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Volunteer articles good and bad

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Child welfare and volunteering. By Sallie Grayson.

child welfare and volunteering

Filed in articles by people and places, good and bad practice, project background | We, at people and places, sincerely believe in the power of well-matched and well-prepared volunteers – we believe the overwhelming majority of people want to do good … but we also see the damage being done in communities where poorly thought out, managed and monitored programmes are being run. We believe volunteers and the communities they seek to serve are often exploited – and they deserve BETTER. We started people and places because we believe that it is possible to design and manage volunteer programmes that deliver the support needed by communities – at the same time, ensuring safe and worthwhile experiences for volunteers. Voluntourism Cambodia, Cambodia Charities, Siem Reap Orphanages. Tourists often travel to Cambodia not just to see its sights, but to do good deeds too.

Voluntourism Cambodia, Cambodia Charities, Siem Reap Orphanages

Cambodia is a fertile field for charity; thanks to its bloody recent history (read about the Khmer Rouge and their extermination camp in Tuol Sleng), the kingdom is one of Southeast Asia's least developed and most poverty-stricken countries, where disease, malnutrition, and death occur at higher rates than in the rest of the region. Saying “no” to Voluntourism. Originally published on Linkedin.

Saying “no” to Voluntourism

There is no denying it; voluntourism is here to stay. However, at Human and Hope Association, we do not permit foreign volunteers. In the past some people have become irritated when I politely declined their offer to volunteer with us. The rise of ‘voluntourism': help or hindrance? – Epigram. Published on April 7, 2015 by Becky Morton Becky Morton looks at the popularity of volunteering abroad, and its potential impact – positive and negative.

The rise of ‘voluntourism': help or hindrance? – Epigram

From working in a gorilla sanctuary in the mountain jungles of Africa to building a school in a remote village in Peru, it can seem as if everyone has been involved in some kind of life-changing project during their gap year or summer holiday. "Volunteers Unleashed" Doc. Re-Leashed by the CBC. Last week CBC Doc Zone released Volunteers Unleashed, a documentary that challenges the efficacy of international volunteer work and voluntourism, on national television in Canada.

"Volunteers Unleashed" Doc. Re-Leashed by the CBC

As a non-Canadian with limited illegal streaming abilities, I still haven’t seen the final cut, but I do know that the film’s release fanned controversy that started with it’s initial pull from air only a few weeks earlier. I started working with Brad Quenville, the Director of Volunteers Unleashed, when he filmed me speaking at the Tourism Concern International Volunteering Conference in London this past fall.

For three days, I spent upwards of 6 hours in front of the camera, across from Brad, talking voluntourism. It was a marathon, but we got some really good stuff. Win a childcare experience. Really? I received an email today.

Win a childcare experience. Really?

At first glance I thought it was an April Fools. Been thinking about taking part in a GVI childcare programme recently? Well, today could be your lucky day! GVI & Student Universe. Opening/Closing Date & Time: Contest opens at 12:00pm GMT on 31 March 2015.

GVI & Student Universe

Contest closes at 4:59pm GMT on 21 April 2015. Postal entries must be received by 4:59pm GMT on 20 April 2015 to be entered. The winner will be announced through PrizeAid social media channels & on 22 April 2015 at 12:00pm and the winner will be notified by email. Who is eligible to enter? Escape the Box. Media Centre - What is UNICEF’s position on orphanages, group homes, or residential care for children, and on adoption of children for whom family- or extended family-based care is not an option? What is UNICEF’s position on orphanages, group homes, or residential care for children, and on adoption of children for whom family- or extended family-based care is not an option?

Media Centre - What is UNICEF’s position on orphanages, group homes, or residential care for children, and on adoption of children for whom family- or extended family-based care is not an option?

Institutions are not - ever - a better environment for children than a loving family. The more we learn about the brain and how it is negatively affected by the environment in which children grow, the stronger the evidence that children should not be placed in institutions – and children under 3 in particular, should never be placed in an institution. Interview with Anna McKeon, Communication Consultant, Better Care Better Volunteering Network ( Part I) Part I ( Part II will be published on Friday, 3rd of April, 2015) 1.

Interview with Anna McKeon, Communication Consultant, Better Care Better Volunteering Network ( Part I)

How did you start getting involved in the issue of orphanage volunteering? What is your educational and professional background My professional background is in media and communications, and I spent 6 years in the UK working in a mixture of stage, television, and digital media. How to Be a Responsible Voluntourist - I am the Voluntourist. Voluntourism sounds like a noble act, but the popular trend of volunteering while on vacation has come under fire.

How to Be a Responsible Voluntourist - I am the Voluntourist

Some critics believe short-term volunteers can’t make a difference, while others say that unskilled helpers are doing jobs they aren’t qualified for. Public Health or Profile Picture? The Rationale and Impact of Voluntourism. By Eli Scott (Source: cntraveler) “Until the lion has its own storytellers, the hunter will always be glorified.” Earlier this week, Kenyan photojournalist and activist Boniface Mwangi decried Americans for conducting ‘voluntourism,’ a form of tourism in which participants pay to volunteer in developing countries while ignoring major problems within their own country.

