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Best Bike Lock Ever? Hiplok D1000 Anti-Angle Grinder U-Lock Review. Home » Biking » Best Bike Lock Ever?

Best Bike Lock Ever? Hiplok D1000 Anti-Angle Grinder U-Lock Review

Hiplok D1000 Anti-Angle Grinder U-Lock Review. Japanese Carpenters Unearth 100-Year-Old Wood Joineries While Taking Apart a Traditional House. According to myth, the first Japanese poet, Susano-o, the storm god, named the activity of building as equal to the works of nature.

Japanese Carpenters Unearth 100-Year-Old Wood Joineries While Taking Apart a Traditional House

Travel blog Kansai Odyssey writes, “Susano-o felt rather inspired” while at Suga Shrine in Shimane Prefecture, “and recited the first poem in Japanese literature.” This Compilation of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery is Highly Satisfying » TwistedSifter. At the end of the 12th century, fine woodworking skills and knowledge were brought into Japan from China.

This Compilation of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery is Highly Satisfying » TwistedSifter

Over time, these joinery skills were refined and passed down, resulting in the fine wood joineries Japan is known for. UniLid® Set: One Lid Fits All (Clear/3 Sets) Description The average American family spends over $200 on plastic wrap and aluminum foil each year.

UniLid® Set: One Lid Fits All (Clear/3 Sets)

LifeStraw Lifestraw Personal Water Filter. Some of our tools: “awl” The names of weapons, tools, and all kinds of appurtenances provide a rare insight into the history of civilization.

Some of our tools: “awl”

Soldiers and journeymen travel from land to land, and the names of their instruments, whether murderous or peaceful, become so called migratory words (Wanderwörter, as they are called in German: words errant, as it were). Kinekt Suspension Stem - Smooth Out Every Ride. by Cirrus Cycles. When cycling, there’s not much worse than rough pavement, potholes, cracks, and the vibrations from dirt and gravel roads.

Kinekt Suspension Stem - Smooth Out Every Ride. by Cirrus Cycles

Numb hands, sore wrists, tight neck and shoulders! We’ve experienced the same aches and pains. So we built on the success of our Kinekt Suspension Seatpost, using the same patented parallelogram design, and created the Kinekt Active Suspension Stem. It smooths out every ride. Compact Caruso all-in-one fills the room with "audiophile sound" Germany's T+A has announced the upcoming release of its latest Caruso all-in-one music system.

Compact Caruso all-in-one fills the room with "audiophile sound"

Built for modern audiophiles, the third generation compact unit is said to generate "a phenomenally well-balanced, natural and clear sound image in the whole listening area. " The Caruso measures 11.4 x 11.4 x 10.6 inches (29 x 29 x 27 cm) and tips the scales at 26.5 lb (12 kg). Within its aluminum chassis are three amplifiers that provide the 170-mm long throw woofer with 100 watts of continuous power and 50 watts to each of two speaker sets containing mid/high drivers. T+A is promising ultra-wide dispersion, and reports a frequency response of 200 Hz to over 30 kHz, and low distortion of 0.02 percent. Strong Hand Tools. These Adjustable Magnets Clamp Steel Together Like a Boss.

This Handheld Inkjet Printer Can Print on Just About Any Surface. Cheap Circular Saws. Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Will Feature Fully Functioning Breakfast Sandwich Maker. In the latest tantalizing peek at the next-gen hardware, Sony just revealed their upcoming PS5 will feature a fully functional breakfast sandwich maker.

Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Will Feature Fully Functioning Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Clearly, this is Sony going all-in on the promise of a future where gamers can seamlessly transition from gaming to enjoying a perfectly made egg sandwich. It looks like the future of video gaming is coming sooner than we think! “Integrating a breakfast sandwich maker into the PlayStation 5’s architecture means it’s been engineered from the ground up with the idea of starting your day with a nice, hearty meal,” said Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan, touting the console as the “definitive all-in-one device” for its ability to simultaneously prepare an English muffin, bacon, and egg in under five minutes. Why Passive Loudspeakers Are Not Going Out Without a Fight. Outlery's collapsible cutlery might be the world's smallest utensil set.

Cheap and Easy Laundry Hacks. TOP ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (25) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (16) Let us clue you into some materials that you can keep in your laundry room or elsewhere around the home and how they can be used to find some cheap and easy solutions to common laundry problems.

