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Stars align to celebrate Indigenous film artists - Indian Country Today. Sandra Hale SchulmanSpecial to Indian Country Today A star-studded lineup of Indigenous celebrities turned out for a special event honoring Native film at the new Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles.

Stars align to celebrate Indigenous film artists - Indian Country Today

Among those attending the private ceremony were Academy Award-winning musician Buffy Sainte-Marie, actors Wes Studi and Tantoo Cardinal, musician Robbie Robertson and academy trustee Ray Halbritter of the Oneida Indian Nation of New York. The event was held Nov. 6 during the opening week of Native American Heritage Month to showcase the museum’s commitment to Indigenous film artists, officials said. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organization that hands out the Oscars, opened a stunning, seven-story, 300,000-square-foot museum on Sept. 30 that draws on the history and magic of filmmaking. Cinema has a long history in the Los Angeles area, built on the premise of making movies and turning people into movie stars. Our stories are worth telling.

Diné military women attend national ceremony - Navajo Times. By Bazhnibah Recognized and invited by the national organization Military Women Memorial, the Navajo Women Veterans Group participated in the Veterans Day celebration on Nov. 11 on the memorial grounds in Arlington, Virginia, a stone’s throw away from Washington, D.C.

Diné military women attend national ceremony - Navajo Times

Courtesy photo | Kenji Kawano From left to right, Sakura Kawano, captain, U.S. Air Force IRR, inactive; Bazhnibah, captain, U.S. Public Health Service, retired/captain, U.S. Those who attended were Helene Anthony, a U.S. Other members include Angela Barney-Nez, a former Miss Navajo and U.S. In Mexico, an Indigenous Women's Softball Team Breaks Barriers. A Mayan team from a small community on the Yucatán Peninsula has caused a sensation by excelling as its athletes play barefoot and wear traditional dresses, breaking barriers with every game.

In Mexico, an Indigenous Women's Softball Team Breaks Barriers

By Adam Williams Photographs by Marian Carrasquero Nov. 17, 2021. Centuries After Their Loss and Theft, Native American Seeds Are Reuniting With Their Tribes - Gastro Obscura. The squash had traveled a thousand miles to rest quietly on Henrietta Gomez’s arms.

Centuries After Their Loss and Theft, Native American Seeds Are Reuniting With Their Tribes - Gastro Obscura

The elder farmer from Taos Pueblo, a 1,000-year-old Indigenous town in northern New Mexico, held the light-green vegetable like a baby. Before that bright October morning, it had been several decades since the people of Taos Pueblo had seen a squash like the one in Henrietta’s arms, even though it had been part of the town’s diet since time immemorial. Along with a seed bundle, the squash had been shipped from Decorah, Iowa, where it had been planted in the gardens of Seed Savers Exchange, the nonprofit that found the variety among the 30,000 kinds of seeds in its seed bank.

Rowen White, an Indigenous seed keeper and the chair of the nonprofit’s board, had personally shipped the giant seed-and-squash-filled box a few days before. “To us, seeds are our relatives,” says White, who was born near Canada in the Mohawk community of Akwesasne. But Native Americans didn’t find peace in their new lands. Missouri cave with ancient Native American drawings sold. O’FALLON, Mo.

Missouri cave with ancient Native American drawings sold

(AP) — A Missouri cave containing Native American artwork from more than 1,000 years ago was sold at auction Tuesday, disappointing leaders of the Osage Nation who hoped to buy the land to “protect and preserve our most sacred site.” A bidder agreed to pay $2.2 million to private owners for what’s known as “Picture Cave,” along with the 43 hilly acres that surround it near the town of Warrenton, about 60 miles (97 kilometers) west of St. Louis. Bryan Laughlin, director of Selkirk Auctioneers & Appraisers, the St. Louis-based firm handling the auction, said the winning bidder declined to be named. Corn Tastes Better on the Honor System – Robin Wall Kimmerer. Corn production today uses more natural resources than any other crop.

Corn Tastes Better on the Honor System – Robin Wall Kimmerer

Around 90 million acres are planted in corn, and the last remaining remnants of native prairie and grassland are being plowed under for corn every year. Corn is a hungry crop and a thirsty one. "Our healing... is for the universe" - Indian Country Today. Joaqlin EstusIndian Country Today Traditional healer and Yup’ik elder Rita Blumenstein died Friday, Aug. 6.

"Our healing... is for the universe" - Indian Country Today

Yes world, there were horses in Native culture before the settlers came - Indian Country Today. Yvette Running Horse Collin’s recent dissertation may have rewritten every natural history book on the shelf.

