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Famous trials

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Corby Facts: 24/05/2005, Behind the News. Schapelle Corby will be told on Friday if she's been found guilty or innocent of smuggling marijuana in Bali. She says she's innocent but there are very serious consequences if she's found guilty. Maybe that's why it's all over the media and so many people have a view on the case. We are allowed to have a personal opinion but how much do we really know about the case? Sam took a closer look at the facts. Television, radio, newspapers and the Internet are buzzing with stories about her. 60 MINUTES: "And the question is - Do you believe Schapelle Corby is guilty? " SCHAPELLE CORBY: "I did not know the marijuana was in my bag. " SAM MCMILLAN, REPORTER: This week, Schapelle will find out her fate.

Politicians and the head of the Australian Federal Police have made statements and the Government has even sent a letter to Schapelle's defence lawyers to present to the court. I know when I first heard about Schapelle, I thought, 'There's no way she'll get a fair trial. How does it work? O.J. Simpson Trial: Where Are They Now? Once known as one of the most-famous running backs in football history, O.J. Simpson's reason for renown changed forever on June 12, 1994. On that day, Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were found stabbed to death at her Los Angeles condominium. Simpson was charged with the murders, but acquitted of all the criminal charges in a televised case that transfixed the nation.

He was later convicted of charges in the civil case. What Life is Like Now for OJ Simpson 10 Images That Explain the OJ Simpson Trial On Oct. 3, 1995, the "Trial of the Century" ended with Simpson's acquittal, with 150 million people tuning in for the verdict, making it one of the most watched events in television history. Two decades later, a look at where the trial's main players are today. O.J. Even though Simpson was acquitted for the murders of Brown Simpson and Goldman, he has spent recent years behind bars.

After the trial, Clark said she felt "such guilt" about Simpson's acquittal. Dingo Decision: 19/06/2012, Behind the News. One of the most famous news stories in Australia's history has finally come to an end. In the 1980's, a mother was wrongly convicted of killing her baby. The child had actually been killed by a dingo but the jury at the time didn't agree. Tash takes a look at how the mistake happened. NATASHA THIELE, REPORTER: It was 1980 and the Chamberlain family, mum, dad and three kids were on a camping trip to Uluru. But their holiday soon turned to tragedy, when their 9 week old baby daughter went missing in the night. LINDY CHAMBERLAIN, AZARIA'S MUM: I just yelled out has anyone got a torch, the dingo's got my baby! Azaria's parents Lindy and Michael said a dingo had taken their little girl from the tent.

LINDY CHAMBERLAIN: There's no food in there, but I thought he might just have damaged or mauled the baby and I ran towards the tent and I felt in the carry basket, but she wasn't there. MICHAEL CHAMBERLAIN, AZARIA'S DAD: When we saw the spots of blood in the tent, we knew that was a powerful beast. Cyber Crime: 22/09/2009, Behind the News. When it comes to the real world, we're pretty good at security. We use locks and alarms to keep our homes safe and we keep a close eye on everything else. But when it comes to computers, many are leaving themselves wide open and vulnerable. Police who specialise in cyber crime reckon too many people are unaware of just how many bad guys are lurking online.

SARAH LARSEN, REPORTER: As people live more of their lives online experts say cyber crime is becoming the crime of the 21st century and many people are falling victim to identity theft. Let me explain. Who are you? Kid: I'm libby. Prove it! Kid: OK, I've got ID, i've got a Medicare card, i've got a bank card, mt phone number, my mum's maiden name's Jones. Reporter: So in the end everything that is libby, online, boils down to a few numbers and passwords. This is her digital identity. Libby: How does it happen? Sometimes cyber crims trick people into giving away bits of their digital identity. Ned Kelly: 03/06/2008, Behind the News. This story is about the most famous Aussie bushranger - Ned Kelly. A team of archaeologists in Victoria has been searching for clues about his last battle with police.

Now I know you're thinking - archaeologist - like Indiana Jones! Well the truth is their work isn't quite as exciting as the movie but the story they're looking at certainly is. This was Ned Kelly's last stand - a fierce gunfight between a gang of outlaws and the police that took place in Victoria more than 120 years ago. It quickly became the stuff of legend. He and his brothers had a gang that held up banks and farmhouses in the bush.

ADAM FORD, ARCHAEOLOGIST: You can imagine scrubbing their armour on. This is the 'Glenrowan Inn' site today and archeologists are doing some amazing detective work to find out what happened all those years ago! NATHAN BAZLEY, REPORTER: And here's why archeologists have to dig incredibly carefully with tiny shovels or sometimes just brushes.