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Magic and color

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Oil paintings - Arthur Berzinsh. Work Oil paintings | raster graphics | conceptual | commercial | Motion | Sound About BIO | Actual | Press | TV | Links | Contacts Oil paintings National post-romanticism Rainis Laimdota Spidola (fragment) Blind Alley Blind Alley (fragment) biopunk: parasites of the retreat Biopunk II: Relative Breakfast inspiration floods Blue Velvet.

Oil paintings - Arthur Berzinsh

Tangerine Dream Dress II! Remember that time oh-so-very long ago when I dyed that one white dress to a tangerine hue with these?

Tangerine Dream Dress II!

Hey Guys! Remember us? It was only a few days ago, but I’ll go ahead and refresh your memory. Here ya go! If you thought that dress took a dye bath all alone, you’re wrong! Bathing Buddy! This is a $1 thrifted find that I thought would work well for yet another sultry SC day. After its dye bath, I snipped off those straps from the back of the dress (still keeping them in tact on the front). Snnnnip! Then, I threw it on my dress form and pinned it in the back. One seam is easier than two! All it needed next was a quick whirrrrr!

The aforementioned Whirrrrrrrrr! That’s it! Such a sweet color combo! Le back! First, I met up with Erin and Katie (The Wine Snob) for the launch of River Rat Brewery‘s new Kolsch (one of my favorite beer styles!). From up North - High quality design inspiration. Beautiful.bizarre magazine. Casa Azul. Graphic 45. No Critics Just Artists. I need a guide: travis bedel. Anatomical collages by travis bedel (via colossal) .

I need a guide: travis bedel

20 Ideas geniales para convertir tu casa en un PARQUE de diversiones para NIÑOS. Entretener a los peques de la casa no tiene porque ser tarea difícil y costosa, tan sólo basta tener un poco de ingenio para que ellos pasen horas maravillosas que recordarán de por vida, hoy te daremos 20, son maravillosas, sencillas y super económicas, no dejes que tus hijos se la pasen frente al televisor o frente a la compu, desarrolla su cerebro, esto les dará herramientas para enfrentarse al mundo. 1.Consigue playeras blancas que ya no utilicen y permítele que cree sus propios diseños en ellas, con crayolas o acuarelas. 2.

20 Ideas geniales para convertir tu casa en un PARQUE de diversiones para NIÑOS

Rellena globos con harina, la textura les va a encantar. 3. Un vaso con agua y jabón amarrado a una toalla, creará una serpiente de burbujas. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. New Designs. New Designs Apr 21 Delicate Swallow Apr 17 Bird Sleeve Apr 16 Howling Wolf Apr 15 Fox Nouveau Apr 14 Flower Bunny.

New Designs

Apollonia Saintclair. Posts tagged 'Illustration' “There was a period in my life where I only drew with a pencil and being able to erase paralyzed me.

Posts tagged 'Illustration'

I could draw a hand and it would take me three days, you know, and it would be a 1/4” by 1/4”; just a tiny little thing. And then one day I just started drawing with pen and all of a sudden I could just draw endlessly. In fact, there was no undo and it kind of changed all of that. And then the computer oddly, the undo is what gives me the freedom to just explore any idea that comes to my mind and essentially I just follow any impulse or any idea because I can explore fairly freely.” Andy Gilmore‘s work is squarely up my alley and it’s wonderful to hear, in his own words, what inspires him to create.

. [ Ghostly International presents Andy Gilmore ] posted by respondcreate on Aug. 25, 2013 in Videos | tags: andy gilmore, art, birds, colorful, geometric, ghostly international, illustration, trippy “A message, for me, is something secondary. Enjoy! [ Aryz ] Man. P.S. Happy Halloweeeeen!