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5 Celebrities Who Were Secretly Spies While They Were Famous. So Hitler snuck into the back of a Munich beer hall and was less than impressed by what he saw: a measly 25 Socialists (a good third of whom were probably only there for the beer), sharing their ideas for how to transform the politically shredded Germany into a "worker's paradise.

5 Celebrities Who Were Secretly Spies While They Were Famous

" Via Washington State Univ.Mission ... less accomplished. Hitler headed for the door to report back on what was sure to be a short-lived movement, but he froze in his jackboots the moment someone suggested that Germany was a lost cause and that Bavaria should secede to Austria. He stomped straight to the front of the room and gave a chillingly portentous speech about how the only way to rekindle Germany was to build a greater Germany. A Strange Hub: What Were UFOs, The Process Church, Roman Polanski, David Litvinoff, the Krays, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Savile, & Whitley Strieber Up To in 1968 London? In his follow-up work to the infamous Communion: A True Story (the book that fully introduced alien abduction into the mainstream), Whitley Strieber mentions a couple of names from his time living in London in 1968, one of whom is Martin Sharp.

A Strange Hub: What Were UFOs, The Process Church, Roman Polanski, David Litvinoff, the Krays, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Savile, & Whitley Strieber Up To in 1968 London?

Strieber mentions that Sharp lived in The Pheasantry on King’s Road, a place Strieber frequented in 1968. Martin Sharp was an early innovator of the hippie-style poster/album art, and a highly influential artist. Michael Jackson and Time Travel. Latest Signs and Symbols... Latest Signs and Symbols… seeks to make Illuminati symbols and signs available in a single convenient location for use by researchers, enthusiasts, or anyone with an inquisitive mind and open eyes.

Latest Signs and Symbols...

Israel Supreme Court Obelisk The Wohl Rose Park adjacent to the Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem includes an obelisk. The Supreme Court building itself was donated to Israel by Dorothy de Rothschild, wife of whealthy French banker James de Rothschild. Image source: Google Map. Obama DIVORCE Happening NOW? (Breakup Of Michelle's Fake Marriage) Marduk = Nibiru Arrival Declared! with Gerald Clark.

Disney to reportedly receive £41 million insurance payout after death of Carrie Fisher. MICHELLE accidentally POPS OUT and OBAMA LAUGHS. Disney's Princess Movies Aren't As Innocent As They Seem. © 2016

Disney's Princess Movies Aren't As Innocent As They Seem

All rights reserved Menu ZergNet Learn More Login. Flat Earth~~~Michael Jackson The Footage You Were Never Meant To See~~~ Layla in Real Life: 10 Songs Written About Pattie Boyd. Pattie Boyd was working as a model and actress in the early 1960s when she was cast as a schoolgirl in Richard Lester's A Hard Day's Night (1964).

Layla in Real Life: 10 Songs Written About Pattie Boyd

Though she had just a single word of dialogue—"Prisoners? "—it was the role that changed her life, as it was on the set of that classic Beatles movie that she met George Harrison, and began a journey that would lead to her becoming one of the most important muses in rock and roll history. JFK Jr. Told The World Who Murdered His Father – But Nobody Was Paying Attention. CELEBRITY CLONING CENTERS, VRILL, HOST. The real Paul McCartney. Queen Admits She is “Not Human” & We'll “Learn to Accept Her For What She Is” Putin shows German skills, unexpectedly steps in as translator at forum. The Dirty Secrets of George Bush. The King George Royal Baby Hoax. Hillary Clinton Lesbian Sex Scandals. Chelsea Is Not Bill Clinton's Daughter. Hillary Clinton Had Bill's Mixed Race Son Banished. Actor Based Reality - Kermit Roosevelt, Father Coughlin, Adolf Hitler, Walt Disney. WHO IS OBAMA? Try Heath Ledger.

Hilary Clinton is Pauline "Robin" Bush. Barack Obama Calls His "Wife" Michelle "Michael" Twice. The Perverted White House Secret - Hidden in Plain Sight!! Bob Dylan Admits He Sold His Soul to the Devil. Exclusive: LIL WAYNE alert all american people for MARTIAL LAW and FEMA Camps - 2016 pls share. Madonna’s MDNA Tour Show Full Of Illuminati Agenda. Was Prince an Illuminati Sacrifice? MICHELLE OBAMA'S MOST REVEALING DANCE EVER! Hillary Calls It Quits! Here's What They SECRETLY Told Us During SUPER BOWL (2016) How the CIA Killed Tupac, Cobain, Lennon, Hendrix & Other Activists with John Potash. Healthy News and Information. Eagles Band Leader Glenn Frey’s Death: Another Iatrogenic Incident?

Healthy News and Information

By PAUL FASSA In case you’re not familiar with the word iatrogenic, it means health worsened or death caused by medical interventions and pharmaceutical drugs. Sure, it could apply to non-mainstream medicine. Jay Dyer Exposes the Dark Secrets of Hollywood. In the video at the end of this article, The Kev Baker Show interviews Jay Dyer about the dirty and dark secrets of Hollywood.

