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New Home - Leak Project. Conspiracy Detectives. Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt - Articles. UK DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE DOCUMENT Titled - DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036 (DCDC) stands for Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre This is the DOD Document Alan has spoken about many times in his blurbs and as a guest host.

Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt - Articles

Also, linked below, is the original blurb where Alan does an in-depth talk on pertinent portions of the text.Download the PDF File (6.11 mb)LISTEN TO BLURB • DOCUMENT • Agenda 21 Document • DOCUMENT "Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance" "NANOTECHNOLOGY, BIOTECHNOLOGY, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COGNITIVE SCIENCE" National Science Foundation / Department Of Commerce-sponsored report - June 2002 (Large .PDF file approx. 7 MB): NBIC 405-page report. • AUDIO - Aldous Huxley: The Ultimate Revolution, March 20, 1962 (Scientific Dictatorship Speech at Berkeley University) The Speech (MP3 - Listen / Download) (RealAudio - Listen) Question and Answer Session (MP3 - Listen / Download)(RealAudio - Listen) The Black Vault Radio - Hosted by John Greenewald, Jr.

Crrow777 Radio. The Last American Vagabond. Woodward Studios. Channels. Sound Minds Preview.


Crrow777 Radio. (6) Former AIDS Scientist Exposes Dr. Fauci’s Medical Corruption. Home - Lighting The Void. Breaking News. Limited Advanced Release Superblue Silver Immune Gargle is an incredible New formula designed to support your immune system like no other.

Breaking News

Defend against bacteria and irritation today with the only FDA certified wound treatment product of its kind - SuperSilver Wound Dressing Gel from Infowars Life! – - Because Censorship Kills - The truth for those who want it. Sex Abuse Scandals News Articles. Below are key excerpts of little-known, yet highly revealing news articles on sex abuse scandals from the major media.

Sex Abuse Scandals News Articles

Links are provided to the full news articles for verification. If any link fails to function, read this webpage. These articles on sex abuse scandals are listed by order of importance. The Micro Effect Radio Broadcast Network. One Radio Network / New Technologies – Articles - One Radio Network. Britain’s Fertility Regulator has Approved 3-Parent GMO Babies | Natural Society Britain’s Fertility Regulator has Approved 3-Parent GMO Babies | Natural Society Natural Society The UK’s fertility regulator has given approval for the “cautious use” of techniques to create a baby using the DNA of 3 people. [1] The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) announced its “historic” decision December 15 and said that it would… First Human Injected With Controversial Genetically Modified Genes First Human Injected With Controversial Genetically Modified Genes Natural Society For the first time in history, a human has been injected with genes edited using the CRISPR-Cas9 method. [1] The experiment took place on 28 October 2016, when a team of Chinese scientists, led byoncologist Lu You at Sichuan University in Chengdu, delivered… Top 10 Ways to Know the Earth is Not Flat.

One Radio Network / New Technologies – Articles - One Radio Network

Home - Leak Project. MrMBB333 - Space Weather, Earthquake Forecasting, Earths Magnetic Field~ #MrMBB333. 20 Declassified Files Proving Governmental Crime & Conspiracy - Part 1. Governmental crime & conspiracy is everywhere, but some still refuse to believe it.

20 Declassified Files Proving Governmental Crime & Conspiracy - Part 1

These 20 declassified files prove it – in undeniable black and white documents. in a world where truthtellers and open-minded investigators are shut down, censored and accused of being “conspiracy theorists.” Listen to Truth Frequency Radio Live - Your protection from deception. Radio Garden. Simon Parkes Official Website. American Intelligence Media. RichiefromBoston is creating alternative view videos. OneCellOneLightRadio Online Radio. Untitled. Revolution Radio at - Studio A Schedule. - The search engine for independent news and information. Welcome to UNICUS News. 2.


Act normal If you are a high-risk source, avoid saying anything or doing anything after submitting which might promote suspicion. In particular, you should try to stick to your normal routine and behaviour. TruthTube451 (AKA MrGlasgowTruther) Most Recent Videos Stats (Statistics), TruthTube451 (AKA MrGlasgowTruther) Videos, Views, Ratings, Likes, Favorites. SHOWS & STATIONS. UK Indymedia. Conspiracy. The reproductions of the 50 foot arch that stood at the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria that will be erected in New York City and London next month will only be the first of many.


As you will see below, it turns out that there are plans to put arches in hundreds more cities all over the globe. The organization behind this is the Institute of Digital Archaeology, which is a joint venture between Harvard University, the University of Oxford and Dubai’s Museum of the Future. The initial arches from the Temple of Baal that will be erected in New York and London as part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Week in April are intended “as a gesture of defiance“, but ultimately the plan is to share this “cultural treasure” with as many cities around the planet as possible. "Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan/Frankfurt School schemes for a Final Solution to the "Christian European Problem" by Nick Griffin - European Knights Project. European leaders talk about two things these days: preserving European values by taking in Muslim migrants and integrating Muslim migrants into Europe by getting them to adopt European values.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan/Frankfurt School schemes for a Final Solution to the "Christian European Problem" by Nick Griffin - European Knights Project

The problem, of course, is that the influx is going to KILL liberal values. Some of the political elite are doing it quite deliberately of course, implementing the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan/Frankfurt School schemes for a Final Solution to the Christian European Problem through mass immigration and miscegenation intended from the very start to breed out of existence the people who created Christendom and Europe. Uploaded by News. 75,166 Videos.