Cheap and Easy Laundry Hacks

Dark Denim Care. How to Get Rid of Dust 2019. Photo: Catherine McGann/Getty Images Dust can be a nuisance for multiple reasons: Tiny particles of skin, dirt, and dander can coat the surfaces of your furniture and walls (making things look dingier), and also — as gross as it is — fill your lungs, which is why dust is often the underlying cause of allergies.

How to Get Rid of Dust 2019

Regular professional cleanings are often the best way to deal with dust, but on your own time, you can also keep your home fresh by avoiding clutter (a dust magnet), keeping windows closed, and laundering dusty linens and curtains. Dusting surfaces regularly is also key, and by now we’ve come a long way from the traditional flouncy feather duster. Here, we asked ten professional cleaners to weigh in on the most efficient ways to get rid of dust in the home, and the best tools for the job.

100 Best Pens: Gel, Ballpoint, Rollerball, and More, 2018. A small sampling of all the pens we tested. Photo: Jed Egan and Lyne Lucien At its most basic, a pen has to do just one thing, but there are so many reasons to choose one over another. Does it glide along the page, or does it drag? eSPEAR, The Worlds First Handheld Shark Deterrent. 7 Best Oscillating Tools — Oscillating Multitools Tested. How To Get Bolts Unstuck — Tips for Stuck Bolts.

The Best Self-Propelled Lawnmowers. Theonion. Revolve folding 26-inch wheel could be a game-changer. The Revolve is a full-size 26-inch spoked wheel that can be folded to a third its diameter and 60 percent less space, and back again in an instant, and its commercial availability will offer new design possibilities for folding bicycles, folding wheelchairs and many other vehicles that need to be transported in compact form. The modular Revolve 26-inch folding wheel was announced this week by German designer Andrea Mocellin, immediately threatening to become a disruptive force in the area of folding mobility. What Mocellin has achieved with his folding wheel has eluded designers since the idea of folding bicycles and wheelchairs was first conceived. The problem which Mocellin's wheel overcomes, is that folding bicycles until now have had to use smaller wheels to be able to fold to a small enough size for carrying – most folding bike manufacturers use 16- or 20-inch wheels.

The Revolve can offer full size 26-inch wheels that fold to less than one third their height. So what's the big plan? The Sleeping Bag in a Can Was Real and Fantastic. During the Cold War, the U.S. Air Force issued sleeping bags in “spam cans”—steel cans opened with a metal key. Tiny speaker design delivers 200x the bass. There are plenty of speakers that promise a big sound from a compact package but fail to deliver. The problem is one of physics, but a new device could finally see compact speakers living up to such promises thanks to some clever math and a maze of passive resonant chambers that massively boost the bass that can be produced by a tiny smartphone speaker. Playing a sound through this 3D-printed ABS plastic enclosure is claimed to boost sound pressure levels up to 200 times. As music technology has developed over the last 30 or so years, there has been a war between convenience and sound quality.

The warm sound of vinyl lost out pretty quickly to the portability of cassette tapes. These were then usurped by CDs, which offered a digital version of high fidelity, so quality took the front seat again. But since MP3s and streaming media stormed the market, the vast majority of music is consumed in compressed formats, and a lot of it is being played on small, convenient devices like phones.

Google's Pixel Buds place 40 languages in your ear. A number of smaller startups have emerged recently touting earbuds and headphones claiming to translate conversations in real time. Microsoft has also developed a solution and integrated it into Skype, while Google has of course been in the game for some time with its Google Translate software, which it equipped with live voice translation abilities in 2015. But taking in turns speaking into a phone or desktop computer is one thing, and seamlessly interacting with somebody in a different language through nothing but a discreet earpiece is another.

And that's the capability Google is promising with its debut set of wireless earphones, the Pixel Buds. Announced today at the Google Pixel event, the Pixel Buds aren't wireless in the same way that Apple's AirPods are – they connect to one another via a cable around the back of the head – but do connect wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth. View gallery - 7 images. Sony Releases New Earbud Detangling Spray. Home Depot Releases New Bluetooth Cordless Hose. The scorkl pump-up diving device lets you breathe underwater for 10 minutes. For those with a penchant for underwater exploring, taking the plunge to go deep sea diving means either buying or renting a whole lot of expensive equipment. that’s the predicament the ‘scorkl’ sets out to solve, arriving from melbourne to make easy underwater breathing accessible to anyone trained to try it. manufactured to the same specifications and standards as a normal SCUBA cylinder, all you need do is pump up the appealing yellow canister with its specially designed hand pump and the pint-sized device will enable you to breathe underwater for up to ten minutes. scoring one up on the standard snorkel, the ‘scorkl’ lets you disappear beneath the surface of the ocean with no need to surface to take a breath. just pump up scorkl using the portable hand pump and you’re ready to go all images courtesy of david hallamore the pint-sized air canister allows for 10 minutes of underwater breathing.

