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Beth Cavener - Follow the black rabbit. Juxtapoz Magazine - Kristian Burford's Voyeuristic Installations. Modular Chocolate – Combiner des chocolats pour créer de nouvelles saveurs. PRINT A DRINK - ABOUT. PRINT A DRINK combines methods from robotics, life sciences, and design to explore a completely new field of 3D-printing.


Rather than building up objects layer by layer, the process uses a high-end KUKA Robots to accurately “inject” microliter-drops of edible liquid into a cocktail. Within a minute, PRINT A DRINK can build up complex 3D structures in a wide range of drinks – creating fascinating augmented cocktails using only high quality ingredients. Gert bullee. Heike brachlow. Heike brachlow. Heike brachlow. Romain Langlois , sculpteur , bronze , calcite. De-dimension _ From 2D to 3D. The history of the image has always aligned with the history of the human race.

De-dimension _ From 2D to 3D

In our vast history, it has been understood and depicted in various forms. Nowadays, owing to scientific technology, it is developing in its form, from photography, film and even further towards virtual reality. Even the advent of 3D printing skills shake our fundamental notion of the image. Unlike the past, we are not only seeing the image as a means of reproducing objects, but also giving essential identity to the image itself. In other words, though the image still shows its visual effect on a flat plane, it is not just an expression of representation, but a making real an experience.

From 2D to 3D_thesis_pdf. Choi Jongha Thesis. Pop up furniture by liddy scheffknecht. Getting my Mehserle out! Mona hatoum. Heidi Lunabba. Tomás Saraceno 'Aerocene' Installation - Inspired by Ongoing Research with MIT Faculty - On View at the Grand Palais During UN COP21 Climate Summit. Valérie kolakis - Rien ne sert de rien, cependant tout arrive. L'Oeil de Poisson, Québec, QC, Canada. 2012.

valérie kolakis - Rien ne sert de rien, cependant tout arrive

Untitled (Vitrine), 2012. Ink Jet Print. 114.3 x 152.4 cm. Untitled (The Unbuilt House) 2011. Pencil on paper. 22 x 32 cm. Exhibition View, Rien ne sert de rien, cependant tout arrive, 2012. Alginate Mold - Polyester resin copy - 2. Gallery. Stefan Sakic: sotto tensione. Miguel Luciano - Pure Plantainum, 2006. Anti-Theft Car/Bike Device. Rachel de Joode is a multimedia artist interested in processes of deconstruction and the abstraction of banal paraphernalia.

Using material representations to explore social and cultural structures, she investigates the relationship between man and object, the contemporary and the historical, with a playful anthropological bent. de Joode is founder and art-director of Meta Magazine, as well founder and curator of the art auction house de Joode & Kamutzki. Le Refuge. Esprit Nouveau n°9. Jim Hodges’ Buoyant Monoliths: The Walker’s Newest Outdoor Commission — Magazine. On one of my frequent visits to Jim Hodges' studio last year to work on the Walker’s 2014 survey exhibition, a drawing pinned to the wall drew my attention—the first sketch for a monumental work that’s coming to the Walker this spring.

Jim Hodges’ Buoyant Monoliths: The Walker’s Newest Outdoor Commission — Magazine

It was a small depiction of a boulder onto which the artist had adhered a piece of shiny pink foil. The metal swatch followed the contours of one of the faces of the rock, highlighting its dimensions, catching and casting light and throwing shadows across the surface. Jim had just returned from his first trip to India and the studio was redolent with ideas—drawings and folded paper constructions were displayed on tables and walls around the space. I asked about the drawing, a standout among Jim’s studio experiments, and he told me about his idea for a major new outdoor sculpture: a grouping of massive boulders arranged in a circle on a field.

Over the next few months, the artist visited the Walker several times to study the campus. Then came shipping. Colorless, Odorless and Tasteless (2011) < Eva and Franco Mattes. Arcade game modified to fit an engine that emits carbon monoxide as the player accelerates Exhibition view, Carroll/Fletcher, London.

