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Andrew Clark CG Portfolio. John Valenti - 3d Environment Artist. Alan Van Ryzin. Gavriil Afanasyev Klimov - Concept Artist. Andrew Clark CG Portfolio. Neil Gowland - Environment Artist. Jeff Severson » Props. The Art of Christoffer Radsby. John Valenti - 3d Environment Artist. MarshallCreations. - Images. Micke "vonSkellington" Sundvall. Fairly old stuff.

Micke "vonSkellington" Sundvall

For the latest - check out my blog or follow this thread on CgTalk. -DM-Biohazardous, UT3- Made in two weeks for the Old school mapping contest on 3dBuzz 2008. All stock content. Download (29 meg) -Ctf-DeConstruction, UT2k4- A try to make a fun earthbound map for Ut2k4. Download (16.5 meg) Sam Roberts - Environment Artist. Michelle Laumann. Underground Tunnel : Chris Green. Temple Ruins - UDK Environment [SUPER IMAGE HEAVY] Hey Eat3d it's been a while!

Temple Ruins - UDK Environment [SUPER IMAGE HEAVY]

I have been insanely busy with school resulting in a lack of forum creeping time. This is my final for one of my classes. It was a "group" project with one other team member (huge team right?) I worked with my friend Grace Galarosa who came up with the concept art and layout/look. The scene is heavily inspired by the ever so popular Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia along with various others.

This was my first time actually completing a project with a vertex painting shader. All the stone assets we made were sculpted in Zbrush very lightly for a base normal map as the rest of the normal detail came from the material. Go to vimeo for the 1080p version of the vid. I'm down for any crits too! Futuristic modular Sci-fi building (CE3) Hey guys, I already posted this on other forums and I thought I might share it here as well.

Futuristic modular Sci-fi building (CE3)

I´ve modeled this futuristic scifi building. More info on how its setup and additional images can be found here or through my website: Let me know what you think. I´ve intentionally kept it clean and didn´t want to go for a weathered look. Futuristic scifi building [CryEngine3] - CGHUB Forum. Mike Ogden 3D Artist.

Creating Modular Environments in UDK - Thiago Klafke. Introduction This tutorial is a result of the knowledge acquired during the production of Zest Foundation.

Creating Modular Environments in UDK - Thiago Klafke

That environment started as a simple and casual study of modular sci-fi pieces and quickly grew into one of my biggest personal projects so far. I learned a lot during the production and I thought I could repay the community with some of this knowledge. For this environment I used 3ds max for modeling, Photoshop for texture painting and UDK for rendering. I'll try to keep all concepts pretty universal so other engines or modeling packages users can understand it. I hope you learn a thing or two and I'm very curious to see what you make with the techniques presented in this tutorial.

Planning One of the most important steps when working with modular sets is to invest a lot of time in planning. Modular. Attachment:Felix_Fewes_Westin_Modular_Boulder_Cave_Tut.jpg of ModularBoulderCave. Orb - game environment stuff. TilingRockWallBeyer. Home – – 3D Graphic by Francesco Camarlinghi. Scenes : Tuan Tran's Portfolio. Chong Qing Alley Wireframe.

Scenes : Tuan Tran's Portfolio

[Tutorial] Rock modeling techniques. [Technical Talk] - FAQ: Environment Modeling & Resources. Good idea, awesome thread.

[Technical Talk] - FAQ: Environment Modeling & Resources

Every enviro artist should know the basics of lighting. This type of knowledge crosses just about every platform and 3D app and its surprising how many people don't even bother. More advanced 3dsMax Lighting Quick Railings from There is actually a faster way but this way is more through. Advanced painter script, for paint scattering rocks, trees, bushes, garbage and for painting wire splines. Not so Quick Tips: - Observe, record and recreate: I can't stress this enough. You're in the business of recreating the world around you, how can you afford not to use some of the easiest reference available? - Have camera will travel: Don't just take it on ref hunting expeditions but keep it on you. . - "You're (scene is) not a beautiful and unique snow flake, You're (scene is) made of the same decaying matter as everything else" When you build a scene consider what is outside of the viewable area.

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Vincent Mayeur - Portfolio - 3D Artist

Valentin Levillain. Factory Scene : Oliver Bartman. Mateusz Piaskiewicz - Level Artist - Portfolio.