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New documentary recounts bizarre climate changes seen by Inuit elders. Imagine how this feels: The land and weather are turning erratic and dangerous.

New documentary recounts bizarre climate changes seen by Inuit elders

Warmer, unpredictable winds are coming from strange directions. Severe floods threaten to wash away towns. Une nouvelle plateforme culturelle en ligne consacrée à la littérature inuit – Regard sur l'Arctique. ‘Viking’ was a job description, not a matter of heredity, massive ancient DNA study shows. It was a Viking saga written in genes.

‘Viking’ was a job description, not a matter of heredity, massive ancient DNA study shows

In 2008, construction work on an isolated Estonian beach near the town of Salme uncovered the skeletons of more than 40 powerfully built men. They were buried around 750 C.E. in two ships with Viking-style weapons and treasure—apparently the aftermath of a raid gone wrong. DNA from the bones has now added a poignant detail: Four of the men, buried shoulder to shoulder holding their swords, were brothers. Liste alphabétique de vocabulaire. Here There Be Monsters. It’s never a good idea to play alone near the edge of the ice.

Here There Be Monsters

Danger lurks in the waters below, where stories tell of a scaly sort, creatures with a pouch on their back. Tap, tap, tap, you might hear them tease from underneath the ice—beings that catch lone hunters and lost children. The qallupilluit. Tales of the ocean dwellers, dressed in eider feathers and reeking of sulfur, are known well in the eastern Arctic where communities are settled near the sea. Communities like Clyde River, where Louise Flaherty is from. Alaska Native Artists. Alaska Native Artists. Tracing the Lines of Alethea Aggiuq Arnaquq-Baril's Tunniit - Inuit Art Quarterly. Tracing the Lines of Alethea Aggiuq Arnaquq-Baril's Tunniit - Inuit Art Quarterly.

Listening for Sedna: Contemporary Inuit Art and Climate - Inuit Art Quarterly. Nationalgeographic. L’Alaska Highway, dernière route de l’Occident. Rare Century-old images of the Inuit people by the country's first female photographer. These amazing images show life in the frozen Canadian wilderness as depicted by the country's first professional female photographer.

Rare Century-old images of the Inuit people by the country's first female photographer

Both photographers are featured in the new exhibit, which is presented in conjunction with the Exposure Photography Festival. Eventually, the Moodies seemed to take cues from each other. Douglas got better at composition and even tried his hand at portraits. Geraldine eventually equipped herself with a hand-held camera and left the studio to explore the barren landscapes.

All are reproductions from a collection of vintage negatives that was gifted to Glenbow from the Perceval family, descendants of the Moodies who had them stored at a ranch south of Calgary. The Moodies both lived into their nineties. Douglas Cass, the director of Glenbow’s library and archives, was tipped off to the existence of the collection by author Donny White, who had written the 1998 book In Search of Geraldine Moodie. Sans titre. Yuungnaqpiallerput - The Way We Genuinely Live - Masterworks of Yup'ik Science and Survival. Boréales 2017 : les premiers auteurs confirmés ! Le festival est heureux de vous faire découvrir dès à présent les noms de ses premiers auteurs confirmés.

Boréales 2017 : les premiers auteurs confirmés !

Between the Lines. As a little girl, Ellen Ittunga loved to trace the grey lines in her grandmother’s upper arms.

Between the Lines

From the top of her shoulder, she’d start with a line of vertical notches curving around the joint, rising from a flat, double line. Those notches made her think of the flames of the qulliq, the seal oil lamp. L’autre scène d’August Strindberg - Le Temps. Toute l'Islande propose des articles de fond sur la culture et l'Histoire islandaises. Vikings, mythologie nordique, eddas, sagas, polar islandais. Et bien sûr, la nature flamboyante et destructrice de l'Islande. En bonus, des interviews, des photos de l' Teri Rofkar, innovative Tlingit weaver, dies at 60 - KCAW. Inuktitut Tusaalanga. Global Biogeochemical Cycles - Wiley Online Library. Éros chez les peuples autochtones. On en parle sur un ton léger.

Éros chez les peuples autochtones

Les universitaires en font pourtant un sujet des plus sérieux. Comprendre la violence familiale et les agressions sexuelles parmi les membres des Premières nations, les Métis et les Inuits dans les territoires - JusteRecherche numéro 15. Éros chez les peuples autochtones. Angirattut (Full Film) About this video Director: Zacharias Kunuk | Canada | Inuktitut | 2014 After being relocated from their homeland 5 decades ago and dispersed throughout Nunavut, a group of elders return to Siugarjuk and embrace the restorative power of their homeland to heal personal loss.

Angirattut (Full Film)

In doing so they share their life history and oral history of an ancient way of life to help the next generation of Inuit meet the challenge of survival in the 21st century. Award-winning Igloolik filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk follows this homecoming voyage to celebrate his ancestors and their life on the land. Source: Kingulliit Productions © Kingulliit Productions Inc 2014. What Now, Walrus? The air is calm this Arctic morning as Zacharias Kunuk prepares for a long day.

What Now, Walrus?

