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Volunteer organisations good and bad

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Why We Support Orphanage Volunteering. Update February 10, 2018: The ongoing debate surrounding orphanage volunteering is an emotive one which continues to attract media attention.

Why We Support Orphanage Volunteering

While it is an important issue, we believe the debate around orphanage volunteering (given its small relative share of volunteering activities for IVHQ) is disproportionately distracting IVHQ and the organizations that host our volunteers in each country, from fulfilling their core mission of creating opportunities for travelers to make a positive contribution to the communities they visit through volunteering. As a wider organization, we are having to spend an increasing amount of time fielding external enquiries defending our position on a small number of placements, which consumes resources and takes focus away from our core purpose of delivering meaningful travel opportunities. For this reason, we have decided to walk away from the fight. I’m a big believer in taking action. This would be an easy fight for us to walk away from. One Heart Source. SOS Cambodia Schoolies - Empowering Youth in Asia Pacific.

Do something different for Schoolies by opening your eyes to another world.

SOS Cambodia Schoolies - Empowering Youth in Asia Pacific

For many Australians travelling through Cambodia is cheap however, thousands of Khmer locals cannot afford to feed themselves let lone their families. Unleashed Cambodia project gives students the opportunity to take in the culture of Cambodia and give back to a city torn apart by war. This Volunteer Adventure requires participants to put their energy & enthusiasm into providing a helping hand at some of Siem Reap’s most important centres for children. Nepal Summer Service Adventures - Global Works Travel. Volunteering-abroad - Volunteer Investment Programme. Why We Support Orphanage Volunteering. Volunteering in an Orphanage. The recent high profile press on the potential issues associated with orphanages, and how volunteering relates to this, is something we welcome where it promotes awareness, encourages transparency and helps eradicate harmful practices.

Volunteering in an Orphanage

J.K. Rowling, founder and president of the Lumos Foundation, has turned a powerful spotlight on the topic, most recently on exploitative practices in eastern and southern Europe. We hope that with the help of Lumos and all the stakeholders, new solutions will be found and there will be less cause to raise these points in future. But what are the key issues? Why I Chose To Work in the Voluntourism Industry. 21-year old me reflected on Pico Iyer’s words: “travel is the best way we have of rescuing the humanity of places, and saving them from abstraction and ideology”.

Why I Chose To Work in the Voluntourism Industry

But when we participate in these volunteer programs…do we really accomplish that? Or because of the shortness of time, do we only heighten the difference, painting an incomplete, more incomprehensible picture?” The problem with volunteer travel, and often travel itself, is that the traveller exists in a sort of bubble. On many volunteer travel programs, groups are shuttled privately from one place to another, fed a manufactured experience that is often out of touch with the daily realities on the ground. Travellers in general, often stick with other travellers from the same places back home, without ever getting to know the very real people who live in this other part of the world. Of course, we only rescue the humanity of places, when we get in touch directly with humanity. Building sustainable solutions to Human Security issues.

7elementsdr. 7elements offers a variety of programs that engage volunteers in sustainable development in the Dominican Republic.

7elementsdr Actualités du volontariatLes dernières nouvelles du volontariat international.

Le site de référence pour le volontariat international.Dernières Info sur les missions de volontariat international, les chantiers internationaux et les missions humanitaires en ONG. Le Service Vol... Volunteering Projects in Uganda. Just Choose a Project and Apply!

Volunteering Projects in Uganda

In Uganda, volunteers are given private rooms in family homes or in a volunteer guesthouse. While some placements enjoy electricity and flowing water, others do not. Students Speak: Volunteer holidays can be a powerful tool for development. Volunteering abroad on short-term aid projects has become a rite of passage for many young people, but does it do any good?

Students Speak: Volunteer holidays can be a powerful tool for development

We asked students to share their views on the often criticised “voluntourism” trend, and the reaction was overwhelmingly favourable. Here are some of the responses. Through the right channels, volunteering can work for all involved. Volunteering for Sustainable Projects in Nepal. Untitled. Gorilla Highlands. Wish to contribute your energy and skills to the the Gorilla Highlands initiative?

