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How Police Across the US are Watching Your Every Move to Determine Your "Threat Score" - Activist Post. By Matt Agorist Imagine the following scenario: You are on your way home from work, driving down the road when you notice police lights in your rearview mirror.

How Police Across the US are Watching Your Every Move to Determine Your "Threat Score" - Activist Post

You are being pulled over. As you sit there, on the shoulder, adrenaline rushing, simultaneously angry and nervous, the police officer, in his patrol car behind you, is sizing you up based on an algorithm that determines your “threat rating.” The officer enters your license plate into a mobile application on his laptop. In a matter of seconds, this application crawls over billions of records in commercial and public databases, including all available social media engagement, recent purchases and “any comments that could be construed as offensive.”

Imagine that you are one of our informed and frequent readers and understand the importance of police accountability and are unafraid to voice your entirely peaceful, yet strong opinion about police misconduct. Your rating just came back red. Here’s Why You Can’t Outrun a Police Car. Stop Military Surveillance Drones from Coming Home - Activist Post. A federal statute authorizes the Pentagon to transfer surveillance technology, among other military equipment, to state and local police.

Stop Military Surveillance Drones from Coming Home - Activist Post

This threatens privacy, free speech, and racial justice. So Congress should do the right thing and enact Representative Ayanna Pressley’s amendment, Moratorium on Transfer of Controlled Property to Enforcement Agencies, to H.R. 4350, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 (NDAA22). It would greatly curtail the amount of dangerous military equipment, including surveillance drones, that could be transferred to local and state law enforcement agencies through the Department of Defense’s “1033 program.” It has already placed $7.4 billion in military equipment with police departments since 1990. The program includes both “controlled” property, such as weapons and vehicles, and “uncontrolled” property, such as first aid kits and tents.

45 Things Police Officers Want You to Know. Coming to a CITY NEAR You Soon -MILITARY STATE - Cops Not Wearing Masks Beat Man, Threaten to Arrest Others "For Not Wearing a Mask" New York, NY — Violent cops in New York appear to be loving the COVID-19 lockdown and the apparent pass it gives them to dole out beatings to anyone who doesn’t obey their every dictate.

Cops Not Wearing Masks Beat Man, Threaten to Arrest Others "For Not Wearing a Mask"

There is no shortage of videos of this violence either. A 20-year-old Brooklyn man was beaten and arrested this week because he was less than six feet away from his friends. According to the arrest report, Stephon Scott and three others were stopped by police “for failing to social distance. All were within six feet of each other.” When Scott refused to be put in handcuffs for doing nothing other than standing next to his friends, the cops violently took him to the ground and began punching him in the head.

The group of cops then threaten to arrest the bystanders “for not wearing a mask,” which was entirely hypocritical. He subsequently threatens to arrest the witnesses for “not wearing a mask,” as another officer, who is not wearing any face covering, approaches the group. (1) How Police Departments Use Civil Forfeiture to Collect Billions. Police Use License Plate Readers To "Grid" Entire Neighborhoods. If You Care About the Future You Need to Listen to This Even if You Don't Think You Do.


FREEDOMFIGHTERS FOR AMERICA - POLICE BRUTALITY close. The Future Of Policing Using Pre-Crime Technology. When it comes to today's technology, science fiction rarely remains fiction long.

The Future Of Policing Using Pre-Crime Technology

Technology has revolutionized parts of our daily lives, from health care to transportation. Apps on our phones track our fitness and summon Uber rides. With pre-crime technology, law enforcement is poised to leap into the 21st century with data-driven, predictive policing. Minority Report Jumps Off The Silver Screen In 2002, the prescient sci-fi thriller Minority Report gave us Hollywood's version of predictive policing. Data, not psychic energy, drives today's pre-crime technology. Nano Supermarket - Placebo Bullets. Pre-Crime Is Here: How Police Assign a Facebook "Threat Score" A recent story from The Washington Post gave the public a rare inside view of the social media monitoring capabilities of the Fresno police department, which is trialling a controversial piece of software called Beware.

Pre-Crime Is Here: How Police Assign a Facebook "Threat Score"

The piece has caused quite a stir over the software’s supposed proclivity for civil liberties violations. But how is this program different from other social media monitoring done by the police? Is Beware an actual civil liberties threat? Or is this whole thing being overblown? Seized Drug Assets Pad Police Budgets. How Police Officers Seize Cash From Innocent Americans. On February 17, 2014, a 24-year-old college student named Charles Clarke checked a bag at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and parked himself in a chair near the boarding gate.

