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I Believe I Can Fry: Reconditioning & Re-Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware

I Believe I Can Fry: Reconditioning & Re-Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware
I LOVE cooking with cast iron. As more reports come out about the dangers of nonstick pans and the toxins that they can emit, I appreciate my cast iron cookware more and more. They distribute heat evenly, can stand up to almost any abuse, and will last for many years - some of the pieces in my collection are around 100 years old! Most people I know think that cast iron skillets are solely for making cornbread or for frying. I seek out older cast iron pieces, made back when the pieces were machine polished to a smooth glassy surface after casting. Greg has a great restoration tutorial over on his Black Iron Blog. I picked up this Birmingham Stove & Range skillet and this Griswold skillet at a local junk store. All that is needed for the reconditioning process are a few inexpensive, readily available items: Heavy-duty Oven Cleaner (I used Easy-Off)* Steel Wool (#0000)*EDIT 05/2012* This post has become VERY popular recently thanks to Pinterest! This is where patience comes in. Related:  Outdoor Collection

Diving Myths & Realities by Larry "Harris" Taylor My students tell me that I do NOT teach scuba. They say I live and preach the “Gospel according to “Harris:” “In all diving situations, the knowledgeable, physically fit diver has more fun!” This site is assembled in the spirit of that gospel. About "Harris" Articles Slides War Stories Biblios Editorials Links Site Map Fini About "Harris": Background info, logo & names, photo gallery, SETI @ home, & site awards Dive Articles: Articles spanning more than three decades of teaching "War Stories": Short presentations used as teaching examples Editorials: Some personal opinions & observations Links PowerPoint Presentations: View & download illustrations from selected articles on this site Resources: Diving Bibliographies: Lists of dive resources from my personal diving library Salutation: Dive Long & Prosper- My traditional closing salutation According to Earthlink's Urchin Web Site Analysis: Total visitors* since July, 2001: 1,179,343 (Last monthly counter update: 8/ 1 / 15) Top All rights reserved.

101 Camping Tips & Ideas by Becca Don’t you just LOVE Summer? The kids are out of school, the days are longer, and nights are warmer. It’s our chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and appreciate our time together, making memories in the beautiful outdoors. What better way to do just that, than with a Family Camping Trip?! Yep, it’s camping season again and, just for you, we’ve rounded up… Go ahead and pin it right now. Without further ado, I present to you… The Ultimate Guide to Family Camping Where should we begin? Camping Recipes 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. And how about some campfire snacks and meals… 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Okay, now that I’ve shared my very favorite recipes, how about some… Camping Recipe Round-ups? 26. 25 Delicious Camping Recipes by Six Sisters’ Stuff– Our good friends over at Six Sisters’ Stuff shared 25 delicious camping recipes! 27. 28. Pretty sure that’s more camping recipes than you’ll ever need! Camping Organization 31. 32.

Just Jeff's Hammock Camping Page Now that you have your hammock, you have to hang it. But what's the best way? Should you go with the stock method that came with your system? Should you just slap some webbing on there and wrap it around the tree? What's the lightest method? What's the most convenient? The purpose of hammock suspension is to support the hammock safely without damaging the environment. Now let's break this apart: Support the Hammock... Secondary Concerns. Materials are another consideration. Two Key Decisions. Will you use cord or webbing? Each of these will be discussed in the following sections.

Apollo-NG - DSpace DSpace aims to enable people to find, collect, edit, structure and share any kind of information in a real-time, massive-collaboration, augmented-reality-environment (like wikipedia), based on a very common ground: The map of the area, where people actually are, around their Geolocation. You can create, alter and select from an infinite amount of thematic DSpace-Overlay's on this basemap, to create your own personal view of your local and social neighborhood. The internet has enabled us to share information in ways that were never before available to mankind. On the web, we created websites for specific topics, to have a place where we could share what we know about the world around us. With the help of 1000s of contributors, we as the people, have managed to have a free data source for map-data (OSM). Early Mockup Development This data is organized and structured in Overlays, which can be Just a simple list of Points of Interest (POIs) A dynamic Overlay with real-time data The big picture

O SIX HUNDRED KAYAK Those of you who have experienced the benefits of setting out on open waters in a kayak and felt the liberty of moving across a large body of water will recognize the value of the O Six Hundred Kayak, designed to immerse yourself even more in the design and functionality of a kayak. Designed by Andrew Simpson of the Balmain Boat Company, this kayak utilizes a traditional shape and will require of you to assemble it yourself, but worry not, it isn’t an extremely challenging task and it will make taking it out on the water all the more pleasant. Traditional Design of the O Six Hundred The traditional Inuit kayaks offers an excellent and silent performance on water The O Six Hundred Kayak utilizes the design of the basic Inuit kayak for several important reasons. Assembling the O Six Hundred Kayak These are the parts which you will use to assemble the O Six Hundred The carbon fiber skin comes in last, but without it you won’t get far

The Skinth Trail Blazer - Skinth Solutions The Trail Blazer was original designed to organize fire starting and small survival kits. The TB has evolved and been repurposed as gear bundle that is adaptable to almost any situation. The Trail Blazer is constructed from 1000D CORDURA® nylon, V70 nylon thread and features slide release buckles (SRB) on all of the flaps. The main compartment of the TrailBlazer is 3″ wide, 1.5″ deep and 4″ long with a divider to slide a regular sized Altoids tin against the back. Each side tube pocket is 1.25″ in diameter, lots of room for items and even 4″ multitools. Our PentaPocket system is a standard feature, offering 5 pockets to organize small items. SRB’s on all flapsInternal Divider Flat bottom, side pockets fitted for 4″ long multitools and flashlightsPentaPocket small item organization system (one behind each side tube, one 2.5″x3″ flat pocket and two 1″x3″ in front)Pen straps on front flap2″ wide belt loop Trail Blazer Upgrade Options: Got Questions?

