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Cardboard/Corrugated Sculpture

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Cardboard & Paper. Dag Weiser, Award-Winning Artist. Bing. Karen Garrett Biography - Cardboard Sculpture. Karen Garrett is most frequently lauded for revolutionizing the post-modern sculpture material movement.

Karen Garrett Biography - Cardboard Sculpture

She is widely credited for expanding its original premise beyond just the exploration of "modern" materials to the groundbreaking use of cardboard and resin in monumental figurative sculpture. However, Garrett's contribution extends well beyond these boundaries and even the field of sculpture: Her achievements have influenced contemporary art in general. Garrett's practice of sculpting cardboard has led to the development of complex, multipart sculptures of dramatic beauty. Her work places her in the leadership role of moving cardboard sculpture out of the confines of small two-dimensional objects into the realm of large-scale contemporary sculpture. Cardboard Sculpture Techniques. Cardboard Busts.

How to Make Cardboard Sculptures. Bing.

Paper / cardboard sculpture. Art / Cardboard sculptures. Cardboard Art - Amazing Upcycled Cardboard Art by Mark Langan. Chris Gilmour’s cardboard sculptures. Cardboard can apparently be a wonderful medium to craft 3D objects out of — as we saw previously by Wil Natzel’s giant squid — but these cardboard sculptures by Chris Gilmore are just on another level of wow.

Chris Gilmour’s cardboard sculptures

They are life-size sculptures, made only with glue and cardboard. Stunning. Beautiful examples of cardboard architecture : Ecofriend. We all know (or at least should know) about of the subtle impact of Japanese tea ceremonies on the Japanese culture, and clearly alluding to this great tradition, eminent architect Shigeru Ban has contrived the Paper Tea House along with its furniture, composed entirely from recycled cardboard rectangular tubes.

Beautiful examples of cardboard architecture : Ecofriend

The spatial element also incorporates a main room and a waiting area (with a customary bench). What better way to market sustainable products than showcasing them in a sustainable environment? And that is exactly what designer Pedro Campos Costa has come up with in his interesting conception called the LOW, which is a combination of a store (used only for sale of recycled products) and a bar.

Cardboard & Paper. Cardboard Buildings in South Central.