How Police Officers Seize Cash From Innocent Americans

Having just visited relatives, he was in high spirits, and eager to return to his home in Florida. But Clarke’s day took an unexpected turn. Two uniformed men -- an airport police detective and a local Drug Enforcement Administration officer -- approached by Clarke and corralled him into a fluorescent backroom. His checked bag sat on a table. One of the men turned to him and grunted, “This smells like marijuana.” The cash, earned through five years of hard work at fast-food restaurants and retail outlets, represented Clarke’s life savings -- money he intended to use for tuition fees. Under the umbrella of “civil forfeiture,” officers of the law confiscate millions of dollars in cash from thousands of individuals like Charles Clarke every year. Manipulation of the Law. This EMP Cannon Stops Cars Almost Instantly. 2017 Deadliest On Record For Killings By Police – Prepare for Change. In 2017 alone, police have killed 746 people in the U.S., according to the Killed By Police database, which puts this year on pace to become the deadliest year on record.

2017 Deadliest On Record For Killings By Police – Prepare for Change

In contrast, in the first seven months of 2016, police killed 714 people; the number was slightly higher in 2015 with 725 killed, and it was noticeably lower in 2014 with 663 killed and in 2013 with 353 killed. If You’ve Never Seen a Military Police Dog in Action Check Out this Training Demo. In this impressive training demonstration by K9 Lenin, we see a military police dog showing off its amazing crowd control/tactical CQB (close quarter battle) skills.

If You’ve Never Seen a Military Police Dog in Action Check Out this Training Demo

The way the dog shadows and protects his trainer is remarkable. 10 Insane Law Enforcement Vehicles. Police Management & Police Department Organization. Obama Admin's New Rules Will Create Spying Partnership Between Local Police, NSA. By Derrick Broze Under new rules being developed by the Obama administration, the National Security Agency will be able to take data collected for “counter-terrorism” purposes and share it with local law enforcement, a move that has civil liberties advocates expressing concern.

Obama Admin's New Rules Will Create Spying Partnership Between Local Police, NSA

A new report from the New York Times outlines how the Obama administration’s new policy will make it easier for the NSA to share information between law enforcement agencies with very little oversight. According to the New York Times report: The Obama administration is on the verge of permitting the National Security Agency to share more of the private communications it intercepts with other American intelligence agencies without first applying any privacy protections to them, according to officials familiar with the deliberations.Robert S. The new rules would change current restrictions on who has access to the contents of the phone calls and emails gathered by the NSA from around the world. The TRUTH About Police, Military, Government and Terror! Please Share! Leak Interview: MARTIAL LAW Cop Fired for Speaking Out (Must see!!) (2016)

Chicago Taxpayers Shell Out $7,000 an Hour, 24 Hours a Day to Pay Victims of Police Brutality. By Matt Agorist As we’ve seen in recent months, the Chicago police are anything but honest when it comes to officer-involved shootings and in-custody deaths. In only a short period, multiple videos were released showing Chicago cops gun down men as they ran away – contradicting their original stories of having a gun pointed at them. From revelations about the department operating a black site at Homan Square, to multiple incidents of police destruction of records, to officers’ general tendency for lying until video reveals otherwise — Chicago police could easily be described as a dangerous gang.

Last December, Spencer Ackerman, a reporter for The Guardian who exposed the Homan Square scandal, testified before the Cook County Commission revealing that more than 7,000 people had disappeared within the black site between August 2004 and June 2015. You don’t protect my freedom: Our childish insistence on calling soldiers heroes deadens real democracy. Cops Gone Wild: Domestic Terrorist Edition [Full Documentary] 2014. Don't Fall for the Police Body Camera Deception. By Derrick Broze In the last two years the United States has seen a much-needed resurgence of discussion on police violence and abuse of power.

The Internet, cellphone camera, and various apps have made it very easy to cop watch and catch corruption on camera. US Police State. Colorado About to Require All Police Officers to Undergo Psychological Evaluations. By Jon Levine Colorado ruled Monday that police officers in the state be required to undergo full psychological evaluations. The checks would occur before an officer is hired, and every time an officer changes jobs or jurisdictions in the state thereafter, the Denver Post reported. According to the Post, state law already requires psychological evaluations but such checks are rarely carried out in practice. The new rules were affirmed during a meeting of the Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training Board. The loose protocols have largely benefited problem officers who can shuffle between departments when they have committed violations.

Federal Support for Local Law Enforcement Equipment Acquisition. By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to better coordinate Federal support for the acquisition of certain Federal equipment by State, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies, I hereby order as follows: Section 1. Policy. For decades, the Federal Government has provided equipment to State, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies (LEAs) through excess equipment transfers (including GSA donations), asset forfeiture programs, and Federal grants. These programs have assisted LEAs as they carry out their critical missions to keep the American people safe.

Cops Now Using Prepaid Card Readers to Rob Motorists of Digital Funds on Roadside. By Justin Gardner Civil asset forfeiture (CAF) is coming under increased criticism around the country, as the immoral nature of this drug war weapon becomes exposed. New Mexico became the first state to make meaningful reforms, and even law enforcement officers are speaking out against CAF. CAF amounts to outright theft from innocent people since cash and assets can be taken with no conviction of a crime. Global Police, Precrime and the War on Domestic ‘Extremists’ 60 Police Departments Testing Drones in The US; More to Come as "Public Grows Comfortable" By Joe Wright Anyone who was called crazy for shouting from the rooftops back in 2005 when the first sign of drone testing in the United States was uncovered appears to have been vindicated.

