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The Daily Buzz: Baby, kids & maternity fashion, gear and gadgets

The Daily Buzz: Baby, kids & maternity fashion, gear and gadgets

Giveaways Pampers, has been making improvements to their trusted diapers to help keep moms happy and their babies dry in the diapers they trust and love. Pampers Swaddlers, the #1 choice of hospitals, a trusted favorite of many new moms, is now available in size 3 & 4 at Acme. Swaddlers 3 and 4 will include both the wetness indicator and absorb-away mesh liner that moms have come to love in the smaller Swaddlers sizes. In addition, Pampers wants to provide mom visual cues of comfort and protection, therefore we are adding an umbilical notch on Size 1 & 2. Pampers Cruisers continues to provide the freedom to play with our Best Dryness and Fit. Pampers has also made changes to their Baby Dry line to help moms and their babies have the perfect night’s rest. Babies’ health and safety is the number one priority at Pampers. The new Pampers are now available at Acme. Giveaway Time! · Pampers Wipes Baby Fresh 20ct. How to enter: Like this post on facebook.

Murphy Laws Site - The origin and laws of Murphy in one place. World in 2000 as Predicted in 1910 | Illustrations by French artist Villemard in 1910 of how he imagined the future to be in the year 2000. In the 21st century, in order to control traffic jams in the air, there will be more and more flying policemen. Firemen will be equipped with “bat wings” to be able to easily access top floors and roofs. Just one for the road… Wars will be fought by “combat cars”. Schools will be equipped with audio books. Horses will be so rare that people will pay to see them. You’ll be able to send mail just by dictating it into loudspeaker. Heating with Radium. Building sites will be equipped with automatic devices and machines. Makeup will be applied just by pressing few buttons. Hair salon. Electric train from Paris to Beijing. Rescue plane. Tailor. Airship. Motorized roller skates. Video-telegraph. Police will use armored bicycles (motorcycles?) Listening to an audio-newspaper. Spy helicopters. The avenue of the Opera, Paris.

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