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Guy Hides Camera In Bucket Of Water To See Who Comes To Drink, And Result Doesn’t Disappoint. A video showing desert critters secretly filmed approaching a water bucket to quench their thirst is going viral.

Guy Hides Camera In Bucket Of Water To See Who Comes To Drink, And Result Doesn’t Disappoint

We see different creatures, from bees, to chickens, to a donkey and a rabbit. The video was uploaded by John Wells from The Field Lab, a Southwest Texas alternative energy and sustainable living field laboratory. Show Full Text. Amar. St John's Primary School Landing Page. The Best Children’s Books of 2016. In his meditation on the three ways of writing for children and the key to authenticity in all writing, C.S.

The Best Children’s Books of 2016

Lewis admonished against treating children, in literature or life, as “a strange species whose habits you have ‘made up’ like an anthropologist or a commercial traveller.” J.R.R. The 25 most powerful photos of 2016 - UNICEF Australia. The funniest wildlife photos of 2016. WE'RE PRETTY CERTAIN that animals being either hilarious or adorable make up 99 per cent of the internet.

The funniest wildlife photos of 2016

>100 Free Experiments. Best Indigenous-themed resources for Primary English on ABC Splash - ABC Splash - ABC Splash - Splash has a whole bunch of English resources that explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Best Indigenous-themed resources for Primary English on ABC Splash - ABC Splash - ABC Splash -

Learn about language conventions while discovering various Australian Indigenous languages and cultures. Here are the ten most popular resources, as decided by teachers, parents and students! 1. Learn some of the Noongar language Watch this video and learn some words in Noongar, the official language of the Indigenous people of the south-west of Western Australia. Children's Rights. Inquiry is the answer, what are the questions? Inquiry is the answer, what are the questions?

Inquiry is the answer, what are the questions?

Inquiry is the answer, what are the questions? This quick task was assigned to a group of teachers at a recent workshop on inclusion, highlighting how a simple, open-ended provocation can provoke curiosity, allow access for learners with diverse learning needs and simultaneously assess knowledge and understanding. Human Rights Lessons.


General. DISCOVER DAIRY STUDENT PEN PAL PROGRAM. Introducing the Discover Dairy Student Pen Pal Program, the latest initiative from Discover Dairy aimed at connecting classrooms from different parts of the country, encouraging students to think beyond their learnings, and talk about them with others.


With the Discover Dairy program recently updated to offer three new units of work, 10 sequences of inquiry and a series of interactive whiteboard resources, learning about Australia’s dairy industry has never been easier or more fun. Using the resources, the Student Pen Pal program propels the program even further, encouraging students to go on a dairy discovery beyond the traditional classroom walls. Curriculum Materials - Cool Australia. Lessons. Top 10 geography videos for Grade 4 students - ABC Splash - ABC Splash -

Splash has around sixty videos for Year 4 geography, dealing with climate, vegetation, natural heritage, landforms, animal habitats, sustainability, environmental management, Australian landscapes and much more.

Top 10 geography videos for Grade 4 students - ABC Splash - ABC Splash -

Here are the ten most popular videos as decided by teachers, parents and students! 1. Sea turtles and a very special beach. Remarkable animal and plant life cycles - Science (2,3,4) Storytelling - English (8,9,10) School Performance Tours. A Fish Story Imagine a world in which words can be lost, lost in the same way you might lose your socks, your lunchbox, or even your homework.

School Performance Tours

In the Wordsmith Laboratory Finn Furpy (Child Genius) and Dr Wild find lost words, invent new words, and solve word problems. They just have one more word problem to solve before they’ve finally solved more word problems than they’ve created. However, when Finn answers the phone to find there’s a fish on the line, their day is turned upside down trying to solve the biggest word problem yet.

School visits. Go Global Ambassadors sit at the heart of our Go Global programs.

School visits

They are highly-skilled professionals with global careers who share their personal and professional experience and highlight the capabilities that helped them get ahead. Ambassadors operate in a broad range of sectors including agriculture, arts, design, aid, science, finance and retail. They offer insights into what Australia's place in the world and the Asia region means in practice and share expertise across learning area content. Some Ambassadors are highly motivated university students and recent graduates who are using their higher education studies (including language study) and work experiences, such as internships and volunteering, to shape their life and career pathway. 10 Amazing Tricks You Can Perform Using Liquids. Visual arts. Inspiring inquiry through picture books. — Kath Murdoch. Primary - History Inquiry Topics. Social Responsibility Lesson - Paying it Forward (Film) Discovery Channel - I Love The Whole World (Full Version + Lyrics)

Meet Australia's trailblazing explorers - RN Afternoons. The 'Trailblazers' exhibition at the Australian Museum celebrates Australian explorers.

Meet Australia's trailblazing explorers - RN Afternoons

It features 50 Australian adventurers and the objects that made their explorations possible. Emma Morris asked five to share what it takes to push yourself to the limit. A time lapse of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing 797. Patrick Dougherty’s Stickwork in Salem and Sausalito Are they nests? Cocoons, forts, beehives, ancient huts, forest castles? All of the above and more? The Present by Jacob Frey. Choose your own Statistics is produced by ABC Splash in partnership with the Australian Human Rights Commission. This unique interactive learning resource has been designed to enable students from Years 5 to 8 to gain a better understanding of important human rights issues as they explore the latest statistics from respected Australian institutions. Thought-provoking Infographics encourage students to critically evaluate their beliefs and deepen their understanding of the role that data representation plays in building knowledge and influencing decisions about social issues.

The Power of Teamwork - Funny Animation. 5 Sites With High-Quality Informational Text. Editor’s Note: Teaching Channel has partnered with Student Achievement Partners on a blog series about digital literacy tools and their effective use by educators. What are the universal human rights? - Benedetta Berti. Interested in knowing a bit more about international Human Rights Law? In the past decades, the general principles enunciated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have given life to a body of law: international human right law. Explore Earth. ConCensus. A global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions. GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world! Resources - GTAV - Geography Teachers' Association of Victoria Inc.

Education Resources - MADE. Making_sense_of_inquiry_cycles_by_natasha_hutchins.pdf. The Eureka Stockade - History (5) Resources for educators of kids in grades 4-12. Skype in the Classroom - Microsoft in Education. Maths and Science. Illustrations of Practice showcase teaching practice from across Australia at the four career stages of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Detail. Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

A bird's-eye view of Melbourne's transformation from 1945 to 2015. The Everyday Lifesaver App. Money makes the world go around – Money Smart Teaching. Inquiry in history. AC History Units. Along with historical knowledge and skills, the Australian Curriculum: History places emphasis on teaching and learning the following key historical concepts. These concepts represent the 'big ideas' of the discipline of history. Rube Goldberg Machines and the Engineering Design Process. Four Ways To Use Science Notebooks. Henny Penny Hatching: watch chicks hatching from eggs, book chicken hatching program, School, Kindergarten, Child care, Aged Care, Libraries, Brisbane Toowoomba Sydney Newcastle Melbourne Sunshine Coast Gold Coast. Top 5 ANZAC Resources for Teachers - Annabel Astbury - ABC Splash -

ABC Splash ANZAC Topic Page. Sustainable cattle and sheep farming.