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New Ceramic Dino Designs by Brett Kern Made to Look Like Inflatable Toys. Since we last visited with artist Brett Kern (previously), the West Virginia-based ceramicist has continued to produce new models of his ingenious inflatable toy dinosaur sculptures.

New Ceramic Dino Designs by Brett Kern Made to Look Like Inflatable Toys

Kern has added “baby” versions of Plesiosaurus, Carnotaurus, and T-rex to his lineup, and earlier this year released a few pieces in gold glaze that were made available for auction. Science Time - Pseudo Perpetual Motion Machines. Unbelievable Cardboard Sculptures by Bartek Elsner. He creates different kinds of objects using only cardboard as base.

Unbelievable Cardboard Sculptures by Bartek Elsner

He’s done CCTV cameras, a crow, a fireplace, a huge tree, and even chainsaws. Some of them have even found home on the streets. Just look at the giant Ghettoblaster he made for the International Radio Festival 2012 in Zurich. Incredible Moving Installations Created Out Of Cardboard. Swiss Artist Zimoun creates sound sculptures and installation art that is a little bit strange.

Incredible Moving Installations Created Out Of Cardboard

Equal parts raw, industrial materials; equal parts mechanical elements, he creates rooms full of what seem like living and breathing objects. He combines cardboard boxes, plastic bags, old furniture, packaging tape, wires, light tubes, cotton balls and motors to transform a space into something very unexpected. His low-fi sound architecture follows on in John Cage’s footsteps, an artist he says he thought a lot about when he was younger. Zimoun explains his fascination with combining sound, strong visual elements and bringing obsolete technology to life: Art made of unusual stuff. A Multi-Colored Sprinkler Paints On-demand Rainbows. Photo © Edwin Deen Photo © Niels Post Photo © Ampelhaus.

A Multi-Colored Sprinkler Paints On-demand Rainbows

Plaster. General term for a broad range of building and sculpture materials Plaster is a building material used for the protective or decorative coating of walls and ceilings and for moulding and casting decorative elements.[1] In English, "plaster" usually means a material used for the interiors of buildings, while "render" commonly refers to external applications.[2] Another imprecise term used for the material is stucco, which is also often used for plasterwork that is worked in some way to produce relief decoration, rather than flat surfaces.


The most common types of plaster mainly contain either gypsum, lime, or cement,[3] but all work in a similar way. The plaster is manufactured as a dry powder and is mixed with water to form a stiff but workable paste immediately before it is applied to the surface. The reaction with water liberates heat through crystallization and the hydrated plaster then hardens. Forms of plaster have several other uses. Types[edit] Clay plaster[edit] . Plaster cast. A plaster cast is a copy made in plaster of another 3-dimensional form.

Plaster cast

The original from which the cast is taken may be a sculpture, building, a face, a pregnant belly, a fossil or other remains such as fresh or fossilised footprints – particularly in palaeontology (a track of dinosaur footprints made in this way can be seen outside the Oxford University Museum of Natural History). Sometimes a blank block of plaster itself was carved to produce mock-ups or first drafts of sculptures (usually relief sculptures) that would ultimately be sculpted in stone, by measuring exactly from the cast, for example by using a pointing machine. These are still described as plaster casts. Lesson File- Art on a Thread Challenge. Recycled Bottles Art Lesson. Search the Incredible Art Department. Recycled Art: 66 Masterpieces Made From Junk. Ever shocked by the beauty of toilet paper rolls, or saw the chicken formed by the egg shells, or witnessed coolest lion made by tires?

Recycled Art: 66 Masterpieces Made From Junk

Heck, all of them are even made by common things you discarded every day, and they are known as recycled art. (Image Source: Kyle Bean) Recycled art is not something that’s beautiful but just a waste of time and space. It’s like alchemy which turns base metal into gold, except that it turns trashes into gold. Take recycled Optimus Prime with 2.5 meters tall as example, it was sold with 7800 U.S. dollars, sounds like a good price for a combination of metals which were originally treated as trashes.

