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Virtual Desktops for the Windows Operating System

Virtual Desktops for the Windows Operating System

How To Use Four Desktops At Once & Boost Productivity [Windows] While it’s nice that you can ALT-tab your way through as many open applications as you like, it would still be nice to have areas of the desktop set aside for specific display tasks – like the clock, weather, mail and so on. Well, there is a power tool from Windows SysInternals called Desktops, which lets you create three additional “virtual desktops” where you can spread out your applications as much as you like. You no longer have to pile one application on top of the other in one screen – with Desktops, you can just flow through your four desktops as if you have four computers running at once. Once you download and set up the app, the first thing it’ll ask you to do is to configure the hotkey sequence you’ll use to switch between your four desktops. Personally, I like using Alt and numbers because it has the same sort of feel as using alt-tab, except instead of switching apps you’re moving across entire desktops. Finally, I saved Desktop #4 just for web browsing.

JavaScript Kit- Your comprehensive JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, and Ajax stop ClipX ClipX is a tiny clipboard history manager. It is sweet, it is free, use it. License Copyright 2004-2008 Francis Gastellu. Download ClipX Latest stable version: ClipX for x86 (Nov. 30th, 2005) Latest beta version: ClipX beta 7 x86 (Jul. 6th, 2008) ClipX beta 7 x64 (Jul. 6th, 2008) Note that beta versions are work in progress. Download Plugins ClipX Stickies Plugin 1.9Stickies Plugin 1.9 for ClipX x64 Keeps a list of permanent entries at the bottom of your history. ClipX Auto Update Plugin 1.6Auto Update Plugin 1.6 for ClipX x64 Automatically checks for and downloads the latest version of ClipX (RSA authenticated). ClipX Limits Plugin 1.2Limits Plugin 1.2 for ClipX x64 Lets you ignore some clipboards based on size in memory. ClipX "Save Image As" Plugin 0.1 Lets you save image clipboards as PNG or JPG (Requires GDI+), by Miguel Garrido. ClipX DiskLog Plugin 1.2DiskLog Plugin 1.2 for ClipX x64 Records your clipboard lifetime history to disk (text entries only). Donate Thanks Contact

UserGuide - MITRE Honeyclient Project - Trac Computer security covers various aspects pertaining to the security of both computers and networks. This would include providing protection to your computer system from various elements that can do harm to your data and even hardware without compromising the integrity of the information that your computer possesses. The irony of it all is that, while various organizations and large companies find ways and means to improve measures that will make computer security a more formidable one, threats to such also enhance their methodologies. Hardware There is various hardware now available that can contribute a lot in making your computer system more secure. Aside from protecting your computer from power surges and similar factors, there are also hardware that can help protect your system from threats that come from a network. Software In order for you to achieve good computer security, one thing that you can do is to make use of an excellent antivirus software.

8 services de partage d'écran gratuit! | Descary Les services de partage d’écran sont extrêmement utiles. Ils peuvent servir à livrer des formations, des présentations ou encore travailler en mode collaboratif à distance. Les coûts d’utilisation des systèmes de partage d’écran sont à la baisse. Certains d’entre eux offrent même des formules gratuites. Ces services sont très productifs, en quelques minutes vous pourrez créer une conférence Web et rejoindre des collaborateurs ou clients partout à travers le monde. Adobe ConnectNow: la version gratuite vous permet de créer une webconférence jusqu’à deux participants. Skype: La dernière version de Skype offre une fonction de partager votre écran. Yuuguu: est une application que vous devez installer sur votre poste de travail. Une fois que vous aurez ajouté vos comptes Skype, GTalk, AIM, MSN et Yahoo, vous pouvez inviter vos participants et clavarder avec eux depuis Yuuguu. Zoho Meeting: Zoho offre une multitude d’applications Web.

How To Get The Best Features Of Mac, Linux & Co On Windows Do you suffer from operating system envy? I know I do. While I’m mainly a Windows user, I can appreciate a lot of the features available on Mac and Linux. Windows is pretty boring, so wouldn’t it be nice if those features could be transported over somehow? Want a dock instead of a taskbar? Replace The Taskbar With A Dock The most immediate change that you can make to Windows is to install a multifunctional dock. You can choose from several different dock programs. RocketDock: Simple, easy to use, with a quick setup. For a deeper look, check out our article on . Manage Multiple Desktops For Better Workflow One desktop is not enough. So what’s the solution? Some people solve it with multiple monitors. But we can also look to Mac and Linux, both of which offer an awesome feature called virtual desktops. Note: Actual Multiple Monitors costs $25 USD and Dexpot costs $34 USD. Improve Window Management With Mac-Like Exposé I’ve always been jealous of the Exposé feature on Mac computers. Conclusion

