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Az Elo Erzsebetvarosert Egyesulet (Azert7) Azért (Association for the living Erzsébetváros) consists of more than 40 venues, hostels, businesses and persons operating in Erzsébetváros.

Az Elo Erzsebetvarosert Egyesulet (Azert7)

We aim for Erzsébetváros to become a lively, opened, creative and cooperative place for both the residents and the visitors from around the world. The association puts great emphasis on the developements made and to be made in Kazinczy street, so it can maintain and develope the title „The street of culture” not only in the name, but also in functions and diversity. On this purpose we organize programs, we are active civic lobbyists, we research, and all in all we are working hard to make this a better place for residents and venues equally. Since the beginning Szimpla Kert gives home and workspace to our Association. This makes it obvious to provide activities within this venue for EVS volunteers, but this long-time cooperation is not the reason of choosing this place. Art center - Institution for development and art. Main fields of Art centers' activities fall within: culture, art, development and environment.

Art center - Institution for development and art

Art center has at disposal a center with suitable capacities for work (studios/multipurpose work places), residence ( up to 20 people at the same time) and places for creative socializing and exchange of ideas (video-art , library, common dining room, that is also cinema at the same time – on weekends). UNIVERZITA KOMENSKEHO V BRATISLAVE. The Faculty of Natural Sciences was established in 1940 to pursue higher education and research in individual fields of natural science.


It is divided into five main sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geography and Geology. And these are further divided into 35 separate departments and institutions. Art in action association. Art in Action Association is an independent association of authors working in various areas of art and art pedagogy.

Art in action association

Its main activities include organizing exhibitions, concerts, symposiums, workshops, as well as international and cultural youth exchanges. The association sets for a priority the independent youth initiatives and creative experimental performances. The organizations purpose is to cooperate for the development and evolution of the contemporary arts in Bulgaria and to work with young authors projects, as well as students works.

The association has long time experience in working with different European youth programs. European Youth Portal. Zdruzenie za volonterizam Volonterski Centar Skopje. Volunteers Centre Skopje was founded in 2005 by former EVS volunteers.

Zdruzenie za volonterizam Volonterski Centar Skopje

Our main target group is young people - students of high schools and universities (mostly in age from 16 to 30). This target group is involved in range of projects i.e long - term project called VOICES magazine, multicultural projects as six months project with title Bridging Divided Communities by Youth Work, that started in November 2011 and received support from U.S. embassy in Skopje created with goal to provide the group of 30 young people coming from different backgrounds (social, economic) and ethnical groups (Albanian, Macedonian) an opportunity through participation in local projects develop new skills and knowledge.

Center for Youth Activism CYA KRIK. What is Centre for Youth Activism KRIK Centre for youth activism KRIK is non-governmental, non-profit organization established by young people, led by young people and it works for and with young people.

Center for Youth Activism CYA KRIK

The translation of the word KRIK is SCREECH/OUTCRY and the inspiration for it came out of the vision of this organization, which is to be the voice of the youth that will be heard and will make changes and contributions in the society. KRIK strives to encourage greater youth participation, youth activism, encourage young people to be more included in the policy making process on local and national level. The target group that KRIK works with are all people (but mainly youth) who want to contribute and make changes in the field of ecology, critical thinking and communicative skills, as well as working for the well-being of the socially excluded groups from the society. Mission KRIK works with young people with fewer opportunities. 1.

Messzelátó Egyesület. Messzelato Associaton was was founded by biologist students in 1999 (the "messzelátó" word means binoculars in Hungarian or people who look ahead into the future).

Messzelátó Egyesület

The organisation works in the fields of environmental protection, education and culture to realize a diverse, value-driven, sustainable society which is based on the cooperation of human scaled, active communities. We facilitate people to get acquainted with the natural and cultural values of their neighbourhood because we believe that people aware of these values will pay a greater attention to their protection. Past and present activities include: organising workshops on practical and everyday solutions of environment friendly way of living; running campaigns to promote for example organic and local food; taking part in the EVS programme as a sending and hosting organisation since 2002.

We have 3 staff members and 40 active supporting members. We are a community that learns, thinks and acts together. European Youth Portal. Centaurus was founded in December 2008 as a Slovak cultural, art and environmental association, connecting people with the similar ideas and interests.

European Youth Portal

Centaurus consists of two main employees and 10 volunteer members. Our group is composed of designers, film makers, photographers, actors, as well as historians and people, who devoted themselves to culture and environment. "Centaurus" is a Latin designation for mythological creature, which is half man, half horse. Such mutualism expresses the main idea of our organization, which is the mutual engagement of a man, nature and history. European Youth Portal. Foundation and later association Bona Fide was established in 1995 with an aim to support and develop of the alternative culture.

