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Virtual world

Virtual world
The user accesses a computer-simulated world which presents perceptual stimuli to the user, who in turn can manipulate elements of the modeled world and thus experience a degree of telepresence.[6] Such modeled worlds and their rules may draw from the reality or fantasy worlds. Example rules are gravity, topography, locomotion, real-time actions, and communication. Communication between users can range from text, graphical icons, visual gesture, sound, and rarely, forms using touch, voice command, and balance senses. Virtual worlds are not limited to games but, depending on the degree of immediacy presented, can encompass computer conferencing and text based chatrooms. History[edit] The concept of virtual worlds significantly predates computers. Among the earliest virtual worlds implemented by computers were virtual reality simulators, such as the work of Ivan Sutherland. Maze War was the first networked, 3D multi-user first person shooter game. Virtual world concepts[edit] Economy[edit] Related:  jour 01jour 01

Virtual Worlds, Avatars, free 3D chat, online meetings - Second Life Official Site Outworldz OpenSim Installer One-Click DreamWorld Opensimulator for Windows The Outworldz DreamWorld is a free, pre-packaged Windows-compatible virtual reality Opensimulator system that is easy to install, easy to run, and powerful. It it free and is open source. Anyone can run their own grid from home or at work. You can finally have an easy-to-use virtual world with HyperGrid capability, automatic backup and easy-to-load simple OpenSim Archive (OAR) and Inventory (IAR) files. Preconfigured, ready to run HyperGrid server/client No INI file editing! Free Dynamic DNS system Auto-Updater and Automatic Backup Hypergrid-enabled grid server for one to N users. uPnP Universal Plug and Play Router configuration Easy to use Encitra™ Onlook Viewer - Avatar and No-Avatar Mode for new users - Simplified UI mode to remove clutter Non-Player-Character Enabled released - Diva's Wifi Panel 0.9 released included with Diva's Wifi Panel Control Panel for Advanced Options Autoconfigured MySQL Database Router and Firewall Diagnostics Downloads

Une école s’attaque aux devoirs et améliore ses résultats avec le carnet d’apprentissage la gazette des enfants – 1894 Cela se passe au Québec mais cela aurait pu tout aussi bien se dérouler en France. Selon un article publié sur le site québécois « Les Actualités » (consulté le 29 octobre 2013) « depuis l’année dernière, les enseignants de l’école de la Passerelle ont pris un virage. Ils ont décidé de changer leurs pratiques en offrant une version améliorée des traditionnels devoirs et leçons. En effet, les élèves doivent lire, mais il y a très peu ou pas de devoirs à la maison. » Marielle Potvin, orthopédagogue*, a accompagné l’équipe pédagogique dans ce changement important. Ce qui a motivé l’équipe pédagogique La directrice de l’école explique : Par ailleurs les enseignants constataient tout simplement que le but des devoirs, apprendre pour avoir de meilleurs résultats, n’était tout simplement pas atteint. De la réflexion commune… Marielle Potvin témoigne de son action d’accompagnement et de conseil auprès de l’équipe pédagogique Marielle Potvin présente la genèse du projet.

Multiverse: The MMO Development Platform Intelligent Virtual World ... - Google Recherche de Livres Massive open online course Education service on the web Poster, entitled "MOOC, every letter is negotiable", exploring the meaning of the words "massive open online course" A massive open online course (MOOC ) or an open online course is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the Web.[1] In addition to traditional course materials, such as filmed lectures, readings, and problem sets, many MOOCs provide interactive courses with user forums or social media discussions to support community interactions among students, professors, and teaching assistants (TAs), as well as immediate feedback to quick quizzes and assignments. MOOCs are a widely researched development in distance education,[2] first introduced in 2008,[3] that emerged as a popular mode of learning in 2012, a year called the "Year of the MOOC".[4][5][6] History[edit] What is a MOOC? Precursors[edit] Early approaches[edit] cMOOCs and xMOOCs[edit] MOOCs and open-education timeline (updated 2015 version)[13][30] Students served[edit]

Sim-on-a-Stick Une stratégie digitale c'est quoi ? #1 - entreprise-agileentreprise-agile Une stratégie digitale c’est avant tout une stratégie d’entreprise avec des objectifs de marque, des objectifs de business et des convictions. Avant de se lancer bille en tête dans la description des différents outils à disposition permettant d’augmenter le nombre de visiteurs sur vos sites internet, d’améliorer vos taux de conversion, de fidéliser vos clients et de propager à grande échelle votre marque sur les réseaux sociaux, il est essentiel de bien comprendre ce qu’est Internet et quelles sont les lois naturelles qui gouvernent les objectifs des internautes. Internet doit être appréhendé non pas comme un simple média mais bien comme un espace d’échange, d’accès à l’information, de divertissement et de travail, avec un chevauchement et une interconnexion entre chaque lieu. Le monde physique est et sera de plus en plus connecté au monde numérique avec le mobile assurant le pont entre les deux mondes grâce aux technologies sans contact, au code barre et à la reconnaissance d’image.

The Amazing Holographic Universe By Michael Talbot | In 1982 a remarkable event took place. At the University of Paris a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect performed what may turn out to be one of the most important experiments of the 20th century. You did not hear about it on the evening news. In fact, unless you are in the habit of reading scientific journals you probably have never even heard Aspect's name, though there are some who believe his discovery may change the face of science. Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. Somehow each particle always seems to know what the other is doing. University of London physicist David Bohm, for example, believes Aspect's findings imply that objective reality does not exist, that despite its apparent solidity the universe is at heart a phantasm, a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram.

Cyberculture: The Key Concepts - Google Recherche de Livres OpenCourseWare History[edit] The OpenCourseWare movement started in 1999 when the University of Tübingen in Germany published videos of lectures online for its timms initiative (Tübinger Internet Multimedia Server).[1] The OCW movement only took off, however, with the launch of MIT OpenCourseWare at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University[2] in October 2002. The movement was soon reinforced by the launch of similar projects at Yale, the University of Michigan, and the University of California Berkeley. MIT's reasoning behind OCW was to "enhance human learning worldwide by the availability of a web of knowledge".[3] MIT also stated that it would allow students (including, but not limited to its own) to become better prepared for classes so that they may be more engaged during a class. Principles[edit] According to the website of the OCW Consortium, an OCW project: edX[edit] Problems[edit] Americas[edit] Brazil[edit] Mexico[edit] Asia[edit]

What is the Mandate of Heaven in China? Answer: The "Mandate of Heaven" is an ancient Chinese philosophical concept, which originated during the Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BCE). The Mandate determines whether an emperor of China is sufficiently virtuous to rule; if he does not fulfill his obligations as emperor, then he loses the Mandate and thus the right to be emperor. There are four principles to the Mandate:1) Heaven grants the emperor the right to rule,2) Since there is only one Heaven, there can only be one emperor at any given time,3) The emperor's virtue determines his right to rule, and,4) No one dynasty has a permanent right to rule. Signs that a particular ruler had lost the Mandate of Heaven included peasant uprisings, invasions by foreign troops, drought, famine, floods and earthquakes. Although the Mandate of Heaven sounds superficially similar to the European concept of the "Divine Right of Kings," in fact it operated quite differently. The Mandate of Heaven in Action: Effects of the Mandate of Heaven Idea