Mwangi claims that voluntourism is hurting developing countries in Africa because it prevents residents of those countries from developing their own solutions to their native problems. Mwangi’s provocative Op-Ed examined many of the motives underlying young Americans’ decisions to volunteer abroad. According to a 2008 study conducted by Tourism Research and Marketing, 1.6 million people volunteer each year, and the voluntourism industry accounts for $2.6 billion.

Here's the Footage that got a CBC Doc Pulled off the Air. CANADALAND has acquired a copy of Volunteers Unleashed, the CBC documentary on the "dark side" of voluntourism that was yanked from the broadcast schedule and scrubbed from without explanation last Thursday, right before it was supposed to air nationally. So what's in it? Nothing crazy. Volunteers Unleashed is a well-reported and decidedly mild critique of the booming volunteer travel industry. Without dismissing volunteer travel entirely, the film shows how it might not be so great to send well-meaning college kids to dodgy foreign orphanages where they form emotional bonds with impoverished children for a few weeks and then take off forever, repeating the trauma of abandonment all over again. Giving Back? Short-Term International Volunteer Programs in Health on Judith N. Lasker, Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Lehigh University, has been deeply immersed in research on international health volunteerism.

Below she has offered a summary of her forthcoming book. She has also been kind enough to share guidelines for international service trip participation, which I’ll be sharing here next week. Dr. Lasker is eager for your feedback and comments, so please share your reflections, additional resources, or constructive criticism. – EH. Giving Back (Without Giving Up) In Neoliberal Times. A guest post from our sometime co-conspirator Wanda Vrasti. Wanda teaches social studies at the Humbolt University and international politics at the Feie Universitaet in Berlin.

Her book Volunteer Tourism in the Global South just came out with Routledge. She has also written on the uses of ethnographic methods in IR (in Millennium, twice) and on questions of global governmentality (in Theory & Event and Review of International Studies). Her current interests (still) include the politics of work and leisure, social movements on the Left, and anarchism and autonomism. Documentary looks at volunteering vacations. Tsawwassen filmmaker Brad Quenville delves into "voluntourism" with his new documentary Volunteers Unleashed. It has become a huge trend and has also grown into a controversial part of the travel sector, he said. The documentary, which follows volunteers to South America, Southeast Asia and Africa, is set to air Thursday night on CBC. Critics say the practice displaces locals and the locations where you do voluntourism tend to be places where it isn't necessarily the area of greatest need, Quenville said.

The film was inspired by his daughter Jennica's experience volunteering in Tanzania in 2012. Before starting or supporting an orphanage. I like this post at Rage Against the Machine about orphanages. How to do voluntourism in a positive manner. Caroline King As spring break approaches, many are probably looking forward to sitting poolside or sleeping off the semester thus far, but a growing number of students are actually gearing up to volunteer. Taking a week or two off of school, work or break to paint primary schools, work in orphanages or teach English abroad is one of the most popular trends in travel. While some criticize volunteers for padding their résumés and exacerbating community issues, others support the cause for the promotion of intercultural understanding, personal growth and doing meaningful work abroad.

So, as approximately 1.6 million volunteers, or “voluntourists” as they are called, embark each year to far off destinations, the question becomes: is voluntourism harmful or helpful? The answer lies in how you help. Why there is still a place for student-volunteering. A couple of months ago, I was at development conference held in Bristol for the Student Volunteering Overseas Partnership. One of the invited speakers was Chloé Sanguinetti, an independent film maker who spoke passionately about the short term volunteering projects many students go on.

Her passion, however, was directed very much against these initiatives and she argued quite convincingly that volunteering is not the good deed it is commonly held up as- rather, that it is actively damaging. Responsible Voluntourism Guide. Dear Potential Volunteers, The business of orphanages: where do ‘orphans’ come from? Recently, Friends International launched the “Don’t create more orphans” campaign confronting the issue of orphanages as profit-driven businesses. Volunteering Overseas: the best method for creating new aid workers? I started my career in development, working in a small orphanage in a third world country. The orphanage was run by a national religious charity. Most of the children living there had parents, but had been removed from their parent’s care by the judicial system. These children had been abandoned several times by their parents, wider family, and the authorities.