Small comfort as we are finally coming face to face with the consequences of our apathy. North Dakota made international news recently as the first state to legalize weaponized drones for use upon its own citizens. But this still isn’t enough evidence for those whose heads remain buried in the sands of (they hope) blissful ignorance. Obama’s Unconstitutional Schemes to Nationalize Police. Cops Are Cowards. Robocops? Police Using Biometrics on Americans Without Consent in Unaccountable Database.

Pentagon Sending Local Police Departments Armored Vehicles to Bust Stoners. Judge, Jury, and Executioner: Have the Police Become a Law Unto Themselves? Individual Liberty, Free Markets, and Peace. The U.S. Supreme Court Is Marching in Lockstep with the Police State. The U.S. Should a Police Officer be fired for STOPPING Police Brutality? Why The Privatization Of America’s Police Is Such A Dangerous Trend. Obama Signs Bill Creating “Amber Alert” System for Violence Against Police Officers.

By Carey Wedler On Tuesday, President Barack Obama signed a new bill intended to help keep better track of violent attacks against law enforcement. S.665 is also known as the Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu National Blue Alert Act of 2015, named for two NYPD officers killed late last year. Police employ Predator drone spy planes on home front - NSA Gadget Transfer Program Turning Local Cops into Spies. Rising Enemy Within: Private Police Fits New World Order Script. Cash Cops: How Civil Forfeiture Enriched U.S. Law Enforcement.

Deli Customers Dragged into Chicago’s Secret Prison by Masked Police. ‘Black Site’ Discovered in Chicago, So Where Else Are American Police Disappearing People? Private Police: Mercenaries for the American Police State. Chicago Police Use Local News Media to Downplay Secret Torture Site. Ex-Police Captain Says Cops Are Mercenaries for Corporations. Supreme Court: Cops can do illegal things if it's an honest mistake. HOMELAND IN-SECURITY: Rise Of The Global Police State (Full Length) HD. MIDNIGHT RIDE Trailer - 2. California cops sign contract to begin using massive biometric database. Does your right to biological privacy end when you flush? Police want to test your waste without warrant. Data Shows Cops Kill Three People a Day in America. 7 Examples of Police State Technology Making Our Rights Obsolete as we Head into 2015. 5 Reasons Police Body Cameras Are a Terrible Idea.

Black NYPD cops expose climate of rampant racial profiling in force. The Rights Of The People Are Violated While The Police State Rises - Episode 539. The ''Thin Blue Line'' Serves No Purpose. The Root of Police Militarization. » Former Philly Police Captain: Cops Are Mercenaries for Corporations Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! Ten Quick Facts You Should Know About The Police State. FBI Report Accidentally Exposes the Severity of the Police State. There Are No Good Cops (Countdown To Ferguson Meltdown) Police Departments Want Gun Control Without Legislation. Police seizures of cash rise, fueled by private training firms. Inside Urban Shield: The World's Largest SWAT Training Event (Video), Plus Photo Highlights from Oakland's Urban Shield Protest (You wont see this on MSM) Serve and Protect is Now “Search and Destroy”

US Army Drills to Battle Political Dissent and Fight Crime in 'Megacities' 9 steps to end the emerging police state in America starting now. Military Sound Weapons Used By Detroit Police Against Peaceful Protesters. Police Militarization: The New Search and Seizure. Local Police Stockpile Weapons Of War. 10 Facts About The SWATification Of America That Everyone Should Know. Real LAPD Mind Controlled Targeted Individual Tells Techno Hell Secrets. Seattle Cops Sue City for 'Unconstitutional' Restriction of Force. Rise Up Against the Police State (Music Video) Are Police One Of The Mental Casualties Of The New World Order? Contempt of cop, America's defiance revolution - World. Local Police Train With Special Forces To Raid Farm Houses, Conduct Domestic Raids. Embracing the police force of the future.

Important Message for All Law Enforcers. Warning to all police, firefighters, schoolteachers: Most government pensions to be confiscated within a decade. Police Technology Collects License-Tag Numbers. Cool cop tech: 5 new technologies helping police fight crime. Cutting Edge Technology & Equipment. Police Technology. Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS)

Top 5 Next-Gen Cop Car Gadgets. Undercover Police, Just About Everywhere. U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team ~ Grass Roots Take Charge. In Miami Gardens, store video catches cops in the act - Miami Gardens / Opa-locka. MOST POWERFUL SNIPER RIFLE IN THE WORLD. Sometimes Cops Find Your Stolen Car. Sometimes Cops Stole It.