Yes world, there were horses in Native culture before the settlers came - Indian Country Today

A Lakota/Nakota/Cheyenne scholar, Collin worked within the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Indigenous Studies program to synthesize fossil evidence, historical documents and oral history to present a compelling new story of the horse in the Americas. Texas draws criticism with plan to lure tourists to sites where Indigenous people were banished. This story was published in partnership with the Texas Observer.

Texas draws criticism with plan to lure tourists to sites where Indigenous people were banished

Texas, which exterminated or displaced most of the Indigenous people in the state, now wants to cash in on them. While lawmakers support legislation that could further restrict how Indigenous history is taught in schools, a state agency appointed by Governor Greg Abbott is trying to make money by attracting tourists to Indigenous historical and cultural sites. The Texas Historical Commission hopes to work with Indigenous nations to expand the state’s multi-billion-dollar tourism programs – even though almost all original nations were forced out of the state or destroyed decades ago and may not benefit financially from tourism. The violence and colonization that resulted in Native American displacement probably won’t be taught in school textbooks, either. A majority of the Indigenous representatives at the meeting joined from outside Texas. Amazing 1,300-Year-Old Technology Found Hidden in Comox Harbour.

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Amazing 1,300-Year-Old Technology Found Hidden in Comox Harbour

‘It could feed the world’: amaranth, a health trend 8,000 years old that survived colonization. Just over 10 years ago, a small group of Indigenous Guatemalan farmers visited Beata Tsosie-Peña’s stucco home in northern New Mexico. In the arid heat, the visitors, mostly Maya Achì women from the forested Guatemalan town of Rabinal, showed Tsosie-Peña how to plant the offering they had brought with them: amaranth seeds.

Back then, Tsosie-Peña had just recently come interested in environmental justice amid frustration at the ecological challenges facing her native Santa Clara Pueblo – an Indigenous North American community just outside the New Mexico town of Española, which is downwind from the nuclear facilities that built the atomic bomb. Tsosie-Peña had begun studying permaculture and other Indigenous agricultural techniques. Today, she coordinates the environmental health and justice program at Tewa Women United, where she maintains a hillside public garden that’s home to the descendants of those first amaranth seeds she was given more than a decade ago. Native American totem pole arrives in DC after journey to sacred sites across US. Chief Dan George Centennial Speech. Mascots: In whose honor - Indian Country Today. In the late 80s, Charlene Teters was a graduate student at the University of Illinois when she came face to face with the harmful effects of Native mascots.

Her two young children had powerful reactions when they saw the school’s mascot dressed in mock war paint, feathers and yelling war chants. That experience led Teters, Spokane Tribe, to a lifetime of working to get rid of Native mascots. Happy Nunavut Day! Here's a collection of some great photos by Nunavummiut. Feds may investigate burial site at Chemawa Indian School in Salem. Chemawa Indian School in Salem — the oldest continuously operated residential boarding school for Native American students in the United States — may come under federal review following U.S.

Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland's call for the government to investigate its past oversight of such schools. Located just east of Keizer Station, Chemawa had about 335 students enrolled as of October 2019. The off-reservation institution is more than 125 years old and one of only four Native American residential boarding schools still in existence in the United States and run by federal agencies.

This Canada Day, let’s remember: this country was built on genocide. People across the country are waking up to the reality that Canada is a country built on the violent dispossession of Indigenous peoples. The horrifying reports of unmarked graves of children at residential “schools” in Kamloops, British Columbia, Brandon, Manitoba, and most recently Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan have shocked many Canadians and others around the world. However, these were not discoveries, but confirmations of what we knew all along: Canada was built on genocide.

In light of this, cities and towns across the country are rethinking Canada Day. Some, like Victoria, have cancelled it outright while others, like Iqaluit, are scaling back the celebrations and treating it as a day of reflection and mourning. To Free a River. FRANKIE JOE MYERS vividly remembers the fall of 2002.

Chinook salmon entered the Klamath River estuary in northwest California, as they have done for millennia, but before they could reach their spawning grounds, they began washing up on the banks, dead. Remembering Chief Crow Dog’s Words: ‘World Peace, World Peace’ Chief Leonard Crow Dog placed his hand on the head of Wesley Clark, Jr. at forgiveness ceremony at Standing Rock. Alaska Natives strike conservation deal in Bristol Bay that could impede Pebble Mine. Pocket. On October 3, 2018, a 56-year-old man went to sleep on a green tarp, under plaid and camouflage blankets, in downtown Eugene, Oregon. A bus camera captured his prostrate form next to a wall on Pearl Street at 8:39 p.m. Five minutes later, police say, another camera captured two teenagers “prowling,” checking car doors in a nearby parking lot.