Gorilla Highlands

7 Reasons Why Your Two Week Trip To Haiti Doesn’t Matter: Calling Bull on “Service Trips” Feature Image: Screengrab from the hilarious satire YouTube video by SAIH Norway I’d like to add that this is not a new idea.

7 Reasons Why Your Two Week Trip To Haiti Doesn’t Matter: Calling Bull on “Service Trips”

The problems associated with voluntourism are well known among the professionals who work in international development. 7 Reasons Why Your Two Week Trip To Haiti Doesn’t Matter: Calling Bull on “Service Trips” The Light and Leadership Initiative. We need volunteers to keep our education programs going and as such, make it a priority to offer valuable and ethical volunteer placements in a variety of programs and contexts. It’s extremely important to us that volunteering at LLI is positively impacting the community, and not harming it, which is an extension of our organization’s philosophy. We are careful to have the community driving the programs and are proud to host our volunteer program within the Huaycan community, investing not only in education, but its economic future.

In the past decade, a plethora of agencies, companies and organizations have entered into the market of volunteering abroad. Building schools in Africa: does it make you a terrible person? part 2 – The Sceptical Voluntourist. The answer is — no! Wow, glad that suspense is over. I was seriously on the fence, but I reached out to some charitable organisations which build schools in Africa and was bowled over by the enthusiastic responses I got back. Top Story - iGap Travel Guide. Posted: 20th January 2016 08:42 South Africa Lion Park gives international volunteers the life changing opportunity to interact with the world’s most impressive animals up close.

Volunteers will spend their time feeding and caring for lion and cheetah cubs, exploring South Africa on excursions organised by the park, and seeing wildlife in its natural habitat on game drives. You will also help with introducing local school groups to the animals – enlightening and inspiring a next generation of people to respect and care for these powerful animals is a core principal of South Africa Lion Park.

During the time you spend at South Africa Lion Park you will form lifelong friendships with the other volunteers, experience real African culture and discover a different side to life. Projects. Volunteering Projects in Costa Rica. Just Choose a Project and Apply! Local Costa Rican food is provided twice a day. Costa Rican food is a fusion cuisine. It combines elements of culinary traditions from Africa, Italy, France, China, and Spain, flavoured by traditional grains (rice, corn, and beans), roots sweet potatoes), spices (coriander, garlic, annatto, saffron, parsley, oregano, thyme, nutmeg, salt, and pepper), oils (olive oil, vegetable oil, and lard), sauces (Soy, and Worcestershire), fresh fruit, and vegetables.

The food is mild to slightly seasoned. Volunteers will be accommodated in a local family-stay. Voluntourism — Scam, or Does It Really Do Good? Traveling the world and helping out may seem like the perfect win-win, but how much good are you really doing? (Photo: Getty Images) You’ve seen the posts in Instagram and Facebook feeds and blog entries everywhere: “Look at me helping the orphans in (choose the exotic location). So cute! About - The World Race. Vanity Volunteering: all about the volunteer. If you regularly read my blog and web site materials or have seen me present, then you know just how strongly I believe in the importance of the involvement of volunteers in nonprofit/mission-based causes. I believe that volunteer engagement represents community investment, can allow people from different walks of life to be associated with a cause more deeply than just donating money, can allow people who don’t want to or cannot quit their day jobs to be involved in a cause, educates people about a cause through firsthand experiences, and can demonstrate the organization’s transparency regarding decision-making and administration.

Service activities can educate volunteers to be better advocates for a cause, even change their behavior or feelings regarding certain issues, activities and groups. And I believe any of these reasons are far, far better reasons for involving volunteers than to save money by not paying staff. 7 Reasons Why Your Two Week Trip To Haiti Doesn’t Matter: Calling Bull on “Service Trips” Ghana - Children of Africa - Teen Volunteer Abroad in Africa with GLA.

How to Choose a Voluntourism Experience - Travel Magazine. [section]Editor’s Note: This month we’re celebrating the tenets of the Indie Manifesto with a community project we’re calling the Indie Travel Challenge (ITC). Participants will have a chance, every day of the month of November, to reflect on a question or a challenge and share.

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