Are they really that beautiful and worth the purchase? Atelier Hapax Workshop Hapax excels in creating gorgeous and unique products by using discarded materials provided by their clients. Jeu Dechecs. BRC Designs Binary Low Table. Korobeiniki Chair. Protrusion Low Table. Talented 18-Year-Old Girl Sews Stunning Dresses That Look Straight Out Of A Disney Movie. Angela Clayton is an eighteen-year-old costume designer from Long Island, New York.

Talented 18-Year-Old Girl Sews Stunning Dresses That Look Straight Out Of A Disney Movie

She first started sewing three years ago when she got interested in cosplay; now, Clayton attends events less often, and has evolved to focus more on original designs. Her projects can take as long as 250 hours, and Clayton once used 11 meters (12 yards) of fabric for a costume! “I hope that there is a future career that I will get out of it,” Clayton told Cosmo. “I love making costumes and I love bringing ideas to life. If I could do that for fashion, especially for theater or film, that would be awesome…I would rather go straight into that if I can instead of spending four years at school.” More info: | doxiequeen1 (h/t: cosmo, brightside) Angela started sewing when she was just 14 “The first thing I really finished was a school uniform from an anime show when I was 14. “I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll make mine!

School Wide Bottle Cap Mural Project - Meri Cherry. I am so excited to share the culmination and process behind 5 months of hard work to create this Bottle Cap Mural!

School Wide Bottle Cap Mural Project - Meri Cherry

This mural project is an amazing example of how capable children are given the opportunity to express themselves in new and innovative ways. I am so proud of the 208 students who collected over TEN THOUSAND bottle caps, caps that otherwise would have gone into the trash, to create this incredible ocean mural. There were so many valuable steps involved, all of which I will discuss here. Lifecasting - hands. Materials Alginate This molding compound forms a rubbery elastomer within minutes of mixing with water.

Lifecasting - hands

Captures impressive detail, while being flexible enough to prevent entrapment of the hand. It dries and shrinks over time, so it's not suitable for more than a few castings. I used ALG-390 from Special Effect Supply Corporation, which is a 3 minute set alginate. How to Make Foil Balloons. Cut Paper Relief Sculpture. Behold, Picasso’s “Guernica” Remade in Legos. An all-Lego brick recreation of Picasso’s Guernica created by Legoland Discovery Center Westchester’s Master Model Builder Veronica Watson (photo by Legoland Discovery Center Westchester) Tomorrow would be Pablo Picasso’s 133rd birthday. Can you guess what we got him to mark this milestone? Day of the Dead Altars: Tradition, Images, and History of Dia de los Muertos Altar. Home > altars Day of the Dead altars are built during Dia de los Muertos to honor the lives of those who have passed.

They are often quite beautiful creations, constructed with love and care. Creative Sculptures And Statues From Around The World. The Processes and Materials of Abstract Expressionist Painting. Abstract Expressionist explored new ways of creating art, reinvigorating and reinventing the medium. They changed the nature of with their large, abstract , energetic and gestural lines, and new artistic processes. Many artists experimented with nontraditional materials, such as commercial paints and housepainter’s brushes. Artists also developed new techniques to apply paint, such as moving the canvas from the easel to the floor and working on unstretched and unprimed canvas.

Lifecasting - hands. Homemade Polymer Clay. At different points over the last few years I've played around with different kinds of homemade "clay. " My favorite is a polymer clay also known as cold porcelain. Its main ingredients are cornstarch and white PVA or Elmer's glue. Paper Mache Recipes. This page contains recipes for several kinds of home-made paper mache paste, and home-made gesso recipes for finishing your sculptures. I have been messing around with paper mache for over 50 years and up until a few months ago I always came back to the easiest paper mache recipes, using plain old white flour and water paste with torn strips of newspaper.

Now, however, I have abandoned the traditional layered paper process and use my new paper mache clay recipe and/or the even newer silky-smooth air-dry clay recipe for most my sculptures. However, for younger artists or for those who really don’t want to make the trip to the hardware store, these following recipes work just fine, and most of the tutorials on this site would work using these traditional paper mache recipes.