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The Decameron Project: New Fiction. Covid Testing Sites for Coronavirus, Antibodies: What to Know. Bloomberg Media Creates New Tool to Target Advertisers. Bloomberg Media is continuing to roll out products, using an uptick in coronavirus coverage as a way to experiment with new ways to entice advertisers and readers.

Bloomberg Media Creates New Tool to Target Advertisers

The Bloomberg Media team began brainstorming ways to have a better experience for readers who navigated to an article from search and have a “welcome mat for users who come in from search,” said Julia Beizer, chief product officer at Bloomberg Media. “Generally speaking, we knew our audience was looking for a deeper perspective,” she said. The tool, called Storythreads, went live last week and allows readers to catch up quickly on a single topic, then follow that particular story as it develops. First launched on Covid-19 content, readers can continue to get updates over email.

Storythreads was among the products that went live last week. Bloomberg. In Praise of a Normal, Boring Country. Heroin Addiction Explained: How Opioids Hijack the Brain. 20 Years of Trust. 75 años del final del horror. We use both our own and third party cookies to produce statistical information and to show you personalized advertising, content and services through the analysis of your browsing.

75 años del final del horror

Ets capaç d'aprovar l'examen de cultura general de la Urbana? ▷ TEST. La prova de cultura general a les últimes oposicions a la Guàrdia Urbana a Barcelona ha generat molta polèmica.

Ets capaç d'aprovar l'examen de cultura general de la Urbana? ▷ TEST

El 88 % dels aspirants van suspendre l’examen, que consistia a sumar la meitat dels punts, segons ha avançat La Vanguardia. The Decade in Pictures. Resumen del año 2019 con EL PAÍS. - 2019 Top Stories. The Atlantic again has the best read digital story of the year: Solving the mystery of Malaysia’s missing airplane - Poynter. The New York City Subway Map as You’ve Never Seen It Before. The impeachment of Donald Trump, explained. Jaron Lanier Fixes the Internet.

In leaked audio, Mark Zuckerberg rallies Facebook against critics, competitors, and Elizabeth Warren. By October 1, 2019 July should have been a relief for Facebook.

In leaked audio, Mark Zuckerberg rallies Facebook against critics, competitors, and Elizabeth Warren

The company accepted a $5 billion fine from the Federal Trade Commission over privacy issues, after having essentially set the terms of the agreement itself. It settled a case with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which alleged that it had misled investors about the risks of user data being mishandled, for a relatively paltry $100 million. #infofails chapter 02 (plastic bottles) About #infofails post series: I have a lot of beta graphics versions that never goes public.

#infofails chapter 02 (plastic bottles)

The Evolution of Tennis in Four Grips. Take a look above at the forehand of Karen Khachanov.

The Evolution of Tennis in Four Grips

Notice his odd wrist contortion and that his hand is completely under the racket handle at contact. The 1619 Project and the stories we tell about slavery. Dannielle Bowman for The New York Times.

The 1619 Project and the stories we tell about slavery

Last night, at the event space of The New York Times building, a collection of Black journalists, poets, and museum curators announced their intention to tell the truth about slavery. Announcing the debut of The 1619 Project, a special issue of the Times magazine published with additional material in the newspaper, Nikole Hannah-Jones, a staff writer, told the crowd, “This project is, above all, an attempt to set the record straight. To finally, in this 400th year, tell the truth about who we are as a people and who we are as a nation.” She went on, “It is time to stop hiding from our sins and confront them. 50 States. 50 Archival Photos. How Many Can You Guess? .@BBC6Music asked @LouisTheroux 6 Questions about music. □ What was the first record YOU bought? □□

This 65-year-old is being hailed a hero. Mohamed Rafiq took down the Norway mosque gunman before he could kill anyone… Boca o River: ¿Quién sale campeón? The female game designers fighting back on abortion rights. The year is 1972.

The female game designers fighting back on abortion rights

Workers of the World on Getting By in an Era of Wrenching Change. Translated from Arabic by Laura Sabrina Albast I was born in Raqqa, Syria.

