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California teen gets detention for sharing lunch with classmate. A Northern California student was disciplined for sharing his lunch with a classmate, KRCR-TV reported. 13-year-old Kyle Bradford said he was sent to detention after offering a chicken burrito to a friend on Tuesday at Weaverville Elementary School. The friend was reportedly unhappy with the cheese sandwich served in the school’s cafeteria. “It seemed like he couldn’t get a normal lunch so I just wanted to give mine to him,” Bradford told KRCR. “I wasn’t really that hungry and it was just going to go in the garbage if I didn’t eat it.” Trinity Alps Unified School District superintendent Tom Barnett said that the district bans students from sharing meals as a way to guard against potential allergy attacks. “If students are concerned about other students not having enough to eat we would definitely want to consider that,” Barnett said. The boy’s mother, Sandy Bradford, said her reaction went from shock to anger when she found out the nature of his suspension.

Just When You Thought The Crazy Had Hit The Top … Along Comes OH DEAR GOD NO. Female Students Fuming After High School Alters Yearbook Photos To Show Less Skin. This cover-up got exposed. Female students at Wasatch High School in Heber City, Utah, are ticked because their yearbook photos were altered to reveal less skin -- without their knowledge. Sophomore Shelby Baum (pictured below) noticed that the neckline on her blouse had been raised. "They didn’t give you an option to fix it, so you look funny in your yearbook picture," she told Fox 13 in the segment above.

(Story continues below.) An example of a student's edited yearbook photo. Others complained to the station that the policy seemed arbitrary -- some students are shown in untouched pictures wearing less. School officials copped to the modesty photoshop, saying students know the dress code and that a sign at the photo session warned them that their pictures could be edited. At BuzzFeed, reader reactions ranged from the sarcastic -- "Uh oh, can't have young impressionable boys seeing sinful female shoulders!

On Reddit, one commenter took direct aim at administrators. (Hat tip, Uproxx) Cancer Patient Banned From Daughter's Elementary School. Terrorist Attacks in the U.S.: Totalitarianism vs. Civil War I-II. Part I Bloody Mother’s Day in New Orleans on May 13 became the most recent in a series of terrorist attacks in the U.S. in a short period. After the bombings in Boston came a terrorist attack during a car rally in Atlanta (4/16), the sabotage shooting of a power substation in the Silicon Valley (4/17), massive explosions in Texas (4/18), an announcement that seven more bombs had been found in Boston (4/20)… Why Boston and Texas? Why, several hours before the explosions in Texas, did Republican Gregg Abbot, the attorney general of that state and a likely gubernatorial candidate, declare to his fellow party members that President Obama and his Democrat supporters are «far more dangerous» than the leader of North Korea, who had threatened a nuclear attack on the U.S.?

The media focused all its attention on the Boston marathon, while in Texas, even according to official figures, many more people died than in Boston. The dollar is rapidly losing its position as the world reserve currency. DHS training with practice targets featuring children, pregnant woman? Bryana Johnson DALLAS, February 28, 2013 — Minnesota-based Law Enforcement Targets, Inc (LET) has been awarded $5.5 million in contracts with the federal government, including $2 million with the Department of Homeland Security. In light of this fact, it’s no wonder that the American people were outraged last week when it was uncovered that the firm had released a series of gun practice targets featuring a pregnant woman, a child, a young mother and grandparents.

This No More Hesitation series includes seven total targets, each subject armed: Pregnant Woman, seen in front of the backdrop of a nursery, Older Man 1, stands in his home, in front of a bookshelf and Older Man 2, Older Woman, is depicted in a bathrobe in her kitchen. The Young Mother, seen on a playground, is holding a toddler’s hand in one hand, gun in the other. LET said that the targets were requested by law enforcement agencies and designed in order to “train police officers for unusually complex situations.”

Sniper Ammunition Being Ordered By Homeland Security As Ammo Buildup Continues :