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Open Atrium Open Atrium is an intranet in a box that has group spaces to allow different teams to have their own conversations and collaboration. Open Atrium 2.x for Drupal 7 A new architecture for Drupal 7 that is built upon Panopoly and intended as an extensible collaboration framework. Adds the ability to have private "sections" within a collaboration space with granular access control. Drag/drop layout control with dozens of widgets that can be placed on dashboards and landing pages. Comes with Discussions, Events, Issue tracking, and Document Wiki out of the box, along with the dashboards to manage it all.

Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall To Test If Your Port Is Open Download our PFPortCheck ProgramInstall PFPortCheckRun PFPortCheck. Type in the port that you want to check, choose UDP or TCP, and click the Check Me button Why Our Open Port Check Tool Is Better Most online port checks assume that you already have an application (such as your game or torrent) listening for the port test on your computer, and then assume that the test was OK simply because they were able to connect to your computer. Also, web only port checkers are not able to test UDP since UDP is a connectionless protocol and there is no way to know if the packet actually made it to your computer without some sort of program on your computer waiting for that packet.

CMDB – SharePoint Hi again This article is the second half of a pair of articles explaining how I integrated real-time performance data with an SharePoint based IT operational portal, designed around the principle of passive compliance with legislative or organisational controls. In the first post, I introduced the PI product by OSIsoft, and explained how SQL Reporting services is able to generate reports from more than just SQL Server databases.

eGroupWare Nota : Casual Collaboration Ten free tools to manage your personal brand online Now, after you have finished the major overhaul of your Web presence with my tips from yesterday, the next important step is to listen to what others are saying about you, your site, and your company. Managing your personal brand is incredibly important these days, especially with the introduction of social media. Thankfully, there are many free tools that will do this for you and deliver the results right to your RSS reader and/or email account. I first stumbled across this idea while conducting research for a masters paper on social philanthropy. Social media blogger Beth Kanter discussed the importance of non-profits listening to their community, and I realized that the same rules apply to anyone.

Cloud Computing a Catalyst for Virtualization « Data Center Knowledge Ellen Rubin is the founder and Vice President of Products for CloudSwitch, which allows enterprises to run applications in the cloud without re-architecting the application or changing existing management tools. ELLEN RUBIN CloudSwitch At first glance, cloud computing can appear to be “virtualization taken to its logical conclusion.” After all, if the main benefit of virtualization is to consolidate data center resources and increase the speed of provisioning, then cloud is the ultimate pay-off: don’t own the resources at all and cut provisioning down to a few minutes with instant self-service gratification.

The Red Ocean of Cloud Infrastructure Stacks Update: am revising this still… Reposting now – but send me your comments via @CloudBzz on Twitter if you have them. It seems like every day there’s a new company touting their infrastructure stack. I’m sure I’m missing some, but I show more than 30 solutions for building clouds below, and I am sure that more are on their way. The market certainly can’t support so many participants! Baloney Detection Kit Baloney Detection How to draw boundaries between science and pseudoscience By MICHAEL SHERMER When lecturing on science and pseudoscience at colleges and universities, I am inevitably asked, after challenging common beliefs held by many students,``Why should we believe you'' My answer:``You shouldn't'' I then explain that we need to check things out for ourselves and, short of that, at least to ask basic questions that get to the heart of the validity of any claim.

Doc Scrubber™ Share Only What You Want Microsoft Word (.DOC) files can contain more than just text you see while editing them. Depending on the settings or features you use, they may contain all kinds of additional information that you may not want shared outside your home or company. Doc Scrubber lets you see that information, and scrub it from files before sending them to others. Powerful Features DIY, Battery-Powered Coil-Gun Destroys All Toys You’re a kid, and therefore you like to shoot things. But what if the catapult and the air-rifle just aren’t cutting it anymore? Then you, like Jason (aka Larsplatoon) make your own coil-gun. The styling is straight out of a video-game, but inside the engineering is very real, and very lethal. A coil-gun uses a magnetic field to accelerate a bullet up to projectile speed.

Hate PowerPoint? Here Are 5 Web-based Alternatives Whether they're for clients, customers or colleagues, visual presentations are an unavoidable part of doing business. For years, Microsoft PowerPoint has been the standard bearer of slide presentation applications, but several Web-based alternatives have emerged. For the most part, the alternatives offer similar functionality to PowerPoint, sometimes more, sometimes less.

What Is RDF and Why Should I Care? In a previous article we discussed how the Semantic Web is about making content easier for machines to interpret. This is accomplished in a number of ways including tagging content as structured data and defining content as linked data within the Linked Open Data cloud (LOD). RDF provides us with a framework to do both. RDF stands for Resource Description Framework.

New Tool Tracks Culture Through the Centuries via Google Books Can culture be decoded like a genome? A team from Harvard University has teamed up with Google to crack the spines of 5,195,769 digitized books that span five centuries of the printed word with the hopes of giving the humanities a more quantitative research tool. The Google Books Ngram Viewer, launched online December 16 and described in a paper in Science, allows Web users to query their respective areas of interest based on n-grams (a method of modeling sequences in natural language).