Indigenous Throat Singers a Hit on TikTok. Shina Nova and her mom, Caroline Novalinga Details. 'They took my sealskin cap, Mom.' - Indian Country Today. Big Indigenous wins at Canadian Screen Awards - Indian Country Today. Mexico apologises to Mayan people for historic abuses. A Native American Tribe Gave Missouri Its Name. Now Its Descendants Are Preserving A Fading Language. ‘Dear Georgina’ tells one of many stories about injustice to Indigenous children. (10) Facebook. Growing Native Sovereignty on Earth Day. Details By Sebastian Africano & Dr. Canada’s Supreme Court says Native American Richard Desautel has right to hunt in Canada. Tribal Fishing Rights Activist Billy Frank Jr. Statue to Be Placed in U.S. Capitol. ‘I want to show the pride’: photo essay of the Two Spirit Indigenous people. White Man Gives Up Career to Save Sitting Bull's Horses from Extinction. Lac La Croix pony saved from extinction by the Ojibwe. In 1868, Two Nations Made a Treaty, the U.S. Broke It and Plains Indian Tribes are Still Seeking Justice.

Exclusive: indigenous Americans dying from Covid at twice the rate of white Americans. Uncovered tracks: The bloody legacy of Canada’s railways. Spider Rock: How Canyon de Chelly's Iconic Spire Was Formed. Yes world, there were horses in Native culture before the settlers came. Historic Treaties and Treaty First Nations in Canada Infographic. 7-year-old lassoes a (second) world championship - Navajo Times. Native American sign language: Illustrated guides to 400 gestures - Click Americana. There’s another story behind that Land O'Lakes butter box. Men of Steel: How Brooklyn’s Native American ironworkers built New York. Native American Heritage Month Spotlight: Reconciliation and Reclamation.

How Native American tribes are bringing back the bison from brink of extinction. ‘Legal discrimination is alive and well’: Canada's indigenous women fight for equality. Full Interview: David Suzuki in Grassy Narrows. Buffy Sainte-Marie - Documentary. What To Watch: Celebrating Native American Heritage Month 2020. Navajo farming renaissance. Big Sur ancestral lands returned. Indigenous Runner Rosalie Fish Runs For Her People. (2) This is Indian Relay, North America's original extreme sport. This Montana Man Officially Has The Oldest American DNA Ever Tested. (1) Bruce Cockburn - Indian Wars. DNA Testing Proves Native American Genealogy To Be Among The Most Unique In The World. Daybreak Warrior's Archive of Navajo Slang. 10 Essential Native American Novels. Finding Ashley: a Native American family's desperate search for their missing relative.

The treasure trove of unique genomes hiding in plain sight. The Mohawks Who Built Manhattan (Photos) Two Native Women in Congress Isn't Enough to End the Systemic Violence Native Girls Face. How Native American tribes are bringing back the bison from brink of extinction. Why the Sioux Are Refusing $1.3 Billion. Colorado Land Returned to the Ute Indian Tribe — Ute PAC. Native American Home Pages - Nations. The Adäka festival – in pictures. Turtle Island Music. Rainbow Walker Productions. About this Collection   Buffy Sainte-Marie: 75 things you need to know about the Canadian icon - CBC Music.

Native American Home Pages - Nations. Index. Canadian inquiry into murdered indigenous women may end empty. Tattoos, tanning and tears: inside the Yukon's great indigenous festival. Indigenous business owner's Cree surname brings questions, ridicule - CBC News. Joe Medicine Crow. Iko Iko ~ The Dixie Cups Lyrics. IKO IKO - meaning of the real words and their origin. The US government should cede territory back to Native Americans. Rare Breastfeeding-Related Genetic Mutation Helped Early Americans Survive Ice Age: Study. Kanza Language and Landscape - The Kansas River. Northern Ontario First Nation now has clean drinking water after 14 years - Thunder Bay. Will Budget’s $170 Million End Water Crisis in Indigenous Communities? This fearless Mexican American reporter fought racism and sexism to keep power in check.

The forgotten murders of the Osage people for the oil beneath their land. Read the text of Elizabeth Warren’s speech to Native Americans. Languages of California – Survey of California and Other Indian Languages. Taking back control: how a remote island in Alaska tackled domestic abuse. Canada embraces indigenous cuisine, a long-neglected culinary tradition. Hawaii's Last Queen (documentary excerpt) The Overthrow of the Monarchy. The Rare Archival Photos Behind 'Killers of the Flower Moon' - Atlas Obscura. In The 1920s, A Community Conspired To Kill Native Americans For Their Oil Money. Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann – review. Hostiles Movie Review: A Profound Respect For Native Culture, A Gut Punch of Reality. Canada celebrates 150 but indigenous groups say history is being 'skated over'

Ola Mildred Rexroat – historical snapshots – Medium. Fond du Lac Band restores wild rice to keep harvest tradition alive.