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Scientific Personality & Career Tests Online. Stop Websites from Tracking You. » How your Apple iPhone spies on you Alex Jones. DNA is 'Edited' To Filter Undesirable Traits TSA Agents Pat Down 2 & 6 Year Old Children Desperate for Ratings, MSNBC Attacks Alex Jones.

» How your Apple iPhone spies on you Alex Jones

Again. Dirty Harry Reid's Dirty Deeds. » Apple iPhone 5S: Big Brother’s Dream Come True Alex Jones. The latest iPhone is an ode to biometrics, spying, and the Big Brother control grid Anthony GucciardiStoryleak September 11, 2013 The Big Brother iPhone 5S in action — via TechRadar.

» Apple iPhone 5S: Big Brother’s Dream Come True Alex Jones

The latest series of Apple’s iPhone will not only continue to cultivate numerous apps that track your location through GPS and transmit data directly back to corporations and government, but contain a fingerprint sensor that stores your fingerprint in order to purchase apps and unlock the phone for use. And that’s really just the beginning. As millions will most likely continue through the Apple food chain and purchase this phone, the NSA and bloated federal government at large will be beyond ecstatic. But don’t worry, the same company that has given away all of your chats and personal data through the NSA’s top secret PRISM program says that you’re perfectly safe. According to a security specialist on CNET:

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Flame Virus Attacks the Internet. GLOBAL WARMING HOAX. During the 1970's, we have an Ice-Age Scare!


When temps rise a bit, the Ice-Age Scare turns into the Global Warming Scare. From 1985 on, a steady diet of Global Warming FEAR is fed to the public. The Education System. Miscellaneous. Creation vs. Evolution. Agenda 21 For Dummies.

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Monarch-mind-control. Why Does the U.S. Media Breed Propaganda Journalism? December 08, 2011 | 30,941 views Share The media in modern America is a cartel system.

Why Does the U.S. Media Breed Propaganda Journalism?

It is owned by a handful of giant corporations -- corporations that are in turn saddled with heavy debts. This has encouraged them to cut costs wherever possible, while at the same time producing whatever material they think will sell the most and the quickest. - "Resisting the New World Order". » Associated Press caught lying about water fluoridation Alex Jones. Ethan A.

» Associated Press caught lying about water fluoridation Alex Jones

HuffNatural News June 18, 2012 It seems as though every time an American town or city drops the added fluoride chemicals from its water supply, the dinosaur media comes out with its usual talking points about how water fluoridation is one of the greatest public health interventions ever granted by the government to its minions, and that without added fluoride chemicals, everyone’s teeth would rot right out of their heads. These are just a few of the many deluded and outdated lies that get repeated over and over, ad nauseam, every time a community dares to challenge the prevailing fluoride dogma of the day — and these are lies that, fortunately, many people are learning to simply disregard. But one of the more sneaky lies now getting repeated is the one which implies that added fluoride chemicals are no different than the naturally occurring fluoride elements already present in many water supplies.

Sources for this article include: Tags: natural health, water. Illuminati Conspiracy Archive: Warren Buffett: Raise debt ceiling today - Kevin Robillard. Disgusted by the brinksmanship on Capitol Hill, Warren Buffett is calling on Congress to raise the debt ceiling as soon as possible — like, today. “I think people are quite disgusted with Congress,” the business magnate told Bloomberg TV. “The idea of having a debt ceiling — as this country grows, our debt capacity grows. Awakeningtothetruth. WeAreChangeVancouver.