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Ancient Egyptian Names: Male. Ancient Egyptian Names: Female Ancient Egyptian Names: Male M Through Z Note: This is made for picking characters for roleplay, especially for Pan Historia.

Ancient Egyptian Names: Male

Sources: Aldred, Cyril. (1988). Akhenaten: King of Egypt. Phoenician Names. The Phoenicians The Phoenicians were descendants of the Canaanites.

Phoenician Names

They lived north of Canaan in a narrow strip of land by the Mediterranean Sea. They were known for their timber, especially cedar and cypress, their purple dye, which they made from local murex shells, and their dyed wool. Phoenician ships and merchants were an important presence in the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. The city of Tyre founded colonies at Carthage in North Africa, on the island of Cyprus, and perhaps in mining areas in north Greece between the eleventh and ninth centuries BC. English-to-Greek Word Search Results. Etruscan Names. A bibliography of the attested references for these names is forthcoming.

Etruscan Names

Notes on Pronunciation: Etruscan word stress seems to have been placed heavily on the first syllable. Etruscan has 4 vowels: a (father), e (send), i (machine), u (soon). The 3 consonant groups ch--ph--th represent single phonemes (as in rockhound, uphill, outhouse); NOT as in choose, phone, thick. Etruscan "v" is pronounced as a w, as was the "v" in classical Latin. Etruscan "c" is always like "k", not like "s. " A. B. Gender unclear: (from Cristofani). C. Achu: (Cristofani) surname ? List of Phoenician Male Names. This is part of a list of Phoenician proper names that I am working on.

List of Phoenician Male Names

This is extremely exhausting because collecting these names means that I have to go through every known inscription available to me and pull out the proper name in it. I will post another post with the female proper names as well. As I go, I am pulling out all proper names and putting them in categories of male or female. This is not a complete list, I intend to publish these names in a small booklet. Do you think it would sell? Ancient Names Galleria. "I will not let you enter through me," says the jamb of the door, "unless you tell me my name.

Ancient Names Galleria

" "Plumb-bob in the Place of Truth is your name. " - Extract from the New Kingdom Book of the Dead. A galleria is defined as "a roofed, usually glass-enclosed promenade or court. " I don't know anyone who has enough glass to enclose a structure (that would be quite an expense!) Phoenician Names. Phoenician names are generally composite words with a specific meaning.

Phoenician Names

The naming of children had a significance in the Ancient Near East that is difficult to understand nowadays. By choosing a name for their child, the parents could not only celebrate their joy of having created life, but they believed that the naming of the child would greatly influence which divine being would benevolently influence the life of the child. Thus Phoenician names frequently were dedications to a specific deity, or wishes regarding which deity should guard over the child's life. ΛΕΞΙΚΌ - LEXICON: Greek-English-Greek dictionary. Scythian Names. Skythia was a Greek name for the area between the Carpathians and the river Tanais (Don).

Scythian Names

The Scythians were an Indo-European people who moved into eastern Europe and the Caucasus after 1000 BC. Scythian Vocabulary and names. Scythian Vocabulary and Names Based on the works of Gyula Meszaros (Scyth, Hattic, Hittite, Kartvelian langs,Caucasus Lang) Additions on Uralic, Sumerian, Hurrian, Hungarian by Fred Hamori Additions on Turkic from Umit Ertim, and Marc Hubey Additions on Chuvash from Elana Romanova Language Abreviations: Kr=Krin, aba=abazak, cher=cherkes, abc=abchaz/abhaz min=mingrel, tem=temirgoi, khar=kartwel languages A short historical introduction of the Scythians select Scytha.htm Basic words and word particles a = pronoun demonstrative, pointing pronoun?

Scythian Vocabulary and names

Ancient Chinese Names. China Imperial China began in 221 B.C., during the time of the Roman Republic, and lasted until the 20th century.

Ancient Chinese Names

The Xia, Shang, and Zhou dynasties ruled in parts of China before 221 B.C. According to tradition, these dynasties stretch back to the 27th century B.C. During the Neolithic period, the Chinese already knew how to make silk and carved amulets out of jade. Ancient Greek Dictionary Online Translation LEXILOGOS. Medieval Names Archive. This collection of articles on medieval and Renaissance names is intended to help historical re-creators to choose authentic names.

Medieval Names Archive

These articles were gathered from various places, and some of them appear elsewhere. In all cases, the copyright on each article belongs to its authors. For frequent users, we offer a compact index; but please read the following introduction at least once. What's New Choosing a Medieval Name Choosing a medieval name is easy: Open any book on any aspect of medieval history, and there will be some names. To be honest, it isn't that easy. at least not if you truly want an authentic name. Good and Bad Sources It's also easy to get led astray by bad sources. Many people in the Society have written articles to help you choose an authentic name. Eastern. Iberian, celtic and celtiberian names.

Hittite Names. The Hittites ruled what will later be called Syria. The Assyrians knew the area as "Hatti". The Egyptians called them the "Kheta". They were a mighty power from c 1700 - 1190 BC. The Hittite kingdom was a political entity that was composed of many ethnic and linguistic groups. Ancient Greek Names. Hellenistic Names. Shqiperia / Albania Forum: Illyrian Names Males/Females.