Colorless, Odorless and Tasteless (2011) < Eva and Franco Mattes

Www.alicjakwade. VVORK. »The Real Thing« is an installation to filter Coca-Cola into clean drinking water.


By Helmut Smits from 2006. »Quarter Pipe« from 2005. Materials: wood, mirror, vinyl. Bastiaan Buijs' Sex Toys. Ripples of Time - Sand. DUCK / Olivier Cablat. Crystal Wagner Installations - Neon Canopy. fP Immersion relief print, screen-print, cut paper, birthday party table cloth.

Crystal Wagner Installations - Neon Canopy

Leaves 3D — Susanna Bauer. Dissected Classical Sculpture by Cao Hui. Andr� robillard. Les objets improbables et délirants de Kenji Kawakami au Palais de Tokyo. 777767816_6e8054083a_o.jpg (JPEG Image, 1644 × 2264 pixels) - Scaled (44%) Marc quinn kate moss. White cube 07. 7+Marc+Quinn,+Peter+Hull,+1999[1].jpg (JPEG Image, 1112 × 1600 pixels) - Scaled (62%) Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Juxtapoz Magazine - Robert Mickelsen "Weapons of Peace" @ Habatat Galleries. Now on display at Habatat Galleries in West Palm Beach, FL is "Weapons of Peace," an exhibition by Robert Mickelsen.

Juxtapoz Magazine - Robert Mickelsen "Weapons of Peace" @ Habatat Galleries

"As long as humans have been on the planet, they have made weapons. And as long as humans have made weapons, they have made art. Human weapons have always had an element of art in them. The question is why? Why make an object designed to kill beautiful? Could it be that humankind’s historic propensity for conflict is balanced by an equal propensity to art and beauty? I am not a “gun” person.

First and foremost, for me, the series makes perfect sense. Zander blom. "Angles Mirror" (2013) by Daniel Rozin. -swimming pool von-leandro-erlich. Resin Obsession - Amber resin tutorial. Did you know natural amber is actually fossilized tree resin?

Resin Obsession - Amber resin tutorial

It came from resin that oozed from tree bark millions of years ago. Wearing the fossil in jewelry dates back centuries and is a very classic look. Did you know that you can make in your own? (and you don't need millions of years to do it) Measure and mix your resin using 1 ounce plastic mixing cups and stir stix. To make the resin amber colored, I used two drops of Castin' Craft transparent amber dye in the left cup and one drop of amber and one drop of Castin' Craft transparent green dye in the right cup.

To give the resin the appearance of natural amber, you will need to add some inclusions. Mix the mica into your resin. Pour the resin into the mold. Francesco FINIZIO. Nina saunders. CMYK Color Puzzle. Un puzzle composé de 1000 pièces, cela paraît déjà compliqué. Que diriez-vous alors d’un puzzle composé de 1000 pièces de 1000 couleurs différentes? Présentée sous la forme d’une gamme de couleurs CMJN, voici l’idée de l’artiste designer Clemens Habicht qui affirme que le puzzle est plus facile à achever qu’à l’accoutumée : le placement des pièces deviendrait intuitif grâce au dégradé de couleurs, un vrai jeu d’enfant. Noël DOLLA. Autonomous Machines Project by Echo Yang. Analog machine action: Autonomous Machines Project by Echo Yang examines modern generative design processes, where computer software iterates endless variations, by turning old school (obsolete) analog devices into instruments of self-generated output, for example, by attaching a swab with paint to a bobbing tin chicken wind-up toy and recording the dabs.

(Click the images below for full sized images) TinToy (Chicken) Details: Devices investigated in the series include cassette tape Walkman, wind-up alarm clock, hand mixer, vacuum cleaner, and electric shaver. Exhibited at the Graduation Show, Design Academy Eindhoven, during Dutch Design Week 2013. Hand Mixer. Molduras derretidas. Art.

Du plastique qui coule sur des statues.