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Sculpture for Artists

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Old master drawings, construction, synthetic form and Glenn Vilppu. Leadbirdie's deviantART gallery. Masters Plaster Anatomical Arm - 17"x15"x7" Du Human Anatomy Model Muscle Head Skull with Muscles Artistic Anatomy. Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomical Model 2.0 Reference Tool by A New Type(writer) of Art. I know people who prefer typewriters to computers.

A New Type(writer) of Art

There is something satisfying about clicking away on a manual machine, although I'm glad to not have the need for white-out any more. But Jeremy Mayer is into typewriters in an unusual way - he makes art with them. The Compleat Sculptor - Anatomical Refernces. Plaster Casts for Artists Study. "The Giust Gallery... is a real gem.

Plaster Casts for Artists Study

When I arrived I was greeted warmly and taken on a tour of their studio. I was amazed at the bulk of there collection. One could tell that The Giust Gallery really took pride in the work. They took time with me to thoroughly explain each step of there working practices. Later they described a little about there history in the States and how they came to acquire all of these wonderful molds. "