Uploaded by News

Showing Newest from #1NEWSTop Videos Music Classical Listen FunnyFailsArtist ListAwwGamingMinisodeScienceTechnologyTEDTWiTTrailersM.M.PBSWSJAPCSPANCNNRTTMZE! ABCCBSPoliticsSportsESPNConspiracy. Political News and Latest Headlines in Politics. - Talk Radio Without Corporate Collusion. How To Tell If Your Beliefs Are Actually Lies, Vinny Eastwood, Dr Rima Laibow, Ralph Fusetola - Welcome to The Vinny Eastwood Show. Trawling the Farm for Human Energy. On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. Did CIA Director William Casey Really Say ‘We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False’? – CIA Flashback: “We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”

(Truthstream Media, Jan 13, 2015): William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” (Truthstream Media) That creepy quote above has been widely attributed to Former CIA Director William Casey.Casey was the 13th CIA Director from 1981 until he left in January 1987. Project Camelot Productions Interviews Index. StopTheCrime. The Freedom Line. "D" Weapons Use Appliances to Spy on Homes, Internet as Cyber Battleground: “World War III is a Guerrilla Information War" Though it has remained officially unsaid, the powers that be have all-but-officially designated the American people as their enemy in a foggy battleground that has become global, nebulous, highly technological and extremely paranoid.

Homeland Security and FBI protocol have set the stage for profiling Americans as potential threats, while the rising police state have often cracked down with a heavy hand and perhaps a SWAT raid. The War on Terror, global jihad, cyber attacks and a new Cold War have all contributed the necessary pretexts for an atmosphere of control and preemptive suspicion that seemingly justifies total surveillance of the population. USCYBERCOM, activated by the federal government in 2009 and operated by the director of the NSA, adds a whole new dimension to that, by bringing home – to computer screens and devices everywhere – the cyberwar. This digital surveillance age does not make spying on persons of interest merely possible or probable in any theoretical sense.

Project Blue Book Collection - Powered by The Black Vault. MOCKINGBIRD: The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA. Notes to Letter of April 25, 1992: 1. Mark Hosenball, "The Ultimate Conspiracy", Washington Post, September 11, 1988, p.C1 2a. Illuminati News Welcome Page. - World Class Investigative Truth. Want to know the truth? Verifiable information on banking, health, energy, media, war, elections, 9/11, more.

Financial Collapse. Conspiracy and Paranormal Podcast. Omniversity: A Portal to the Omniverse. Internet UFO Paranormal and Alternative Radio Talk Show, Recent Sightings Of UFOs, Latest News - VERITAS Radio is Veritas Radio Network. Truth Movement News. Home - End the Lie – Independent News. The Jack Blood Show. Conscious Life News.

Prevent - Aiming Towards Better Health. Freeing America – One Enslaved Mind at a Time. FreemanTV - Friends of Freeman. Zen Gardner – How To Study Alternate News Without It Eating You Alive. ***Listen Live HERE.*** June 30, 2014. 6-7pm est. Guest: Zen Gardner – How To Study Alternate News Without It Eating You Alive. Democracy Now headlines To Take notice... Thousands of people have taken to the streets across Brazil to protest the billions of dollars being spent on the World Cup, which begins next month.

In São Paulo, thousands of families have occupied an area near the site of the opening match. Outside the stadium Thursday, protesters called for more spending on housing, health and education. GMO headlines hand-picked by Natural News editors from across the web. Alternative news covering health, finance, environment, politics and more. EXOPOLITICS: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe. Dr. Maree Batchelor, MD, New Human physician & energy medicine DNA healer, works with Blue Ray Founder Race ETs for planetary density Ascension to Golden Age. Red Ice Creations. A Weekly Radio Program with Dr. Helen Caldicott. Darkness Radio, Darkness Dave, Darkness on the edge of town.

10 powerful corporations control most of what you consume: Food, news and more. The Solari Report Blog. PN. Home - UrbanSurvival. Untitled. No More Fake News Jon Rappoport Investigative Reporter. TwoCrowsParanormal. Freedom of Knowledge; The Power of Thought. Waking Times - Entering a Time of Natural Health, Elevated Consciousness, Sustainable Living and Total Freedom.

Jef Harvey: Healing The Matrix - Radio Show Podcast - OffPlanet Radio-Spirituality, UFOs, ET, Paranormal, Fringe Science. Homepage. Water crisis - The Watchers. - Accelerating Human Evolution. Another Batch of Wall Street Villains Freed on Technicality. King World News. KWN SPECIAL: ROADMAP FROM $5,000 TO $20,000 GOLD & MORE - Grant Williams: Vulpes PM Portfolio Manager & IM Strategy Advisor - Grant Williams is the portfolio manager of the Vulpes Precious Metals Fund and strategy advisor to Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore.

Grant has 28 years of experience in finance on the Asian, Australian, European and US markets and has held senior positions at several international investment houses, including Robert Fleming, UBS and Credit Suisse. Foei home page — English. Dr Coldwell Opinion Radio. Independent Living News. Headlines. FactCheck. People Powered News. Civilian Intelligence Agency. Agenda Truth - Alternative & Libertarian News Source. Fukushima Forever. Recent disclosures of tons of radioactive water from the damaged Fukushima reactors spilling into the ocean are just the latest evidence of the continuing incompetence of the Japanese utility, TEPCO.