Hunting, Survival & Tactical Knives. The ultimate key organizer and knife in one. – Quiet Carry. Coolmaterial. When it comes to pocket knives, we’ve all heard of the Swiss Army, Gerber, CRKT and Opinel options in the marketplace. Keyless, electronic, smart bike lock. Making an Espresso Pot. The Macallan X Urwerk Flask Is For Whisky-Sipping Watch Collectors (Who Can Afford It)

Clever Tape Measure Tricks Every Craftsman Should Know. 7 Best Analog Alarm Clocks. This Handheld Laser Makes Rust Literally Evaporate. First Power Tools You Should Buy — Most Important Power Tools. How to Hang Drywall Ceiling by Yourself. Hanging drywall can be a difficult task to achieve alone, especially for first-time DIYers.

Best Tools to Own - Most Useful Tools to Have at Home. 41 Genius Camping Hacks You'll Wish You Thought Of Sooner. How To: Sharpen Your Fixed-Blade Knife. How to Make a Simple DIY Home Composting Can (with Composting Guide) Use a Pencil to Make Sure You're Sanding Just the Right Amount. Bergmann's magne turntable uses air to keep floating vinyls linear. How to Prevent Injuring Yourself from Table Saw Kickback - Tips for Safely Using a Table Saw. Klax Lumberjack Axe Head. Thermal Flask (Original Oak) - Kole Thermal Flask. Porsche design studio upcycles 911 GT3 exhausts to create one-off soundbars.

Jackfish Survival credit card holder by Jackfish Survival —Kickstarter. Review: Going truly wireless with Earin Bluetooth earphones. 10 Best Fixed Blade Knives. Inventor simone giertz constructs alarm clock with slapping rubber arm. James Bond's Walther PPK. Coolmaterial. SALT - A Safe Gun For A Safe Home. Golf Swing Tracker by Arccos. The Pen Addict. Tactile Turn Gist Fountain Pen / Kickstarter Launch *UPDATED w/ COMPARISON* Futuristic Sleep Mask "Napz" Enhances Sleep by Electronically Stimulating Lucid Dreams. Tempescope brings you the weather in a box. Grey steel frame dishrack w/ wine glass holders. Shape-shifting navigation device points you in the right direction. Happy Camper 10-in-1 Multi-Function Compass with LED Light. Food52.

Aperture Wrench on Behance. Fair or Foul? How to Use a Barometer to Forecast the Weather. Neo Smartpen N2 could give Livescribe a run for its money. Floating Record makes spinning vinyl stand up and stand out. CXC Simulations Motion Pro II. Fiskars' Uproot Weed Remover: Gardenista. Peeple puts a Wi-Fi camera in your peephole. TiGr Lock: Short - lightest bow-lock. Phree - Make the world your paper by OTM Technologies Ltd. A Primer on Fountain Pens. Coolbox - The Worlds Most Advanced Toolbox. Luna. Meet 'Luna,' The Genius Mattress Cover That's Better Than A Roommate.

Leatherman Tread Watch With Tool Bracelet. LEFF amsterdam. S+ sleep monitoring device. Nemesis Fins - Masks, Snorkels & Fins - Speedo USA Swimwear. Blade Buddy: Razor Blade Sharpener. Audio-Technica supports push for high resolution mobile music with new earphones. BARON Shave Kit - The Last Razor You Will Ever Need by Linquisitive. An Introduction to Lock Picking: How to Pick Pin Tumbler Locks. Furtif Evercut Knives. Object Lessons: The Indispensable Desk Stapler: Remodelista. The Chairless Chair: A Chair That You Wear.

Best Cordless Power Tool Combo Kits. Five of the best: High-tech hammers. 10 Strangest Japanese Toys (weird toys, strange toys. Is Stakes the most portable BBQ in the world? World's Most Stylish Light Bulb, Version 002. Eyes-on with the Avegant Glyph's mesmerizing virtual retinal display. Sony's SRF-39FP Radio: The iPod of Prison. Sharpening a Reel Mower. Goji Smart Lock sends photographic evidence of anyone who unlocks it.