European Youth Portal

Bona Fide is supporting creative and open-minded thinking, is offering people the possibility of choice and the alternative to commercial art. During its more than 13 years existence Bona Fide has realized many of successful and interesting cultural activities both at home and abroad. Currently, all the activities are taking place in the former tobacco company in the city centre, where Tabačka Kulturfabrik as a cultural centre has been established. What cultural centre Tabačka Kulturfabrik does? A4 - Space for contemporary culture. A4 – Associations for Contemporary Culture is an NGO running an intependent, non-commercial cultural centre A4 in the centre of Bratislava, Slovakia since 2004.

A4 - Space for contemporary culture

A mission of A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture consists of long-term support of innovative artistic creation, presentation and education in the field of up-to-date manifestations of contemporary theatre, dance, music, film, visual culture and new media art. Obcianske zdruzenie Kvas. The civic associtaion "KVAS" was found in 2011 by group of young people experienced with work in non-profit organizations as volunteers and later as authors or coordinators of the projects.

The main objective is to develop our relationship with the environment we are all part of. Speaking of the environment we do not only refer to the nature, animals and plants but also to the city, people and relationships. We work in the environmental, cultural and community area. We are dedicated to the ecological and environmental education and we organize weekend and community-protection events. We organize for example the following events on a regular basis: Come to Kiss a Toad – rescue transfers of amphibians Excursions – botanical, ornithological excursions Kite Festival – joint kite flying in autumn "Eco" Circle – an interest circle for primary school pupils We manage cultural and comminuty center. Tuesday â€O free day 3 long term, around 20 short term. Institute for Environmental Policy-Albania. 1. Project environment: The project environment for the voluntary service will be Tirana and places around Tirana, and our office which is located near the center of Tirana (around 3-5 minutes on foot far from our office).

The staff of our office are young environmentalists, who will support and assist the volunteers in their work and projects they will do with IEP. The volunteers will mostly work with young people in Tirana, but there will be trips to other towns or parts of Albania according to the projects and needs that IEP will have. The volunteers will also work in the office when there is office work to be done, or when the weather doesn’t permit to conduct the activities outside. 2. What we can offer to the volunteers: Artarea. European Voluntary Service What is EVS ? EVS (European Voluntary Service) is an international volunteer programme funded by the European Commission. It enables all young people from Europe, aged between 18 and 30 years, to carry out an international volunteer service in an organisation or in a public body in Europe, Africa, Asia or South America for a period ranging from 2 to 12 months.

Basak Kultur ve Sanat Vakfi. Başak Culture and Art Foundation was founded on July 26, 2002. The headquarter is in Kayışdağı, Ataşehir where is located Anatolian part in of Istanbul. Başak Culture and Art Foundation aims to carry out various activities to discover, support and promote artistic abilities of poor and/or low-paid young people and to eliminate difficulties they face in building their personal capacity. It is also aimed at orienting young people to be more productive taking part in the social life as healthy individuals and making scientific researches in the field of culture and art. The foundation carried out national and international projects and activities. Some projects were made by EVS volunteers and some by local staff.


Asociatia pentru Promovarea Educatiei Creativ-Ecologice si a Abilitatilor Inovative. Kirkayak Kultur Sanat ve Doga Dernegi (Kirkayak Culture, Art & Environment Association) European Youth Portal. The Green Association is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization based in Sofia, but extending its activities beyond the narrow boundaries of our capital. European Youth Portal. Astika Foundation is a non-profit organization which activities are of public interest. Dream for romance, flowers and space. DAPHNE Institut aplikovanej ekologie. Association for promotion of tourism and environment NARENTA. European Youth Portal.

Asociatia pentru Conservarea Diversitătii Biologice. Asociatia de Turism si Ecologie pentru Tineret ZIMBRUL CARPATIN. Our organization is focused on environmental protection activities and on outdoor activities that promote an healthy life.The story of our association started on 1985 with around 30 persons that work in a big auto factory. After the revolution of 89, the association has receive the juridic accreditation, but we were forced to remake the association in 2007 acordling with the laws that controle the ngo activities. So we may seems an young association, but in fact we are an old experienced one. Asociatia de Tineret pentru Protectia Mediului. European Youth Portal. European Youth Portal. EP Detail - weltwärts - Der entwicklungspolitische Freiwilligendienst. EP Detail - weltwärts - Der entwicklungspolitische Freiwilligendienst. Projects.