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3D Virtual Worlds List

3D Virtual Worlds List
I try to keep up with the latest in 3D virtual worlds, but new stuff keeps popping up all the time, so no doubt I will miss stuff. I'm posting a page to keep track of it all.Just a definition. A 3D Virtual World contains the following traits: 1. Its a Massively Multiplayer Online Game. 2. It renders in 3D (ruling out the literally hundreds of 2D flash virtual worlds like Club Penguin and Gaia Online). 3. It allows for multiple types of activities, primarily non-competitive social ones.

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Virtual world The user accesses a computer-simulated world which presents perceptual stimuli to the user, who in turn can manipulate elements of the modeled world and thus experience a degree of telepresence.[6] Such modeled worlds and their rules may draw from the reality or fantasy worlds. Example rules are gravity, topography, locomotion, real-time actions, and communication. Communication between users can range from text, graphical icons, visual gesture, sound, and rarely, forms using touch, voice command, and balance senses. Virtual worlds are not limited to games but, depending on the degree of immediacy presented, can encompass computer conferencing and text based chatrooms.

Universe Sandbox Ultimate Power Spawn massive stars, launch asteroids, and manipulate gravity with just a few clicks. Fun & Interactive The Ultimage Virtual World® Experiance and The Future of MMO's Virtual World® is an interactive 3D world for members 12 and up with many great regions to meet new friends, featuring beaches, parks, skatepark, club with various musical genres/themes and more! Virtual World® MAIN STREET 3DSex's Main Resort is the most popular location of the Virtual World! New here at Virtual World®? Meet new people at the Virtual World® Main Street- it is full of new places to have a good time while meeting new members! SOUTH BEACH This beautiful beach setting features a lovely tropical environment with swimming, music and dancing, or just hang out and have a soda while watching the waves. PARADISE PARK Relax by the pool or hang out and chat with friends, take a swim or enjoy the music and dancing in this beautiful park environment.

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Educational Frontiers: Learning in a Virtual World © 2008 Cynthia M. Calongne. The text of this article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License ( Open Life -New kid on the block maybe « My So Called Second Life I was looking up virtual worlds on Wikipedia before, as I’m curious to know what other worlds are allowing building. Apart from Active Worlds, I didn’t think that there was anything much. Suddenly there’s a new one, called Open Life, although it actually uses the Second Life viewer to log onto their hosted world. I thought I’d give it a look, and the picture above shows it as is right now. It’s in Beta testing, clunky movements, until the creators of the world introduce features, and avatars that are still very primitive until a bunch of users go make stuff for them. While I was there, a couple of experienced SLers were talking about the good skin files that have been made full permission, to encourage more creativity in SL.