around on hoverboards like everything’s wonderful.

Ikea And Ideo Tease A Kitchen For The End Of The World

Welcome to 20 Quotes on How Your Business Must Change by 2020. 10-pr-marketing-tips-for-the-year-2020. I ply my trade in the marketing and public relations world, which, I can assure you, has experienced more change in the last five years than in the previous 100.


In an attempt to help entrepreneurs prepare for the communications world of the next five years, I've listed eight tips and asked my firm's president, Ted Birkhahn, to tack on two more. Here goes: 1. Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter will vanish from the face of the earth. Welcome to Welcome to Predict the Future of Your Business.

When people refer to Warren Buffett as the Oracle of Omaha, it’s not because he knows that when he drops a potato he knows it’s going to hit the ground.

Predict the Future of Your Business

Warren Buffett has earned his nickname because he’s proven time and again that he has an eye for predicting how markets will change and which companies will succeed in the aftermath. Predictions like this are based on an understanding of dynamics in something business school professors call “value networks” — the system of businesses and service providers that work together to create value for customers. When markets or technologies change, it often requires entire segments of the value network to be reimagined. Concept Kitchen 2025. SXSW On Video: Bill Gurley & Malcolm Gladwell in Conversation. Third Wave Fashion. JWT: SXSW Interactive 2015 (April 2015) This Is What Your Grocery Store Will Look Like In 2065.

Grocery stores aren't really known for innovation; 50 years ago, a supermarket down the street might have looked basically the same as it looks today. But 50 years in the future—as the food system reacts to a changing climate, water shortages, and shifting technology— you might find things at your corner store radically changed. In The Future Market, a pop-up grocery store that will be built in New York City next summer, a group of designers will work with the food industry to demonstrate what the bodega of 2065 might look like. You might, for example, walk into the store with a digital food ID that tells the store your allergies, food preferences, and dietary needs, and then you might shop on a touch-screen shelf that automatically delivers your order—possibly picking fresh vegetables from an in-store hydroponic farm on the way. The pop-up store will also include details about each fictional product inside.

F_JWT_Future100.12.11.14.pdf. 25 tendências de consumo e das marcas em 2015. Trends & Cultural Patterns (Spring 2015) Work — Undercurrent. Undercurrent is an organizational design, strategy, and management consulting firm specializing in new ways of working designed for the 21st century. We devise, orchestrate, and measure organizational change – at the enterprise, business unit, department, or team level. This process typically begins with an audit to define the current state, the context behind the problem, and set objectives for the effort.

10 Global Trends That Will Transform Your Business. It's easy to get so absorbed in the details of your business that you completely lose track of the big picture. The big picture, in this case, consists of the global trends that will affect every entrepreneur--no matter how far removed from them, or how 'safe,' your company seems to be. Mindfulness, Frictionless, Makers... The Trends That Are Moving Silicon Valley This Fall.