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TH&I 03-26-2017 - HUMANITY UNPLUGGED 2. Bases 37 Part 2 Max Spiers in England. THE ORIGIN, PURPOSE, AND DESTINY OF THE EARTH GAME – Prepare for Change. Jeff Street – Understanding the origin, purpose, and true nature of the earthly reality that you are experiencing can be instrumental to transcending your current level of consciousness and moving up to the next level of the game.


For some, especially the unawakened, this information might be a bit overwhelming or hard to believe but it could prove to be very important to the future course of your life both, during this one and the next. As with all realities created within the One great cosmic mind, and there are multitudes, our earthly reality is simply a mental construct. What is the Core Star ? - The City of Shamballa - Reiki Attunement Social Network. Core Star.

what is the Core Star ? - The City of Shamballa - Reiki Attunement Social Network

Hara line exercise3. Multidimensional Awakening Part 1 by Jurgen Ziewe. Our Multidimensional Self and Reality. Adaptations. Sadhguru 2016 Become Fully Alive With The One Who Knows. Are the Deep Programs of Your Conditioned Mind Living Your Life? December 6th, 2016 By Frank M.

Are the Deep Programs of Your Conditioned Mind Living Your Life?

Wanderer Ph.D. Guest writer for Wake Up World. 029 Social Engineering the War on the Higher Mind of Humans. The Seven Shamanic Levels of Consciousness. Preface Although formerly only known by shamans, I present this knowledge now to spiritual seekers and for the benefit of mankind.In 1989 I met a Hungarian Shaman, Joska Soos, in Antwerp, Belgium, who helped people with his private "shamanizations" and classes. Over the years I learned a lot, with new information about shamanism I had never read about in any literature.

The Eight Circuits of Consciousness. The four evolving future 'brains' are:V.

The Eight Circuits of Consciousness

THE NEUROSOMATIC CIRCUIT When this fifth "body-brain" is activated, flat Euclidean figure-ground configurations explode multi-dimensionally. Gestalts shift, in McLuhan's terms, from linear VISUAL SPACE to all-encompassing SENSORY SPACE. A hedonic turn-on occurs, a rapturous amusement, a detachment from the previously compulsive mechanism of the first four circuits. I turned this circuit on with pot and Tantra. This fifth brain began to appear about 4,000 years ago in the first leisure-class civilizations and has been increasing statistically in recent centuries (even before the Drug Revolution), a fact demonstrated by the hedonic art of India, China, Rome and other affluent societies. Three Modes of Consciousness.

Instinct, intellect and intuition are three different aspects of the mind, or three different modes of consciousness at different levels.

Three Modes of Consciousness

Teal Swan - Embracing your Shadow - a Path to Enlightenment (1:2) Simon parkes , alex collier 2016 webinar July 25. Conscious Explorer - Ancient Past Present Task - Pt1. David Icke Who Are We & What Are We Doing Here HD. Junk DNA: Our Doorway to Spiritual Transformation. By Brendan D.

Junk DNA: Our Doorway to Spiritual Transformation

Murphy, contributor for Something that is not particularly widely known about the mind-body connection today is that, since the early 1940s, a genuine microbiological framework for understanding the power of suggestion, intention, and belief has been developing. In this article we will look at some of this work as it relates to previously unexplainable “spontaneous” alterations to the genomes of living people — and the physiological and psychospiritual transformations that often accompany them.

Moreover, we will cast an eye to the concept of systematic conscious intervention in our own evolution, using the transformative capacities of sound to re-write non-coding “junk” DNA, and return our consciousness to its natural harmonic state and unity awareness. It is time to re-tune ourselves to the frequencies of wholeness, abundance, serenity, and bliss that are our birthright, but which our current mutant paradigm has veered us away from. Read full article. Freedom Of Joyce - A.I., Nanobots, & Unconditional Love Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolan III.

Owning Yourself: Group-Think Vs Individualism. 9th February 2016 By Bernhard Guenther Guest Writer for Wake Up World In this day and age as the energies intensify, many of us are called to get out of our comfort zone, question consensus reality and the world we live in.

Owning Yourself: Group-Think Vs Individualism

We look for answers to deeper life questions, our individual purpose and role as we embark on the process of seeking truth within and without. Once you take the “red pill” it can become a lonely road at times and it is harder to relate to people we used to be around who don’t question what we’ve been told and taught via official cult-ure. Why Spiritual Mastery is a Shattering Process. 28th January 2016 By Open.

Why Spiritual Mastery is a Shattering Process

Part IV: EXPOSING PREDATORY PATHOGENIC AI Artificial Intelligence - Restoring Love-sourced Humanity. Etheric Implants & Subtle Energetic Technologies. This is the Introduction and Contents page of a 28 page article series on: "Subtle Energetic & Etheric Implants & Devices. 40+ different Common & Negative Implants Described.

Etheric Implants & Subtle Energetic Technologies

Their origins & effects in detail. How we get these & who from including during Earth & other World Incarnations & by Joining Groups. Implant Design, Creation & Modification + Detecting & Removing. IMPLANTS – Prepare for Change. For the sake of those who may not be receiving the PFC Newsletter, I am recounting the entire article on Implants here now.

