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Build Outdoor Hutch

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Pequoda' s Rabbit Hutch. This inexpensive DIY rabbit hutch is easy to build and will provide your rabbits with a comfortable and sturdy house to live in.

Pequoda' s Rabbit Hutch

A DIY Rabbit Hutch Design James N. Peterson has spent over five decades rambling the globe in search of the Good and the Beautiful. His restless quest—through hobo jungles of the big Depression to plush, catered clubs in South Africa, from sweeping floors in a mill to pacing the bridge of a luxurious passenger ship—has finally brought him full circle to his starting point: A family, small farm, the woods and the soil. Along the way, Jim has picked up a wealth of practical experience and a warm, comfortable view of life. How to Build a Rabbit Hutch. How to Build a Rabbit Hutch - Whether you’re interested in raising rabbits for 4-H, or simply want to own one as a pet, you’re going to need a home for it.

How to Build a Rabbit Hutch -

Spend a considerable amount of money for one ($100 or more) at a pet-supply shops, or do it yourself and save the money. Follow the steps below and build a rabbit hutch in no time! Materials you will need: How to Build a Rabbit Hutch. IP729-31.pdf (application/pdf Object)