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Food Timeline: food history & vintage recipes

Food Timeline: food history & vintage recipes

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The Procrastination Matrix Note: To best understand this post, you should first read Part 1 of Wait But Why’s previous post on procrastination. PDF: We made a fancy PDF of this post for printing and offline viewing. Buy it here. (Or see a preview.) Back in high school, if you had asked me if I was a procrastinator, I would have said yes. mini crockpot Oh they're just so pretty! I've got a meatball recipe for you today that will become a new family favorite. I'm not going to lie -- you're going to have to dirty up your hands a bit, but you won't have to wash a frying pan. Medieval food Medieval cookery books There are over 50 hand-written medieval cookery manuscripts still in existence today. Some are lists of recipes tucked into the back of guides to medical remedies or apothecaries' instruction manuals. Others focus on descriptions of grand feasts. But most are devoted to recording the dishes of the medieval kitchen.

Cannon The cannon was the first internal combustion engine, made possible by the discovery of nitrates Contents Introduction The smoothbore cannon, first appearing in the early 14th century in Europe, assumed its classic form at the beginning of the 17th century, which persisted unchanged to the mid-19th century, when it was superseded by the breechloading rifled gun. It perhaps still remains in modified form as the infantry or trench mortar, and a few other smooth-bore weapons. It was simply a strong cylinder permanently closed at one end, and temporarily closed by a cannonball towards the other end, between which a charge of explosive was placed.

The Truth About Religion in America: The Founders Loathed Superstition and We Were Never a Christian Nation Once they begin to circulate, falsehoods—like counterfeit currency—are surprisingly tenacious. It doesn’t matter that there’s no backing for them. The only thing that counts is that people believe they have backing. Capturing and Clipping the Succulent So, I've really not played with Bing too much - Google is so tightly integrated with much of what I do. However, if you're like me and you are a busy Mom and spend Saturdays planning the meals for the upcoming weeks, you may also find a reason to head over to Bing for their new Recipe search. As I read my daily updates from TechCrunch (Kindle Edition,) and saw Bam! Bing Now Cooks Up Recipes, I shot up from my milk and cereal past my just stirred and still spinning coffee and ran to the computer. As a HUGE fan of (one of the best recipe sites on the web - everything highly rated there is just incredibly good!)

Medieval and Renaissance Food: Sources, Recipes, and Articles What's New on this page? This a subpage of the SCA Arts and Sciences homepage. Jump to: Primary Sources, Articles/Publications, Individual Recipes, Mailing Lists, Other Information of Interest. Primary Sources, Reference, Bibliography General 14th century How to Name a Baby The first time a friend of mine had a child, it was intensely jarring. I’d be living my normal day, and then the thought would hit me—”Matt has a son”—and my whole world would get turned upside down. Three years and six friend babies later, I’m 32 and have numbed to the whole thing considerably. It’s still weird.