Jay Dyer Exposes the Dark Secrets of Hollywood

In this interview, Jay Dyer reveals why Hollywood is a tool used by the Controllers (Elites) to brainwash people and control their minds to a large degree. The FBI and Memphis Police Admit Their Involvement in the Assassination of MLK. By Andrew Emett Nearly 50 years since the assassination of Dr.

The FBI and Memphis Police Admit Their Involvement in the Assassination of MLK

Martin Luther King Jr., the FBI and Memphis Police Department have sparingly released information implicating themselves or members of their agencies in facilitating and directly causing the untimely death of Dr. King. Although the Justice Department officially claims James Earl Ray assassinated MLK, a civil suit later determined that a Memphis cop was involved in a conspiracy to murder the civil rights leader. JFK Zapruder Hoax - Jim Fetzer Part 1. Which Queen Of England....Gave The Christmas Speach? Mind Control ⇝ Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own. A message from George Orwell: your digital rights. Prescott Bush Interview (1953) ALERT NEWS Jeff Rense & Zachary King Horrific World Of Satanic Sacrifice & Death.

ILLUMINATI COMPILATION CLIPS 100% REAL. The Real Truth About Cloning Illuminati Exposed (2015) BREAKING: CHELSEA CLINTON JUST THREW HILLARY UNDER THE BUS! SEE WHAT SHE SAID. Marilyn Monroe - The Final Days. Codex Magica - 21. Magical Signs of the Jewish Cabala —The Six-Pointed Star, Babylonian Witchcraft, and the Hollywood Perdition of Jerry Seinfeld and Associates.

Codex Magica - 21

Pure History Specials - JFK's Women: The Scandals Revealed. Dick Gregory: You Don't Know The REAL M.J. Pt 1/2.. Royal Family Involved in Satanic Rituals, and Diana’s Death. Prince Talks About Chemtrails New World Order Illumanti Depopulation. [Take 2] Kubrick's Hidden Secrets. State Department and Intelligence Agencies Ask For Criminal Investigation in the Clinton Email Scandal. In a major development on the Clinton email scandal, the New York Times is reporting that the inspectors general for the State Department and the intelligence community have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information by using a personal email account while secretary of state.

State Department and Intelligence Agencies Ask For Criminal Investigation in the Clinton Email Scandal

We have previously discussed this story and the insistence of Clinton that she did nothing wrong in maintaining a private email system and that none of the emails were classified. I disagreed with both premises as well as expressed great skepticism over Clinton’s insistence that she was really not trying to control her emails and insulate them from review but rather simply did not want to carry around two phones. According to the New York Times, investigators believe that Clinton’s email archive contained “hundreds of potentially classified emails.”

Abe Lincoln: What They WON'T Teach in School. "Lee Harvey Oswald" The Case of the Missing Assassin. George HW Bush & the JFK Assassination. Charlie Sheen is a Zionist Agent, Satanist, and 33rd degree Freemason. MATT DAMON on ELITE & NWO - Amazing Speech On This Evil World. Provocative Enlightenment Presents: Jay Weidner on the Not So Dead and Famous. Michael Jackson's Mother Proves His Death was a Hoax - NODISINFO. Michael Jackson’s Mother Proves His Death was a Hoax Deaths are either real or fake. With fake ones there is always a pattern of fraud and deception. Nothing could be more evident of this than the various interviews given by Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson. Clinton Snared In Pedophile Ring. Susan Atkins 2002 Interview with Dianne Sawyer. Mae Brussell - Charles Manson Was a Patsy - October 13,1971. The Real Reason Behind The Murder Of Sharon Tate.

Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - Deal With The Devil. PROFESSOR GRIFF EXPOSES WILL SMITH AS HOMOSEXUAL (UNCUT CLASSIC) Ringo Starr: The Real Paul McCartney Died In 1966! Illuminati COVER UP! Will Smith Son, Jaden, Has Announced He's Now Wearing a Dress. Bruce Jenner's Transformation is Illuminati Goddess Ritual! (2015)

Mae Brussell - Dialogue Conspiracy (1-25-73) LBJ Dies. Moon landing FAKE ...Neil Armstrong talks. Who Are Malia, And Natasha Obama’s Real Parents? Michelle Obama Trans Man and Fake Mom? Before It’s News The following excerpt is the true biographical information of Michelle Obama, given to sources on June 25, 2011 by a former member of the First Lady’s personal staff. He shall remain anonymous for the time being to protect his life as well as the lives of his family. Mrs. Obama with staff “Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago, Illinois on January 17th, 1964.

He was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III, a well known cocaine dealer and union thug for Crime Lord/Mayor Richard J. Jeff Rense & Neil Sanders - Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own.