HK • View topic - $55 DIY Bike Workstand I decided to build my own bike workstand. This blog is the one that inspired me: DIY Portable Bike Repair Stand The blog shows a lot of the step-by-step instructions. $7.97 - 3/4" x 24" Pipe$13.97 - 3/4" Pipe Clamp$4.00 - 1" Black Tee$2.52 - 1" x 6" Nipple$2.52 - 1" x 6" Nipple$1.87 - 1" Split Ring Hanger$1.04 - Thumb Screw$1.18 - Two Hose Clamps$20.00 - PA Stand (CraigsList) $55.07 Total Instead of using a mouse pad for the clamp padding, I used liquid electrical tape. On his blog, several people had problems fitting the 3/4" pipe into the 1" pipe due to the weld seam on the inside of the 1" pipe. The 1" pipe was a bit too large diameter for the PA stand I had. To keep the 3/4" pipe from rotating, I used a 1" split-ring hanger and a thumb screw. The pipe clamp I bought came with a spring that you can thread onto the end of the 3/4" pipe to keep it from pulling all the way out. A few other detail photos before painting... Teardown, masked and painted... Completed build pics... Folded up...

Cool Electrical Recumbent Bike is Driven by Cordless Screwdriver © Jirka Wolff, Andreas Patsiaouras and Marcel Heise Despite some considerable drawbacks (like safety when riding too low below motorists' radars), recumbent bikes can be much more comfortable than their upright cousins. That said, we're intrigued by this cool prototype for an electrical recumbent bike that's made primarily with bent wood -- and is driven with a Bosch cordless screwdriver. Created by Jirka Wolff, Andreas Patsiaouras and Marcel Heise, a team of German student designers for the annual “Akkuschrauberrennen” competition held by the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, Germany, the Rennholz presents a "serious vehicle concept [for] e-mobility." Propelled by a Bosch screwdriver connected to the rear wheel, it's activated and steered by hand. The designers say that due to the choice of materials and propulsion, [..] the concept opens up new perspectives on the use of sustainable materials for vehicle construction.

Build a Simple, Portable PVC Target Stand « Daily Bulletin February 26th, 2009 One of the easiest ways to build a portable target stand is to use PVC pipe and connectors. Utah .308 Shooter “Cheese” has created a simple yet sturdy target frame, and he’s shared his design so you can build a similar frame easily and at low cost. The components are wood furring strips, 2″-diameter PVC pipes (and connections), and a 2’x3′ sheet of cardboard. The PVC base can be glued together, or, for easier transport and storage, you can leave some or all of the connections free. “All the parts are just pushed together and not glued. Of course you can modify the dimensions as desired. Add Anchors or Internal Weight for Stability On a very windy day, a PVC stand can shake or even topple over. Assembly Diagram with Dimensions The photo below shows all the components of the base, with dimensions. You can find photos of a similar home-made PVC target stand (with a slightly different rear section) on the Box of Truth website. Similar Posts:

This amazing new hammock revolutionizes chilling out For centuries, the hammock has served as one of the most comfortable and versatile ways to nap, but in all that time the design has remained largely unchanged. Now a Norwegian startup has decided to mix things up by making the hammock even better. The Draumr is the first product from Amok Equipment, and with it they've taken on the hammock's biggest problem: the "cocoon effect", that restrictive feeling that can ruin a solid sleeping session. To solve this problem, Amok spent a solid year designing the Draumer, a hammock that could cater to the needs of all sleepers. Rather than the usual head and foot straps that have a habit of dumping restless sleepers on the ground, the Draumr uses side straps that allow for a wider interior, stable anchoring, and adjustments that morph the hammock into a kind of hangling recliner. As if that wasn't enough, the Draumr can also be used as a hanging tent, zipping out bugs with netting or protecting you from the rain with the included tarp. Greg Newkirk

23 Essential Winter Camping Hacks LATEST PROJECT - Truck Drawers/Sleeping Platform As a thank you to all of those EXPO members that have posted their ideas in the past - I give you the following in hopes that others will be able to gain as much from me....My wife and I are heading to Alaska for three weeks this season. An incredible road-trip to say the least with some biking, paddling, climbing and some serious relaxing thrown in to keep it all interesting. We are both very experienced backcountry (hiking) travelers, but we wanted something faster and more convenient this time around. Hence, I turned to EXPO to see what you are all up to.Wow! So many options. Drawers, fridge slides, showers, etc. Continued ...Regards, -=Doug SHTF Medical: How to make an Ozone Generator for Purifying Water | The Rebel Prepper Network Water is a God given right and making it clean and safe to drink is a human necessity. While boiling is always the go to today we are examining a method of purifying water without the use of heat. There are several reasons to know how and what you can use to make water safe to drink from the inability to have a fire at your current location to not having a vessel to boil in. First we should talk a bit about what ozone is and how it is capable of purifying water. If you are bugging in and have a method for maintaining electricity after the grid falls then you may want to consider using ozone to purify large amounts of water. *image courtesy of bing images via (if this is your image please leave a comment below so I can give you credit or promptly remove it) **Supporting article via How to Make a Homemade Ozone Generator How to Build an Ozone Water Injector