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A Human-Shaped Pool Reflects the Sky Over Tbilisi by Icy & Sot. Uk.pinterest. Casey Curran. Emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design — all. 2011- ongoing (in construction)Taipei (Taiwan) concept : shine In 2018, the Mass Rapid Transit "Circular Line" will open in New Taipei City.

emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design — all

Drawing a large circle, Circular Line will connect the existing lines that spread in radial direction from the City Central. Circular Line is a groundbreaking scheme that will dramatically improve the transport system, where the Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems (DORTS) is responsible for the project and its construction. 一二三木頭人. 岳 (@gakugakugakugakugaku1) Drinking Tea (2010) Moisés Hernández Design Studio. 2017 / Ash and watercolor / Project assistant: Harmonie Begon One of the main characteristics of birds are the incredibly saturated colours of their feathers.

Moisés Hernández Design Studio

Toucan, hummingbird and Mexican quetzal were chosen because of their glowing chromatic range. In an attempt of generating a balanced dialogue between machine made and handmade objects, we made soft and continuous shapes milled with CNC technology contrasted with handmade painting done by immersion in coloured water, an experimental technique we developed for this project, which gives the birds a unique personality. This technique of painting allows to achieve an interesting texture of intersections and transparency made by layers of colour that resembles the plumage of birds. Tetrapod (structure) - Wikipedia. This article is about the structure.

Tetrapod (structure) - Wikipedia

For four-limbed vertebrates, see Tetrapod. Numbered tetrapods protect an earlier sea wall in Ventnor, UK. Artist Walead Beshty Shipped Glass Boxes Inside FedEx Boxes to Produce Shattered Sculptures. FedEx® Large Box ©2005 FEDEX 139751 REV 10/05 SSCC, Priority Overnight, Los Angeles-New York trk#795506878000, November 27-28, 2007 In this intriguing sculptural series spanning 2005 to 2014, LA-based artist Walead Beshty packaged his artworks in FedEx boxes and shipped them across the country to exhibitions and galleries.

Artist Walead Beshty Shipped Glass Boxes Inside FedEx Boxes to Produce Shattered Sculptures

But unlike most artists who utilize every bit of care to protect and pad their artwork from the inevitable rough handling of mail carriers, Beshty designed his pieces to break. For his famous FedEx works he constructed laminate glass objects that fit seamlessly within the dimensions of standard size shipping boxes.

Through the “normal” handling the objects would inevitably crack and shatter and it was up to curators and gallerists to carefully remove each piece for display. The fragile volumes were then given titles that specifically mention the date, tracking number, and box size of shipment. Nathan Sawaya — The Art of the Brick. Antony gormley: another place. – shape+colour. There’s an intrinsic, undeniable draw towards the sea.

antony gormley: another place. – shape+colour

Maybe it’s the same lunar gravity that moves the tides, maybe it’s because we were all fish a billion years ago, or maybe it’s the lure of knowing that no matter what machines we strap to our backs or submerge ourselves in, it’s simply not a place where our fragile bodies will let us go for very long. Or maybe, since we’re mostly made of water ourselves, it’s just the natural, molecular pull of little atoms reaching out to find each other again. A genetic memory too quiet for our brains to understand. Aeolus - Acoustic Wind Pavilion. Aeolus - ruler of the four winds in Greek mythology.

Aeolus - Acoustic Wind Pavilion

Aeolus is a giant stringed musical instrument, an acoustic and optical pavilion designed to make audible the silent shifting patterns of the wind and to visually amplify the ever changing sky. The sculpture a giant aeolian harp, designed to resonate and sing with the wind without any electrical power or amplification. A DIY Fruit Bowl Made From Melted Plastic Army Men. Did you ever play with toy soldiers when you were little?

A DIY Fruit Bowl Made From Melted Plastic Army Men

Well, now you can put them to a less violent use, with Mike Pinder’s DIY Plastic Army Men Fruit Bowl. Going under the name N36 on Instructables, this guy took some cheap army men, put them in a metal dish, and melted them together to produce a cool fruit bowl. The process isn’t that hard or long, and the result looks extremely cool. Beach Creatures: Theo Jansen and his Strandbeests. BBC Four - Bricks! Cornelia Parker and the Untimeliness of Waste – Waste Effects. A version of this text was presented at “L’art Intempestif/Untimely Art”, held at the Institut du monde anglophone, Université de Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle, 9–10 September 2010.

Cornelia Parker and the Untimeliness of Waste – Waste Effects

It has become, in recent years, quite common to equate concepts of waste with ideas of dirt, disgust or contagion. Following the work of Mary Douglas (1966), studies across the humanities and social sciences have taken for granted that ‘filth’ and ‘abjection’ provide a necessary condition for waste. Forms Crafted from Wood – Hand Carved Wooden Sculptures by Alison Crowther. Fantastic sculptures by Alison Crowther, a British artist who resides near the Downs, south of England.

Forms Crafted from Wood – Hand Carved Wooden Sculptures by Alison Crowther

She uses unseasoned English oak and other indigenous hardwoods found in the region to produce them. In the early stages of the making process she works with a chainsaw, later using a chisel, as seen in the photos below, to carve textures and patterns on to the surface of the sculptures. Her work ranges from bowls, to small objects, large benches and other pieces of furniture.