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How to make a cheap isolated dual-battery setup for $50 - Expedition Portal. So there are a lot of kits you can buy to have truly isolated dual-battery setups.

How to make a cheap isolated dual-battery setup for $50 - Expedition Portal

Those are VERY NICE kits. They are also very expensive. I try and replicate those kits without spending as much money, while still having a similar level of quality and/or reliability. X-40 Hot Vent SAFE Tent Heater - Outfitter Grade. Marine How To – Boat Repair, Upgrades, How-to's. Home - Deep Red - A self-build motorhome - beds & seats. Lounge Beds and Seats.

Deep Red - A self-build motorhome - beds & seats

Cab Seats Sofa/bed Design In the design of the sofa/bed and the small seat/bed we wanted the choice of using them as singles or as a double bed. With the X250 Ducato having an internal width 1870mm (6ft 1 5/8in.) it is also possible to fit a 6ft wide double bed across the van in a 'front lounge' layout, even allowing for wall insulation and ply lining.

Hacking a Harbor Freight Trailer Kit – Kayak Edition. I own an SUV.

Hacking a Harbor Freight Trailer Kit – Kayak Edition

This is great for most purposes, except for when there’s a need to haul things. ClimateRight Air Conditioner/Heater Unit. Teardrops and Tiny Campers Magazine, Missouri. Generator, Harbor Freight, Whole House Generator DIY. Generator conversion to propane and natural gas (without any kits) « Classifieds - RC Groups. The 10 Best Outdoor Apps - Backpacker. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, smartphones have come a long way from their city-dwelling, dropped-call origins.

The 10 Best Outdoor Apps - Backpacker

Better cameras, longer-lasting batteries, and ruggedized hardware (the latest iPhone is IP67 out of the box) have turned phones into powerful outdoor adventure tools. Get a good charge, throw on airplane mode, and try out some of these outdoor-ready apps on your next backpacking trip. 1. Gaia GPS (iPhone/Android, $19.99) If you’re a cartography nerd, Gaia is the app for you.

CalTopo - Backcountry Mapping Evolved. CLC Let’s You Build Your Own Teardrop Camper. With leisure time becoming all the more valuable, and campers becoming all the more expensive, we require innovative solutions to new problems.

CLC Let’s You Build Your Own Teardrop Camper

Thanks to the ingenuity of John C. Harris from Chesapeake Light Craft, you can now own your own teardrop camper for a margin of the price. Introducing CLC Teardrop Camper Kits! Easy to assemble, stunningly crafted, and compact, the Teardrop Campers is a must-have for every small vehicle owner. Despite its small size, these Teardrop campers are also structurally strong enough to accommodate all of your camping toys. Pinterest. Gabion vertical garden … Six Great Long-Distance Bike Trails Without Cars. Many years ago I took a meandering 5,000 mile bike ride across the US, from San Francisco to New York via Idaho and Texas.

Six Great Long-Distance Bike Trails Without Cars

I rode back roads all the way and it was a highlight of my life. Dwell - Explora Patagonia Hotel – Your New Bucket List Addition. You’re waking up in a comfortable bed.

Dwell - Explora Patagonia Hotel – Your New Bucket List Addition

You look over to the nearby window that stretches over the entire wall. A second of confusion followed by a simple, undiluted state of awe. Before you, green and brown rocky hills fall into the turquoise waters of the still, glass-like surface of the lake. Majestic mountains reach for the sky, their snow covered peaks looking more like a painting than the real thing. Yet this place exists, nestled in the wilderness of the breathtaking Torres del Paine National Park, in Patagonia, Chile. TSO Photography on Vimeo. Light velomobile concept. CalTopo - Backcountry Mapping Evolved. How to Thru-Hike the Wonderland Trail (An Unconventional, Photo-Heavy Guide) 5GP Royal Blue Sport. (Contact Support For Orders 5+ To Receive Free Shipping Coupon) Please Read Order Processing Time Below Turn Your FIve Gallon Bucket Into The Best Five Gallon Back Pack.

5GP Royal Blue Sport

Made With Tough Military Grade Nylon, Polypropylene Straps, Adjustable Chest Strap, High Impact Buckles, Heavy Weight Velcro, Cast Steel Tri-Glides, Memory Pad Shoulder Straps, Foam Backing, Overall Breaking Strength of 300lb . Not Only Is The "FIve Gallon Pack" Super tough.. It Is Super Easy and Comfortable To wear. Five Gallon Bucket NOT Included. Hikes in Glacier National Park - Glacier Park Hiking Trails. Glacier National Park - Yellowstone National Park - Grand Teton National Park Main Navigation Glacier National Park Montana - Glacier Park Hikes and Places Copyright © 2008-2016

Hikes in Glacier National Park - Glacier Park Hiking Trails

All rights reserved. All photos and text are protected by copyright laws, as well as the design and "look and feel" of this website. Wall tent deck and frame. This is an awesome idea for building a reusable camp tent site on your own lot. You can insulate it and rain/snow cover it and keep off the ground.… Ingenious idea for people who camp and just don't like to use a hole in the ground. The Teal Camper gives campers an interesting way of combining the sturdy, hard-sided living quarters of a camping trailer with the easy storage of … Built for extreme winter conditions, the Baffin Impact winter boots are comfort-rated down to -148°F. #REIGifts. Hammock Stand, Hammocks and Woodworking. DIY Hammock Stand. Catrike Official Website. Pinterest. 3D Elevation – We’ve Got You Covered in all 50 States.

