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Alternative History and Sociology

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Slavoj Žižek. "Žižek" and "Zizek" redirect here.

Slavoj Žižek

For the biographical documentary film, see Zizek!. Slavoj Žižek (Slovene pronunciation: [ˈslavoj ˈʒiʒɛk] ( ); born 21 March 1949) is a Slovenian Marxist philosopher, and cultural critic, a senior researcher at the Institute for Sociology and Philosophy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Global Distinguished Professor of German at New York University,[1] and international director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities. He writes widely on a diverse range of topics, including political theory, film theory, cultural studies, theology, and psychoanalysis. CUBE HQ #12: Dynamic Sovereignment. Worker Cooperatives: Retooling the Solidarity Economy. Republished from By Sebastian A.B.

Worker Cooperatives: Retooling the Solidarity Economy

Building A Solidarity Economy Under the cooperative model, workers own the business, reducing injustice because they have a stake in the community and because an individual will find it hard to exploit oneself. Workers often buy into their jobs (upfront or amortized), vote on major decisions in general assemblies or committees, and even voluntarily donate to the co-op for re-investment.

Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Hand: Corporate Capitalism As a State-Guaranteed System of Privilege. Republished from By Kevin A.

Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Hand: Corporate Capitalism As a State-Guaranteed System of Privilege

Carson. Lucifer. "Masonry is not a religion.


He who makes of it a religious belief, falsifies and denaturalizes it. "Albert Pike (1809-1891); "Morals and Dogma (p. 161) Chris Hedges: Empire of Illusion. Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview (2013) 20 Big Ideas for Creating a Democratized Economy. Republished from By It's Our Economy The economic collapse of 2008 came at the end of three decades of stagnant wages that resulted in record household debt and made it apparent that the economy does not work for most Americans.

20 Big Ideas for Creating a Democratized Economy

Even during the collapse the rich got richer and the poor got poorer as trillions of dollars were transferred from the Treasury and the Federal Reserve to the economic elite who were most at fault for the financial collapse. At the same time working Americans saw jobs disappearing, hours reduced, salaries shrinking and more under-employment. They also saw their retirement savings disappear, 5 million foreclosures, record bankruptcies, record poverty and shrinking housing values. The cost of everything from health care, to food to energy kept rising while incomes fell. TEDxOjai - Peter Joseph: The Big Question.

Beyond Civilization: Humanity's Next Great Adventure. 10 Practical Tools for Building a Resilient Local Economy. The Invention of Capitalism: How a Self-Sufficient Peasantry was Whipped Into Industrial Wage Slaves. “…everyone but an idiot knows that the lower classes must be kept poor, or they will never be industrious.”

The Invention of Capitalism: How a Self-Sufficient Peasantry was Whipped Into Industrial Wage Slaves

—Arthur Young; 1771 Our popular economic wisdom says that capitalism equals freedom and free societies, right? Well, if you ever suspected that the logic is full of shit, then I’d recommend checking a book called The Invention of Capitalism, written by an economic historian named Michael Perelmen, who’s been exiled to Chico State, a redneck college in rural California, for his lack of freemarket friendliness. Fixing the Future: Creating Local Jobs and Building Prosperity (2010) Does the Affordable Health Care Act Benefit You? By Dr. Mercola There can be little doubt that we're in a health care crisis of massive proportions. The Affordable Health Care Act is the proposed solution, but to any person aware of the facts, it should be evident that so-called "ObamaCare" is NOT a viable solution.Now that President Obama has won a second term, it is clear that the Affordable Care Act will be implemented in full force.When this act was initially introduced, I described it as a mandatory tax despite the fact this was widely denied.

Now it is widely accepted that the Affordable Health Care Act is indeed a mandatory insurance tax.More importantly though, guaranteed health insurance does NOT equate to guaranteed health care. First of all, one of the key factors is access to health care providers, which is sorely lacking already. . $750 Billion Wasted Each Year The US Health Care System — Not Only Inefficient, But Dangerous as Well Health Care System has Not Gotten Any Safer Over Past Decade. Home - Gary Null - Your Guide To Natural Living. Complexity: It’s not that simple. Complexity theory has been around for a generation now, but most people don’t understand it.

Complexity: It’s not that simple

I often read or listen to consultants, ‘experts’ and media people who proffer ludicrously simplistic ’solutions’ to complex predicaments. Since it seems most people would prefer things to be simple, these ‘experts’ always seem to have an uncritical audience. Because most of what’s written about complexity theory is dense, academic and/or expensive, I thought I’d try to summarize the key points of complexity theory (focusing on the social/ecological aspects of it, not the mathematical/scientific ones) using lots of examples for clarity, and in a way that might be used practically by those grappling with complex issues and challenges.

Complexity theory argues that simple, complicated, complex and chaotic systems have fundamentally different properties, and therefore different approaches and processes are needed when dealing with issues and challenges in each of these types of systems.


What is Left Libertarianism? TEDx - Peter Joseph: An Introduction to a Resource-Based Economy. News. Poisoning | - The Truth is Hidden in Plain View. Gary Null. Justice/ Sustainability Documentaries.