His morning routine does nothing to quell his nerves—today he’s going on his first walrus hunt. It’s 1980, late July—the month walrus hunters climb into motorized freighter canoes and leave Igloolik, a small Inuit community in Nunavut, Canada. Every summer since he was a boy, Kunuk has watched the hunters return, weary but triumphant with walrus meat. He’s always wondered how far these men travel to reach the floating rafts of ice where walruses rest during the summer.

Annie Pootoogook: 1969–2016. Annie Pootoogook, Playing Super Nintendo, 2003–4.

Annie Pootoogook: 1969–2016

Courtesy Feheley Fine Arts. Annie Pootoogook has passed away. Inuit everywhere in Inuit Nunangat (the four Inuit regions of Canada) mourn her passing, even as we celebrate her life and accomplishments. Pootoogook was a hugely influential artist who forever changed the face of Inuit art. For that, we owe a huge debt to her artistic legacy.

Annie Pootoogook. Angry Inuk by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril. Dear Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, What an fantastic film! I just watched your powerful film "Angry Inuk" and immediately search online to find where I could add my support. Your film is very well made and really captures how important the commercial seal hunt is to your people and way of life. I commend you and everyone involved, on both sides of the lens, for making and sharing this "Educational" film with the world. The film is listed under the film subjects; "Traditional way of life" and "Hunting" , but hopely the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) can update it to be listed under all the relevant film categories on this site.

I would especially like to see it listed as an educational film. Inuit Art Centre to reveal beauty of the North in the south - Manitoba. Go into any Canadian souvenir shop and next to the canoe shelf and stuffed moose, there's bound to be small stone carvings, likely made overseas, sold as Inuit art. They're cheap imitations making profit from stereotypes of Canada's North. "You know, 'airport art' has been a term that's been given to it," said the Winnipeg Art Gallery's longtime Inuit art curator, Darlene Coward Wight. With every exhibition Coward Wight has put together — and she's curated about 90 — she said she's tried to "cut against" Inuit art stereotypes. "I like to surprise people," she said. L'art historique inuit - George Curleigh, collectionneur. L'Allée des baleines - Le blog de glace - Grand Nord Grand Large. Inuit.

The faces behind the masks. The term ‘Eskimo’ has long since fallen out of favour as a term for indigenous peoples of the Arctic. No longer willing to accept a term coined by outsiders, the groups it was once applied to now call themselves ‘Inuit’. However, using modern language to define yesterday’s worldviews would be to ignore the context in which they developed.

Alaska History and Cultural Studies. The first Eskimos arrive at least 6,000 years ago No one knows just when the first Eskimos arrived in Alaska, but it was at least 6,000 years ago. The earliest Eskimos inhabited Southwest Alaska. Possibly more Eskimos came to Alaska about 4,500 years ago from coastal Siberia. Although they do not know for sure, archaeologists speculate that the inhabitants of the coast 8,000 years ago might have been Eskimo people. Eskimos live along Alaska's northern, western, and southern coasts. Native American Masks of the Northwest Coast and Alaska. Eagle mask, Makah, Northwest Coast 1 of 23 Humanoid mask, Kwakwaka’wakw(?) , Northwest Coast 2 of 23. Anthropos - Eskimo Mask - SPECIAL SALE GALLERY. Rare Eskimo shaman mask sells for record-breaking $2.5 million. Inuits. Les Inuits sont un groupe de peuples autochtones partageant des similarités culturelles et une origine ethnique commune vivant dans les régions arctiques de l'Amérique du Nord.

Il y a environ 150 000 Inuits vivant au Groenland, au Canada et aux États-Unis. Bien que le Conseil circumpolaire inuit regroupe également les Yupiks de l'Alaska et de la Sibérie, ceux-ci ne sont pas des Inuits dans le sens d'une descendance thuléenne. Les Inuits ne sont pas considérés comme des Amérindiens puisque leurs ancêtres seraient venus en Amérique plusieurs millénaires après l'arrivée des Paléoasiatiques, les ancêtres des Amérindiens[4]. En fait, les Inuits sont davantage similaires aux peuples habitant les régions arctiques asiatiques qu'aux peuples amérindiens[5]. Il ne faut pas non plus confondre les Inuits avec les Innus qui sont un peuple amérindien vivant dans la forêt boréale canadienne du Nord-Est du Québec et du Labrador. Historiquement, les Inuits étaient un peuple de chasseurs nomades. Alaska Native Art. Alaska is famous for the rugged beauty of its mountains, rivers, and coastlines, as well as for the distinctive arts and crafts produced by Alaska Native artists.

If you are considering purchasing an Alaska Native-made art or craft item, it's smart to invest a little time learning about the processes and materials Alaska Natives may use to make these unique and beautiful objects. Identifying Arts and Crafts Made by Alaska Natives. Ivory Carvers at Stake. Nunavut. Informations officielles pour voyager au Nunavik, dans le Grand Nord du Québec.

About. Project Chariot Documentary Trailer A. Gretchen Sagan. Alaska Ivory Gallery. Future King Island Speakers. University of Alaska PRESS. Bill Hess – Aġviq: Sacred Whale, Carrier of Life « burn magazine.

Nunavut et Inuit

Arctique. Innu. Abraham Anghik Ruben - World Renowned Inuit Artist Biography.