Invent with Python Chapter 1 Read online: Chapter 1 - Installing Python Videos: Chapter 2 Read online: Chapter 2 - The Interactive Shell Chapter 3 Read online: Chapter 3 - Strings Download source: Copy source to clipboard: Use the online diff tool to find typos in your code: Chapter 4 Read online: Chapter 4 - Guess the Number Download source: Use the online diff tool to find typos in your code: Chapter 5 Read online: Chapter 5 - Jokes Download source: Use the online diff tool to find typos in your code: Chapter 6 Read online: Chapter 6 - Dragon Realm Download source: Use the online diff tool to find typos in your code: Chapter 7 Read online: Chapter 7 - Using the Debugger Chapter 8 Read online: Chapter 8 - Flow Charts Chapter 9 Read online: Chapter 9 - Hangman Download source: Use the online diff tool to find typos in your code: Chapter 10 Read online: Chapter 10 - Tic Tac Toe Download source: Chapter 11 Download source:

Windows PowerShell Blog : Configuring PowerShell for Remoting – PowerShell v2 introduces a new capability to manage systems in your organization remotely. We directly support hosting PowerShell in either WinRM service or IIS. In this blog I will talk about WinRM service hosting and follow up with IIS Hosting in my next blog. I want to touch upon some basic naming conventions. The cmdlets used to talk with a remote system are given a noun “PSSession” like New-PSSession (to create a persisting remote session), Remove-PSSession (to disconnect from an existing session), Get-PSSession (get active/inactive sessions in this PowerShell instance). The cmdlets used to configure a session (on the remote system) are given the noun, naturally, “PSSessionConfiguration” like Register-PSSessionConfiguration etc. You want to enable this if you want to remotely administer a system in your organization like, but not limited to, “Adding new users”, “Applying Patches”, “Inventory Management” etc. PS C:\temp\oob> Register-PSSessionConfiguration PS_CTP3 Name Type Keys -f

Infrastructure Management Assistent (VIMA) The vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) allows administrators and developers to run scripts and agents to manage ESXi hosts and vCenter Server systems. vMA is a virtual machine that includes prepackaged software, a logging component, and an authentication component that supports non-interactive login. Release 5.5 Patch 1 ( Released 4 April 2014 | Download Documentation Resources: Release Notes All other documents released with vSphere Management Assistant 5.5 release are also applicable for this patch release. Release 5.5 Released 31 OCT 2013 | Download Release 5.1 Patch 1 ( Released 4 April 2013 | Download Release Notes All other documents released with vSphere Management Assistant 5.1 release are also applicable for this patch release. Release 5.1 Released 10 Sep 2012 | Download Release 5.0 Patch 2 ( Released 25 May 2012 | Download Release Notes All other documents released with vSphere Management Assistant 5.0 release are also applicable for this patch release. Release Notes

Corporation Celebrate the savings on your favorite Stardock titles in the Steam Holiday Sale! Games are up to 75% off* - don't miss out! Read Full Article Plymouth, MI. – December 15, 2016 - Stardock and Mohawk Games have released an update for Offworld Trading Company that fully integrates the game with Steam Workshop. Players who would like to mod the game will now be able to mod xml data for buildi Read Full Article Plymouth, MI. – December 13, 2016 - Stardock released version 1.9 for its popular space-based strategy game, Galactic Civilizations III today. Read Full Article Plymouth, MI. – November 10, 2016 - Stardock released Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation today. Read Full Article Plymouth, MI. – November 2, 2016 - Today, Stardock announced the release of WindowBlinds 10.5, the latest iteration of its popular desktop customization software. Read Full Article

Colors by Name Get started Plan Develop Sign in Technologies API reference Samples Community Colors by Name The named colors, sorted by name. The following code example provides a dynamic table of the named colors that can be sorted by various column headers. Code example: † New for Windows Internet Explorer 8. Related topics Show: Was this page helpful? Your feedback about this content is important.Let us know what you think. Additional feedback? Thank you! We appreciate your feedback. Centers Related web developer sites Other Internet Explorer sites Downloads Support Essentials Stay connected © 2014 Microsoft Hello from Seattle. © 2014 Microsoft.

ProcessTamer - Mouser - Software Process Tamer is a tiny (140k) and super efficient utility for Microsoft Windows XP/2K/NT/Vista/Win7 that runs in your system tray and constantly monitors the cpu usage of other processes. When it sees a process that is overloading your cpu, it reduces the priority of that process temporarily, until its cpu usage returns to a reasonable level. screenshot: There are many times when a process will hog your cpu, such as when converting audio/video files, or working with compressed archives. Because these processes completely consume the cpu, your system becomes sluggish to respond and using the computer for other tasks becomes impossible while these processes are running. Process Tamer solves this problem by identifying such these degenerate conditions and temporarily reducing the priority of the offending processes in order to allow your system to respond to other requests. Join the site to show your support for this program