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Kinetic Sculptures

a Living System | LS_01 + LS_02 Cinematic Espresso Shots By Hannah Piercey If Aristotle were alive today, to paraphrase a famous Timothy Leary adage, he would have a Vimeo channel. So believes Jason Silva, a young futurist and filmmaker with movie-star looks and a childlike sense of wonder. Leary’s notion of the philosopher as a performer is a natural fit for Silva. Silva double-majored in film and philosophy at the University of Miami. Silva received his first camera at age 12 and became immediately obsessed. “Watching the video later, after the insight wore out—after a meal or shower when I was in a different mode of consciousness—created an interesting feedback loop between my ‘experiencing self’ and my ‘remembering self,’” Silva reflected, borrowing a concept from psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s 2010 TEDTalk. After nearly five years at Current and feeling ready for a new challenge, Silva left the channel to produce videos independently. Silva quickly found an audience online—and it scaled. And now back to the Timothy Leary reference.

Artilugis, invents, reparacions i objectes fotogràfics. Contact printing frame: the bigger the best! Searching into the family photographic heritage, I found a 10×15 cm contact printing frame. It was a “French type”, with its characteristics two articulated arms with springs. I decided to build a 24×30 cm model for my own use and thought: How big is that! In summer I’ve been asked to build a 30×40 cm model and another 33×48 cm (13 “x19″). This October I have finished four 34×49 cm and two 44×54 cm! Will they be big enough? More information HERE “Universal” plate holders first production! Now available the first plate holder series: 9×12 cm (4 units) and 8×10 inch (5 units). These plate holders are designed to work with wet collodion process in modern large format cameras. More information HERE Family Photo I started repairing an antique 9×12 plate drying rack with two broken legs, who belonged to my grand father. When I used it, I disclose how convenient it is for wet collodion plates: drying tintypes and ambrotypes, to varnish its, cleaning glasses …

untitled El Museu Blau organitza un taller de fotografia primitiva - BTVNOTÍ El Museu Blau ha acollit un taller en el marc d’una exposició sobre els orígens de la fotografia. La iniciativa està impulsada pel fotògraf Xavier Mulet, Ramon Casanova i el Col·lectiu Dinoudinou. La seva voluntat és recuperar la fotografia com un esdeveniment. El próximo Domingo 24 de Noviembre : Viatge del present als origens de la fotografia al Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona - Agenda d'activitats del Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona “El Retratador retratado” Alberto Garcia-Alix Retorno a Sant Medir Mágia, surrealismo… fotografia Tumblr theme by Theme Anorak Back to top

Kernel Festival Video Projection Mapping by battleROYAL created a major production in celebration of the 125th anniversary of MADSACK Mediengruppe. MADSACK invited the city of Hannover to join them in celebrating their anniversary with an open-air festival and spectacular show event. 50,000 visitors gathered in the heart of the city for an evening of live performance, music, and entertainment. Hosted by Barbara Schöneberger, the stage program featured musical performances by Mousse T & Band, Lukas Rieger, Spax, Michael Schulte, Sarah Lombardi, Lions Head, and Sasha. For the grand finale of the night, battleROYAL developed an innovative show experience combining live performance with advanced mapping and video design. Stunning imagery and powerful music combined with historical facts from MADSACK Mediengruppe wow’d the audience.

befaco Main page - Music Hack Day - Barcelona Come build the future of music. Two days of music hacking: Software + hardware + art + web Music Hack Day is a hacking session in which participants will conceptualize, create and present their projects. Music + software + mobile + hardware + art + the web. Anything goes as long as it's music related. Barcelona Music Hack Day will be organized as an event of the SonarPro within the Sónar 2012 festival. Latest News Videos of hack presentations & Prizes are now available! Where and When? Where: Barcelona Contemporary Culture Center (CCCB). When: 14th and 15th of June, 2012. Please email us if you have any questions: barcelonamhd [at] upf [dot] edu Contacts for media companies willing to cover this amazing event please visit Sonar website

Generative Art Links Some links to Generative Art, Math & Fractals, and other creative ways of creating computional imagery. The list is not meant to be exhaustive: rather, it is a list of my favorite links. Generative Art Software General-Purpose Software Processing is probably the most used platform for Generative Art. Nodebox – A Python based alternative to Processing. vvvv is “a toolkit for real time video synthesis”. PureData a “real-time graphical dataflow programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing.” Specific Systems Context Free Art – uses Context Free Design Grammars to generate 2D images. Structure Synth – my own attempt to extend Context Free Art into three dimensions. TopMod3D – “is a free, open source, portable, platform independent topological mesh modeling system that allows users to create high genus 2-manifold meshes”. Ready. K3DSurf – 3D surface generator (for a nice example check out this one by Schmiegl). Fractals and Math Art Software Fragmentarium. GLSL Sandbox by Mr.

m e d u l . l a / b l o g ¿qué significa historiar hoy? ¿cómo los mecanismos de almacenamiento y transmisión de información modifican la manera como opera la memoria humana? estas son algunas de las cuestiones que el proyecto loci intenta plantear. el nombre se viene del sustantivo plural del termino en latín locus, que se puede asociar a un largo conjunto de conceptos, como lugar, situación, estado. el proyecto fue presentado en el sábado, 16 de julio, en el espacio de memoria la perla, como parte de mi participación en la residencia del proyecto demolición/construcción. aún en desarrollo, la aplicación web fue presentada como prototipo para su discusión en conjunto con los demás artistas y pensadores participantes. más detalles cuanto al proceso de desarrollo serán revelados luego. es también de mi intención publicar acá un texto que soporta conceptualmente algunas de las cuestiones tratadas por el proyecto (conforme anuncié un par de semanas atrás).