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Higher Consciousness

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What is Consciousness? What is Its Purpose? - Bing video. Here's Why Some People See A World Others Don't - David Lynch on Transcendental Meditation. Learning To Use The Force - ROBERT SEPEHR. Yoga Breathing Exercise to Increase Energy and Treat Depression and SAD. (5) Understanding the Higher Self In The Law of One (The Ra Material) The Power Of Awareness By Neville Goddard Audiobook Unabridged With Commentary (ALTERNATE) The Shaman's Rattle - A Simple and Powerful Tool With Many Uses. Rattles are very simple tools that have many uses in shamanism.

The Shaman's Rattle - A Simple and Powerful Tool With Many Uses

I use mine to help me move into a relaxed state during journeys, to focus my energy in a certain area, and to clear a space out. Below are a few different views of the rattle and its uses. Walking the Hedge talks about the simplicity of the rattle and some of its uses: Rattles are the only instruments found in every musical or ritual tradition around the world.

Anyone can play a rattle, it is possibly the simplest instrument created by mankind. Technically, rattles and bell branches are classified as "idiophones," but that simple label doesn't convey the almost overwhelming variety of materials from which they are made or performance contexts where they are used. Rattles, and all instruments, can be very powerful tools. The sound of a bell or rattle is used in ritual to consecrate sacred space, because the sound of many instruments is thought to drive away “bad” spirits and draw “good” ones. Destiny, Fate and Soul Contracts. Before you entered this physical time and space your soul made an agreement.

Destiny, Fate and Soul Contracts

Before you came into human form, your soul had specific purpose or destiny that it had agreed to fulfil. This destiny was written and is your Soul Contract. We all have Soul Contracts and essentially it is the list of lessons that we are meant to acquire in this life time in order to advance our soul to a higher level of consciousness. I have seen this Soul Contract many times through meditation and when doingintuitive readings and here is what I know about it- You were sent to this dimension of Earth at a specific time, to a specific place and with a specific purpose. Life is full of choices. These choices are seen as our fate- we can choose which path to go down, we can choose which road to avoid and which road to pursue, but one thing that we cannot change is our destiny. In order to fulfil your Soul Contract you are also assigned a set of spirit guides, angels and people to help you.

The Part Of The MIND Only A Few Know About. The Crystalline Consciousness and the Fall. Geoff Lawton: The Permaculture Designers Manual in One Hour. What You Need To Know About ANCIENT GATEWAYS... The SUN And The SERPENT. Of Butterflies and other Symbols of Transformation - Appliedjung. I have a butterfly in a bottle on my desk.

Of Butterflies and other Symbols of Transformation - Appliedjung

It is not a real butterfly, it is fake. There is a wire attached to it and it is battery operated. When you tap the top of the bottle, the butterfly flutters and flies and flaps its wings. It is absolutely convincingly real. I LOVE it! I am fascinated by it and it is a symbol for me. I am not sure what it is exactly though. Signs vs Symbols When we see images, logos, numbers, anything that we know what it means immediately, e.g. a stop sign or a McDonald sign, it is a sign, not a symbol. A symbol, however has 3 distinct characteristics: • It has a meaning beyond the obvious • It evokes and emotional response from you • It imbues you with energy Characteristic 1: Meaning beyond the obvious A symbol’s most significant characteristic is that you are not fully aware of what it means to you. Characteristic 2: Emotive content The second indication which points to something carrying symbolic meaning for you is emotion.

Our Unique Mythology The Symbolic Way. Anthony Peake : Higher Consciousness. Enlightenment - Ego Transcendence vs Ego Repression - Non Duality Consciousness. Secret of Ethers. Shifting the Brainwave State: 6 Powerful Practices to Expand Your Consciousness and Harmonize Your Brain. By Justin Faerman Guest Writer for Wake Up World The brain and consciousness are inextricably linked, meaning that shifts in one of these aspects of the self produce corresponding shifts in the other.

Shifting the Brainwave State: 6 Powerful Practices to Expand Your Consciousness and Harmonize Your Brain

This is in large part because consciousness is not restricted to existing only in physical form and is in fact a non-local field of energy [1,2,3,4,5]. This means that the brain is simply an organ which interfaces the mind with the physical reality. To draw an analogy, it is a translator of physical sensation and other experiential phenomenon from the body to the mind and from mind to the body.

With the brain being the primary organ through which consciousness experiences reality, its health and functioning affects our experience of consciousness in a significant way. Brainwave Patterns and Consciousness The brain operates largely through electrical signals sent between approximately 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) spread out across different regions.

Gamma Waves: 27 Hz and up Wide awake.

Meditation, Mantras & Mudras

Auras & Energy. Chakras. Consciousness & Awakening. Akashic Records. Astral Travel & Merkaba. Misc.New Age. Mark Passio's Natural Law Seminar - Natural Law: The REAL Law of Attraction 2 of 3 (afternoon)