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s planting time for the Nation’s farmers.

3D Elevation – We’ve Got You Covered in all 50 States

Many of them rely on high-tech farming practices such as in-depth analyses of soil samples, and prescription application of seed, fertilizer, water, pesticides and herbicides, and more. For all of these applications, three-dimensional elevation data, and a whole host of other cutting-edge information are brought together in a process known as precision farming.

Precision farming is just one of many practices that are making use of unprecedented levels of scientific information about the environment and its natural processes. Well-established business uses increasing rely on three-dimensional elevation data, including natural disaster management, infrastructure construction and management, natural resources conservation aviation navigation, transportation planning, just to name a few. Graphic depicting an airborne lidar system. 3D Elevation – We’ve Got You Covered in all 50 States The U.S. Turn Your Smartphones Into Airsoft Squad Radios With Beartooth. She's the one: The complete Wind River High Route. A scan of my topo maps from the 2009 trip, during which we hiked the length of the range. Wind River Peak was a climatic finish for the group, as it will be for a southbounder on the Wind River High Route; for a northbounder, it’s an inspiring start.

My guide to the complete Wind River High Route is finally live. This project was first inspired in 2009 while guiding a two-week trip through the range, and this winter it has been my biggest obsession, the focus of 100+ hours of time and the cause for several sleepless nights when it’s been more difficult to shut down my mind than my computer. BTW, has anyone else ever dreamt in contour lines? How to make DIY heated insoles. Kayak Car Topping Helper (because They Can Be Heavy) The materials are basic, but some of it had to be found online. This is for EACH device you build. Double Suction Cup: The type used for safely handling glass panels, sheet steel and smooth laminates. Two suction cups provide lateral stability, and the handle between the two makes for a convenient bar to attach the frame to. I bought the Woodstock D3042 Double Suction Cup from Amazon because I liked that it was yellow. Epsom Salt Formula for Stump Removal.

Removing a tree stump can be a difficult task. ... How to Kill Tree Stumps With Salt. Unwanted tree stumps are unsightly... Epsom Salt Solution for Stump Removal. In small amounts, Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate heptahydrate) ... Tools for Tree Stump Removal. SHTF Medical: How to make an Ozone Generator for Purifying Water. Water is a God given right and making it clean and safe to drink is a human necessity. While boiling is always the go to today we are examining a method of purifying water without the use of heat. There are several reasons to know how and what you can use to make water safe to drink from the inability to have a fire at your current location to not having a vessel to boil in.

AdventureBuddies Aluminum Offroad Teardrop build - Expedition Portal. Expedition Portal. LATEST PROJECT - Truck Drawers/Sleeping Platform. The Skinth Trail Blazer - Skinth Solutions. The Trail Blazer was original designed to organize fire starting and small survival kits. Bike Trailers, Trailers and Products. Pins from on Pinterest. Cabin, Small Cabins and Tiny Cabins. O SIX HUNDRED KAYAK. Those of you who have experienced the benefits of setting out on open waters in a kayak and felt the liberty of moving across a large body of water will recognize the value of the O Six Hundred Kayak, designed to immerse yourself even more in the design and functionality of a kayak.

Designed by Andrew Simpson of the Balmain Boat Company, this kayak utilizes a traditional shape and will require of you to assemble it yourself, but worry not, it isn’t an extremely challenging task and it will make taking it out on the water all the more pleasant. Traditional Design of the O Six Hundred The traditional Inuit kayaks offers an excellent and silent performance on water The O Six Hundred Kayak utilizes the design of the basic Inuit kayak for several important reasons. Apollo-NG - DSpace. Survival Mastery: Survival Tips, Prepper Guides, Gear Reviews. Pinterest. 101 Camping Tips & Ideas. Toyota Tacoma Forums - Tacoma World. I Believe I Can Fry: Reconditioning & Re-Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware. I LOVE cooking with cast iron. Diving Myths & Realities by Larry "Harris" Taylor. My students tell me that I do NOT teach scuba. Woodworking Bench, Wooden Boats and Workshop Organization. Just Jeff's Homemade Gear.

Just Jeff's Hammock Camping Page. HOMEMADE OUTDOOR GEAR. Carbon fiber frame build - an album on Flickr. View topic - $55 DIY Bike Workstand. Building a Recumbent Trike Seat. The Arctrike; an all-new electric recumbent trike by John Zoccano. Cool Recumbent Bicycles & Tricycles on Pinterest. Cool Electrical Recumbent Bike is Driven by Cordless Screwdriver.

Build a Simple, Portable PVC Target Stand « Daily Bulletin. Ecotargetmold - Ecotarget Home. Survival Resources: Survival Products. Chuck Box / Portable Camp / Camping Kitchen and stand by … Home made tools! This amazing new hammock revolutionizes chilling out. 23 Essential Winter Camping Hacks. RVing, Camping & More on Pinterest. Swing-handsfree, Wanderschirm - Rucksackschirm. Building a Fire Pit. Explore. waterways- kayak, canoe,row boat … Pin by Paul Kotajarvi on explore. waterways- kayak, canoe,row boat an… Pin by Paul Kotajarvi on explore. waterways- kayak, canoe,row boat an…

Explore. waterways- kayak, canoe,row boat and gear on Pinterest. Portable camp kitchen. Expedition Gear on Pinterest. Knives/guns/tools/weapons. DIY Teardrop Trailer. Pin by Dustin Wyatt on Campers and Camper Vans. DIY Teardrop Trailer.