After a significant period of time attempting to provide them with some love, I did the same: I left. Ecdtemp.asp?ECD=%2Fswm%2Fecds%2F143%2FMD556_Ryan. Summer 2014/Pasadena. Onlineacademiccommunity.uvic. The recruitment narratives of voluntour organizations demonstrate how participants’ are expected to experience the self as altruistic and in need of a life-changing encounter with the ‘other’. In order for students to perceive themselves as ‘good’ global citizens, they must perform global citizenship by physically taking part in voluntour projects. Onlineacademiccommunity.uvic. “Just because you only have a week does not mean you cannot still make a difference. Projects Abroad’s Alternative Spring Break Trips offer you the chance to experience a new culture and impact the local community where you are volunteering… Since the founding of Projects Abroad in 1992, more than 60, 000 volunteers have gone to help in thousands of projects around the world and have come back satisfied. ” – Projects Abroad (2014)“If you are 16 to 19 years old, our March Break Volunteer Abroad Youth Programs offer a fantastic way for you to earn volunteer hours, experience a new culture and participate in a program that really does make a difference for people who need and appreciate your help.”

Profil18_Voluntourism_EN.pdf. TOURISM WATCH Informationsdienst Tourismus und Entwicklung. Voluntourismus ist ein schnell wachsender Bereich der Tourismusbranche. Im Laufe der vergangenen 20 Jahre sind die häufig von Nichtregierungsorganisationen vermittelten Freiwilligeneinsätze und der kommerzielle Tourismus immer stärker miteinander verknüpft worden. Dadurch wurden zwar sehr viel mehr Möglichkeiten für Freiwilligeneinsätze im Ausland geschaffen, es hat aber auch zu einer Reihe negativer Auswirkungen, zu Spannungen und Problemfeldern geführt. Ebola orphans in Africa do not need saviours. Theconversation. Exploitation of children through tourism, UNWTO, UNESCO and the Prime Minister's denial ... Old Gold and Black. Voluntourism–The Impact of Travel (and exciting news!) When children become tourist attractions. Volunteering abroad: what's the harm in that? How to find an ethical volunteer abroad project? Volunteer Testimonies. ‘Voluntourism’: Friends International warns about work in Cambodian orphanages.

Don’t create more orphans. Adventures Less Ordinary: How to Travel and Do Good. Voluntourism does not help. Volunteering - Backpacker Bible. Project - Volunteer Correct. ‘Voluntourism’ is ethically concerning. The Foundation - Volunteer Correct. Debunking 4 arguments in favour of voluntourism. Voluntourism: Stop that plane. Ending Orphanage Tourism for Good – PATAconversations. Voluntourism does not help. 5 Weeks In – Reflecting on our Voluntourism Experience. The bitch diaries: on voluntourism. #pitravelfebruary: So you think you can help? Your opinion on ‘Voluntourism’

#211 Treating locals as peers. Not-for-profit gap year firm Frontier shares its fees...and its directors. Voluntourism and the Perils of Unintended Consequences. Summary-of-Research.pdf. Voluntourism: Feel-Good Imperialism for the 21st century? Responsible volunteer travel - what are the issues and how do we addr… Bolstering business in Uganda. Health care voluntourism on the rise. 1440783314562416.full.pdf.

Before starting or supporting an orphanage. Be my friend before you try to give me something. 12 ethical experiences for 2015. About - Sponsor A Wealthy Child. A Path Appears: An Interview with Nicholas D. Kristof. How to identify unethical volunteer projects - The Volunteer Platform. Better Volunteering Better Care Executive Summary.pdf. Good Intentions & Tangible Harms: One Cambodian’s Story on Rethinking International Volunteering: Interview with Claire Bennett, Co-Founder, Learning Service and Co-Author of Re-Thinking International Volunteering.

Voluntourism: Should I volunteer abroad? Common Volunteer Mistakes And How To Fix Them. Welcome to the village - On Voluntourist Teachers: Questions of Value from a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Public Health or Profile Picture? The Rationale and Impact of Voluntourism. Voluntourism: Great for Instagram, Not so Great for Africa. Filmprojekt “Blickwechsel”: Kritische Perspektive der Gastländer auf Freiwilligendienst. Coaches Across Continents - Next Generation Nepal - Press Releases. Few Ideas for Action: A Short Essay on Voluntourism and Orphanage Volunteering. Development Tourism: thinking out loud… How To Make Smarter Choices for Volunteer Tourism. Adventures Less Ordinary: Distinguishing Responsible from Greenwashing. Can We Mend Not End Voluntourism? Can Communities Become an Integral Part of Voluntourism Marketing? The Rights and Wrongs of Voluntourism. Volunteering Abroad: Who's Helping Whom? Voluntourism: How Working At Orphanages Abroad Is Doing Little To Help. Gap year: the pros and cons of voluntourism. Report exposes bogus orphanages in Nepal - Geographical. My IVHQ Review - The Less Travelled Road. The Collegian » Voluntourism: More Harm than Good. Fake orphanage biz boom in Nepal.

From Orphanage Volunteering to Ethical Volunteering on Community-Based & Policy Level Experts on Orphanage Tourism on Next Generation Nepal - Press Releases. Can We Move Voluntourism Beyond Scale’s Reach? Children, not toys. Reviewed: The Voluntourist. 5 Reasons International Volunteers Should Co-Teach - TIEs with Teachers. Coming home book by Comhlamh.