Workers of the World on Getting By in an Era of Wrenching Change

We are six brothers and two sisters. How Mapping Shots In The NBA Changed It Forever. Kirk Goldsberry is an ESPN analyst and FiveThirtyEight contributor.

How Mapping Shots In The NBA Changed It Forever

His new book, “SprawlBall: A Visual Tour of the New Era of the NBA,” is available this week. In it, he examines the history of the NBA’s 3-point line and how players and teams are using it to change the game. We’re publishing an excerpt of the book on how the NBA’s genome is mapped. Desprotegides, malgrat tot. Nuevas narrativas en periodismo digital, Medios. Muchos grupos de comunicación llevan años viviendo una de las más fuertes crisis del sector, que depende en gran medida de la inversión publicitaria para su subsistencia porque las suscripciones han caído drásticamente con el acceso libre a la información que trajo internet.

Pero la red también ha traído una cantidad de datos que le dan más herramientas a los periodistas para ofrecer contenidos cada vez más interesantes de un modo vistoso y atractivo, coherente con las nuevas formas de consumo de contenidos de la sociedad. La revolución entonces es total, el periodismo se ha visto obligado no solo a reinventar su modelo de negocio sino también su modelo de trabajo, de plataformas, de difusión de la información, para poder garantizar la sostenibilidad de la profesión. Encuesta prohibida de elecciones municipales Barcelona 2019: 5º sondeo. 'El Periòdic d'Andorra' publica este sábado la quinta y última entrega de la encuesta prohibida de las elecciones municipales en Barcelona del 26 de mayo del 2019. El rotativo ha ido actualizando desde el pasado martes los datos cada día para conocer la evolución de los votos y los concejales en el ayuntamiento, donde la pugna por la alcaldía se presenta muy reñida entre la actual alcaldesa y candidata de Barcelona en Comú, Ada Colau, y el alcaldable de ERC, Ernest Maragall.

Como en anteriores contiendas electorales -las generales del 2008, las catalanas del 2010, las municipales del 2015 en Barcelona, las generales del 2015 y el 2016, y las catalanas del 2017-, 'El Periòdic d'Andorra' ha ofrecido a los electores un 'tracking' diario encargado al Gabinet d'Estudis Socials i Opinió Pública (GESOP) sobre las expectativas electorales. Why western Europe dominates football. Western Europe has just 5 per cent of the world's population, but it now dominates football. When Stefan Szymanski and I published the first edition of our book, Soccernomics in 2009 we assumed that this dominance would decline, that other regions would catch up, but it hasn't happened.

Western Europe has taken 10 of the 12 podium places, meaning first, second, or third place, at the World Cup since 2006. Now, that's partly because western Europe has the densest international network on Earth. The region's secret is what the historian Norman Davies calls its user-friendly climate. 12 Performers Show What It Takes to Make It in New York. Al Jazeera's graphic novel-style story on Nigerian children facing witch-hunt receives award in innovation. ISIS lost its last territory in Syria. But the attacks continue. Human Terrain. POLITICO - Brussels Playbook. Explanatory video + engagement = How Vox’s Borders series is humanizing the map and building local source networks. Cool UX Tools. The Guardian finds less polished video works better on Instagram Stories. Poppy Field - Visualising War Fatalities.

The Weather Channel Taps The Future Group To Provide Revolutionary Mixed-Reality Capabilities. Twitter. The Weather Channel Taps The Future Group To Provide Revolutionary Mixed-Reality Capabilities. World Cup 2018: complete guide to all 736 players. Can't we all just get along? A road trip with my Trump-loving cousin. Somewhere around Fort Worth, we have our first argument in the car. Data Journalism Awards. Data visualisation of the year Shortlisted projects Humanizing data on the Syrian conflict, Bayanat Box, Lebanon.

AMP Stories. Las historias visuales de - Stamp - Historias visuales. How Parkland student journalists covered the shooting they survived and friends they lost - Washington Post.