IMPLANTS – Prepare for Change

Grant did a very thorough job of discussing this important topic and I don’t want any of it to be missed. Thank you Grant for your diligence! As further study on this issue please review Cobra’s post of October 15, 2013 at: Peace and blessings, Angel Eyes Implants. 11:11 – Have You Been Seeing These Numbers Everywhere? By Linda Lubin Guest Writer for Wake Up World How many of you have had the 11:11 experience: Hands up. Ah, I’m seeing a sea of hands waving out there. In case you have not, let me tell you of my own 11:11 initiations. Is Your Body Really Your Own? The Effects of Parasites on Consciousness. By Indra Contributing Writer for Wake Up World What if our bodies were being taken over by another consciousness, and we didn’t even know about it? A pretty sinister thought, isn’t it? Something more suitable for a movie script rather than a real life?

Short Lived – Why Constant Thinking Is Our Only Enemy. 23rd September 2015 By Harry Krueger Guest Writer for Wake Up World The enemy of my enemy (the mind) is my friend (pristine consciousness). ~~~~~~Keylontic Science~~~~~~ 9 Solutions for Overcoming Humanity’s Original Distortion. #6: Integrate your Shadow The shadow, psychologically speaking, is the hidden, unclaimed and unloved part of us, which we have pushed to the back recesses of our consciousness, often as a defense or survival mechanism. It’s the part of us which stores all the hidden trauma, hurt and pain which at the time was too much to feel or deal with.

The shadow doesn’t have to be defeated; indeed, it cannot be. It needs to be integrated. Just as the evil of the elite and the New World Order has to be exposed in light rather than hated (for that would only produce more hatred), so does the inner shadow have to be exposed to light rather than shunned, denied or attacked. Bases 46 Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo Part Three. Mark Passio: Transforming the Satanic elements in Human consciousness. Why Love And Light Is Only One Side Of The Awakening Story. What else do you do to keep thriving in Crazy Town? As Within so Without. DEAD NAMES. 1-3 Illuminati Conspiracy/How to stop it: Michael Tsarion on consciousness II. WAKE UP TO THE KING ALFRED PLAN OF CANNIBALISM ALREADY AT WORK. 5 Attachments to Release on the Path of Enlightenment. 25th June 2015. Do Electromagnetic Fields Affect the Pineal Gland, Limiting Human Consciousness?

Mark Passio - The Trivium. Mind Control Researchers Create Fake Link Between Unrelated Memories. Advancements in genetics and neuroscience are undoubtedly leading toward direct methods of mind control, albeit only with good intentions ... if government and establishment science can be believed. Gregg Braden – Manifesting The World You Want To See Through The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind. By Gregg Prescott, M.S.Editor, Heart Consciousness and the Body: Transforming the Physical Body to Higher Frequencies of Matter.

Just Take a Breath. Imagination: The Telescope of Consciousness. What Really is Self-Realisation?...and How Can it Help You Drink the Juice of Life? 23rd January 2015 By Open. Death of the Ego. Manifesting The Fifth Dimensional Frequency In 2015. Eckhart Tolle Describes Two Simple Exercises To Help You Live In The Now. Imagination: The Telescope of Consciousness. James: The Sovereign Integral. EVT 3: Temple of Spiritual Activism.doc - Spiritual Activism EVT3.pdf. Fifth-Dimensional Awareness. Living from the Heart - living-from-the-heart.pdf. Edwin Harkness Spina - Media. Gregg Braden - The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind. 6 Heart Virtues. Natural Law: The Real Law of Attraction. Pineal Gland Activation Secrets. Treating the Pineal Gland with Essential Oils. The Five Pillars of Spiritual Mastery. How To Transcend The Concept Of Duality.

Number Sequences From The Angels > Doreen Virtue. Spirit Science 11_11 ~ Dna Activation. Stuart Wilde - Infinite Power. Discovering the Purpose of Your Incarnation. The Hijacking of Consciousness. Prophecy and creation (Sophia Love) How to Shift Your Consciousness and Raise Your Spiritual Awareness. My Struggle with Chemtrails…..or Why It’s So Important To Look At What We Fear. 11 Ways to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland Regardless Of Your Age.

The Spiritual Dynamics Academy. Humanity In An All-Out Effort to Save Itself From Government. 10 Steps to Enhance Your Natural Telepathic Abilities. Top 10 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms. Drunvalo Melchizedek Part 3 Nature of reality and our participation. Q&A with Drunvalo: Episode 6. Social Consciousness: 10 Ways To Raise Your Consciousness. What is Consciousness? Measuring Consciousness Levels (Dr. Hawkins) Brainwaves. 10 Ways to Raise Your Vibrations.

Drunvalo Melchizedek - Connection With Higher Self 1of4. 121 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness. Transcendence: Permanent Shift in Vibration. Len Horowitz - DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral [FULL] Manly P. Hall - A Second Look at the Law of Karma. PROJECT CAMELOT: INTERVIEW WITH GEORGE KAVASSILAS. Sandra Walter on Heavenly Blessings Radio - Teleportation and the New Light. CONNECTING TO SPIRIT - SOUL LIFE Times. The Bridge......Crossing to a New Reality. THE ASCENSION: Is it Real? If So, Am I Going To Make It? Send Your Light - In Unity With All The Other Yous. Don't Worry To Be Happy. Clearing All Enslaving Mind Processes - Clearing All Enslaving Mind Processes.pdf. Drunvalo Melchiezedek : making the internal change affecting the entire Universe - part 3/3 (end)