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Catrike Recumbent Trikes

Catrike Recumbent Trikes
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Recumbent Cycle Con « Trike Asylum On October 21-23, the first annual Recumbent Cycle Convention was held at the Los Angeles County Fairplex in Pomona, California. The master mind behind this grand recumbent showcasing is Charles Coyne, publisher of Recumbent & Tandem Rider magazine. Below are a video (by cinematographer Trike Boy) and photographs (by Steve Greene) from this event. Click on any photographic image below the video for an enlarged version. This video by Trike Boy was taken at the Recumbent Cycle-Con demo area, where you could ride any number of many recumbent cycles, both three and two wheeled: Neil Selwood, ICE co-owner, describes new 2012 ICE Vortex speed trike: A word from Charles Coyne, producer: The first annual Recumbent Cycle-Con Convention & Trade Show was held October 21, 22, & 23, 2011 at the Pomona Fairplex, in Pomona, California. The Fairplex is located just thirty miles east of downtown Los Angeles, and was the ideal location for the recumbent industry and enthusiasts to gather. 2012 Schedule:

ICE Some trikes are better than others… (We think ours are the best on the market; we believe you will feel the same) Adventure From $3,010.15 Enjoy the relaxed pace of recumbent cycling on a beautifully designed, luxurious, ICE Adventure. VTX From $4,282.96 Realise your ambition for speed.

Pendulum, le vélo pendulaire - Ça fait quelques semaines que j'ai en tete de fabriquer un vélo pendulaire. Un projet que je réaliserai sur plusieurs mois.Le principe, 3 roues, 2 roues parallèles a l'avant, directrice et inclinable avec le reste du vélo. Un exemple tout simple, c'est le scooter a 3 roues : J'ai déja participé a la réalisation de ce type de vélo, lors de la course local, les " 24Heures de Beaune ", en tandem pendulaire, entièrement fabriqué par notre équipe. Pour ce vélo qui serai un vélo custom en tube rond, 1 seul place, un point de gravité plutot bas. Pour les axes de roues, je vais utiliser les moyeux de chaise roulante et les monter avec un cercle. La géométrie du vélo n'est pas encore faite, j'ai juste fait quelques schémas du system pendulaire : A bientot !

Pterosail Experience a Revolution The adventures and opportunities that you'll have while using the Pterosail are virtually endless. Every aspect of the Pterosail has been designed to give its rider the ultimate in comfort and stability. You'll find that using the Pterosail brings a renewed sense of discovery. See the Pterosail in Action Pterosail Features Wind Power: The Pterosail is a recumbent trike equipped with a patented sailing system. How it Works: Past attempts at producing a stable sailing vehicle have failed, largely due to the use of inherently unstable “main” type sails. Features ■ Use Wind Power■ Made for the Road: Street Legal■ Safe and Stable■ Use the Pterosail as a standalone trike■ Environmentally Sound■ Easy to Learn■ Easy to Store■ Lots of FUN■ How fast is it? To measure your X Seam, sit with your back firmly against a wall with your legs extended and your toes pointed upwards.

Hikes in Glacier National Park - Glacier Park Hiking Trails Glacier National Park - Yellowstone National Park - Grand Teton National Park Main Navigation Glacier National Park Montana - Glacier Park Hikes and Places Copyright © 2008-2016 All rights reserved. All photos and text are protected by copyright laws, as well as the design and "look and feel" of this website. Los Angeles recumbent bike and trike service and sale Home page Rennholz Ziel des Projektes war, das Material Formholz zu verwenden und ein anspruchsvolles Fahrzeugkonzept zu entwickeln. Der Designprozess wurde innerhalb von 10 Wochen an der HAWK Fakultät Gestaltung umgesetzt. In den ersten zwei Wochen planten und skizzierten die Studenten ihre Ideen. In den darauf folgenden vier Wochen entstand ein Funktionsmodell aus Stahl. The intention was, to use bent wood and to create a serious vehicle concept. The design process in all its stages where developed in ten weeks at the” HAWK Hildesheim”.

EXIT Triker Pro 50 Red | Exit Toys Super agile EXIT Triker Pro 50 Red! The Triker Pro 50 does not have to shy away from the confrontation with its bigger brother The Triker Pro 100. It is fast, it has tones of ambition and above all it is fun. With its unique rubber steering mechanism, Triker stands for the coolest 3 wheeled carving sensation currently on the market. The Triker Pro series bring the perfect mix between high quality and top design. What’s so funky about the Triker Pro collection ? Check the specifications for more detailed information. • 6-12 Years • enforced frame 60x30mm tube • high-end cast aluminum cranks • high quality ergonomic seat • unique Pro series carving mechanism • Brake: Back-pedal brake with freewheel • Rear wheels: Black powdercoated steel rims with high quality bearings (2 per wheel) and inflatable race tires • Front wheel: 12" rim with air tire. • Max. user weight: 70kg • High quality ergonomic seat • Easy to assemble • Safetyflag included• Size: 116x52x74cm • Weight: 19 kg.

Trike Asylum | human powered recumbent tadpole trikes 5GP Royal Blue Sport | Five Gallon Pack (Contact Support For Orders 5+ To Receive Free Shipping Coupon) Please Read Order Processing Time Below Turn Your FIve Gallon Bucket Into The Best Five Gallon Back Pack. Made With Tough Military Grade Nylon, Polypropylene Straps, Adjustable Chest Strap, High Impact Buckles, Heavy Weight Velcro, Cast Steel Tri-Glides, Memory Pad Shoulder Straps, Foam Backing, Overall Breaking Strength of 300lb . Not Only Is The "FIve Gallon Pack" Super tough.. It Is Super Easy and Comfortable To wear. Five Gallon Bucket NOT Included ~Order Processing Time May Take 2-5 Business Days ~Does Not Include Actual Shipping and Delivery Time ~Large Bulk Orders 10+ Will Receive An Email With Expected Delivery Time And Will Recieve A Bulk Order Discount Free Shipping Coupon

Catrike Villager Recumbent Trikes | Catrike Villager Recumbent Tricycles from the Bicycle Man Catrike's Villager Recumbent Tadpole Tricycle The 2011 Villager ~ a light weight Catrike with a lite price. 2011 Catrike Villager “Villager” is a good name for this affordable, versatile Catrike. Easier to get in and out of, easier to see and be seen in and affordable, the Villager is a good trike for many riders who don’t have speed near the top of their list. The Villager has 20” wheels all around. The higher seat gives you great ground clearance, but it also has some down sides. Like most (all?) My Review of the 2011 Catrike Villager Professional Review of the 2011 Catrike Villager Trike The Villager is a great trike for riders who don’t care much about speed. The Villager is poor choice for performance riders who value speed over most other considerations. This Catrike is easy to ride and friendly for a casual first time buyer. Seat Back 50 Degrees (from horizontal) Rider Weight Limit 275Lb. Catrike Owner's Manual for the 700, Expedition, Pocket, Road, Speed & Trail (pdf 2.95Mb)

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