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They’re Among the World’s Oldest Living Things. The Climate Crisis Is Killing Them. Sequoia Crest, Calif. — Until a few years ago, about the only thing that killed an old-growth giant sequoia was old age.

They’re Among the World’s Oldest Living Things. The Climate Crisis Is Killing Them.

Not only are they the biggest of the world’s trees, by volume — the General Sherman Tree, considered the largest, is 36 feet in diameter at its base and 275 feet tall — they are among the oldest. At least one fallen giant sequoia was estimated to have been more than 3,200 years old. They last so long that, historically, only one or two of every thousand old-growth trees dies annually, according to Nate Stephenson, a research ecologist for the United States Geological Survey. Fire always was a frequent visitor to sequoia groves, but rarely a threat. Mature sequoias are virtually fireproof because the bark can be several feet thick. Until now. Dr. “I could go, ‘Oh, there’s a fir needle, that’s incense cedar, that’s oak, that’s a pine,’” Dr. Deep Note – Our legendary sound. Sea Urchin Sculptures Promote Sustainability Through Interactive Art. For this year's i Light Marina Bay Festival, a sustainability-focused, Singapore-based spectacle, Choi+Shine Architects created The Urchins, a series of 3 interactive installations.

The crochet sea urchin sculptures have been meticulously crafted by hand, offering attendees a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. Speaking to the event's theme of sustainability. each 56-foot-tall work of interactive art symbolizes the beauty and diversity of nature. Though, at night, the works are spotlit by artificial luminescence, during the day, The Urchins rely on natural light to cast ephemeral, ever-changing shadows. Similarly, each suspended sculpture organically moves when touched by the wind or even visitors, who are invited to handle the polyester cords and panels that compose it.

Given their large scale, creating each sea urchin was no small feat. Choi+Shine Architects designed and created The Urchins, a series of 3 installations. Choi+Shine Architects: Website | Facebook h/t: [Contemporist] 23 Cool Sculptures You Won't Believe Actually Exist.

Giant Marionettes - Copy

3,200 Year Old Tree Never Been Captured In A Single Image... (Distractify) Cloaked in the snows of California’s Sierra Nevada, the 3,200-year-old giant sequoia called the President rises 247 feet.

3,200 Year Old Tree Never Been Captured In A Single Image...

Two other sequoias have wider trunks, but none has a larger crown, say the scientists who climbed it. The figure at top seems taller than the other climbers because he’s standing forward on one of the great limbs. The trunk is 27 feet wide and the his mighty branches hold 2 billion needles, the most of any tree on the planet. On top of that, he still adds one cubic meter of wood per year – making him one of the fastest growing trees in the world. Giant sequoias exist in only one place, where The President and smaller trees that make up his “House” and “Senate”, reside. The team painstakingly put together a set of pulleys and levers to climb the tree. Awesome stuff. Chael Nichols, Ngm staff. Order Large Format Prints at: The Himalayas from 20,000 ft. : great video.

The Hand of Peace. Little Amal's 5,000 Mile Journey HIghlights the Plight of Child Refugees. Photo: Bevan Roos From April to July of 2021, an 11.5-foot-tall puppet named Little Amal will make her way from the Syria-Turkey border to the UK, following the path of many refugees.

Little Amal's 5,000 Mile Journey HIghlights the Plight of Child Refugees

Nine-year-old Amal is in search of her mother and makes the harrowing 4,970-mile journey alone. This is the story told by Good Chance Theatre who, in collaboration with the Handspring Puppet Company, has brought Amal to life in order to shine a light on the international refugee crisis. Along her journey, in a performance titled The Walk, Little Amal will make stops in over 70 cities, towns, and villages. She'll be welcomed with art, from major street parades and city-wide performances of music, dance, and theater, to intimate community events. In this follow up to The Jungle, which had a successful run at London's Young Vic theater, Good Chance Theatre is coordinating its biggest project ever.

Can you tell us about how Good Chance started and what the “Theatre of Hope” is? Photo: Nick Wall. Contestants From A Photoshop Challenge Put Exaggerated Objects In Cities (55 Pics)