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Inspire & Engage Students by Inviting Guest Speakers Web & F2F. Inspire Learners with Guest Speakers. Learning Beyond Walls: 21 Skype Resources. Posted by Shelly Terrell on Sunday, August 22nd 2010 Part of the Cool Sites series Image courtesy of @teflpet.

Learning Beyond Walls: 21 Skype Resources

In the picture above you can see a great friend of mine, Emma Herrod, and her son who have video-conferenced with my classes and workshops. When the teachers in my last workshop interviewed Emma via Skype about our interaction through Skype they were excited about technology. Most of the teachers had been reluctant towards technology but Skype is one of those fantastic free tools that gets teachers new to technology motivated to try the technology. I have been fortunate to have people in my Skype network who will Skype with me at the spur of the moment or make themselves available for my various classes in Germany.

Emma and her son Skyped my class of 5 year-olds. New Tab. CSI- Crime Scene Investigation at school!

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Third graders find unidentified skeleton on school campus. Unidentified skeleton found on school campus What is one to do, when you find such a specimen on school grounds? Students across grade levels took a mini fieldtrip to the pond on campus to examine the skeleton. The BIG question for everyone, including teachers was: WHAT kind of animal was it? We had different approaches to the investigation: Approach A: took photos of skeleton and xeroxed copies for students to take home and do research involving parentsresearched online for different images from animal skeletons to compareusing parent veterinarian as resourcegot in touch with school librarian Approach B: Approach C: took images of skeleton with iPhoneuploaded to Twitpic, which sent automatic tweet to Twitter network. Secretary Arne Duncan Joins #StuVoice (with image, tweets) · usedgov. Helpouts by Google.

Mystery Location - hello little world Skypers. Virtual Author Visits in Your Library or Classroom - Skype An Author Network. Mystery Hangout - Community. #MysterySkype. Guest speakers. Skype in the classroom - Skype in the classroom. Learning Beyond Walls: 28 Resources for Your Students to Connect Globally. Posted by Shelly Terrell on Sunday, October 3rd 2010 Part of the Cool Sites series Many students have yet to ever communicate with another student from outside their city, state, or country?

Learning Beyond Walls: 28 Resources for Your Students to Connect Globally

This simply isn’t built into most curricula. Creating successful global citizens should be a goal of all schools. Educational institutions should provide opportunities for students to learn to communicate and collaborate with their peers worldwide! Why? Globalization is our current reality. In a world of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) developing quickly and becoming staples, international communication and communication with these technologies is a necessary skill. Yesterday, I presented the following resources and Prezi at the recent Tri-State Educational Technology Conference (TSETC). Where to Find Classes Worldwide to Connect Internet Safety Information for Parents and Forms Using Skype to Collaborate. Make a Global Connection. Posted by Shelly Terrell on Thursday, September 5th 2013 Goal 13: Make a Global Connection of The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” – Socrates This year with the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators, our 30 Goals Facebook community is voting on what some of the goals will be accomplishing.

Make a Global Connection

We are grabbing this from the list of goals from the previous 3 cycles. This year’s theme is, “This is MY Moment.” #13 Make a Global Connection. Goal 7: Make A Global Connection. Mystery Skype Jobs Created by My Students. My students during a call Last year was my personal best for Mystery Skype.

Mystery Skype Jobs Created by My Students

We did one almost every week, and by we I mean my incredible students. They took ownership and pride in ding the calls quickly, professionally, and efficiently, and I often stood back in awe watching them unfold. My kids were Mystery Skype masters by the end of the year and I look forward to start over with a new group of 26 students this year. So it was only natural for my students to develop the original jobs into something that worked better for them. Greeter -1 student – Does exactly that: greets the incoming class by speaking about our class and going over the rules.

Questioner – 1 or 2 students – they are the kids that ask the yes or no questions, often it is beneficial if these kids have a decent grasp of geography and can come up with questions on the fly. Filter – 2 kids or more – These kids act as a filter between the runners and the questioners assessing the questions that are coming their way. Skype. Virtual Tours.