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The cure for syphilis is… ...malaria The main headlines from the newly reformed and repentant Telegraph and Mail on the latest IPCC report (AR5 working group 3, on mitigation) were – Fracking can be part of the solution to global warming, say UN climate change experts Fracking can help to slow global warming admit UN scientists... and so can nuclear power So what exactly did the new report (IPCC AR5 WG3 SPM) say about fracking? You’ll never guess. Posted by Graham Thompson - 16 April, 2014 - 13:13 - Transforming Europe’s fishing policy – the end and the beginning Every ten years the European Union’s set of laws on fishing, the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), gets an overhaul.

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Chief Seattle's Speech of 1854 - Version 1 Version 1 (below) appeared in the Seattle Sunday Star on Oct. 29, 1887, in a column by Dr. Henry A. Smith. Why are we a nation of tree-huggers? 3 February 2011Last updated at 15:44 By Jon Kelly BBC News Magazine Plans to transfer ownership of many public forests in England have provoked a huge row. But why are we so protective of our woodlands? Campaign against Climate Change The Campaign against Climate Change brings people together to push for the urgent and resolute action we need to prevent the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate. Philosophy Here in the UK the CCC directed its campaigning efforts for many years against the Bush administration in the US because it was the biggest block on any kind of progress towards such an agreement. At the same time we recognise that the UK is amongst the world's richer and longest-industrialised countries whose high-consuming lifestyles and consequent high current and historical emissions of carbon dioxide are the major cause of climate change which will impact hardest and most immediately on the world's poorest and most vulnerable communities. History

WaterAid Water educational resources Our work with schools in the UK Get inspired by stories from schools around the UK. Our new education pack The Water Resource will help bring stories from countries like Zambia to your classroom. Our work with schools in America Join students across the US in learning more about the water and sanitation crisis or raising funds for WaterAid’s work. Ocean Energy: Tidal and Wave Power Earth’s global oceans cover approximately 71% of the planet, roughly 3.6×10^8 km squared. It has been estimated that if humans find an efficient way to harness at least 0.2% of the potential energy within wave power and tidal power, enough energy would be generated to power the entire world. Ocean power has been utilized by humans for hundreds of years and is one of the oldest forms of energy known to us. For example, tide mills and water wheels have been used successfully to power farms, homes, factories, and electricity.

Wildlife Webcams - Live from the Rainforest Enjoying this page? If everyone watching World Land Trust's webcams made a donation of £1, it would cover the cost of keeping the cameras running and enable us to add more to the network! For example, text WEBC13 £3 ($5) to 70070 to donate £3 ($5) to World Land Trust's webcam fund. Donate with Live webcams by the World Land Trust (WLT) stream rainforest life from across South America

Online Eco Resources Home » Events Featured Events Featured Friends of the Earth: Learning : Get Involved : Home Contact Us England | Cymru/Wales | Northern Ireland Home Tidal power [Tidal Power] Navigation Introduction, Tidal barrage, Current technology, Pumping, Economics, Social Implications, Environmental Aspects,Tidal streams, Current technology, Economics, Social Implications, Environmental Aspects, Conclusions Introduction If there is one thing we can safely predict and be sure of on this planet, it is the coming and going of the tide.

Dutch Study Says Wi-Fi Makes Trees Sick A recent study by Dutch scientists found that Wi-Fi radiation could be responsible for sickness in urban-populated trees. Image: baltimoresun What would life be like without Wi-Fi, bringer of high speed internet access?

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