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The Pen Addict

The Pen Addict

10 Tools I Can’t Live Without | The Well-Appointed Desk I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the tools I use everyday, my absolute must-haves. While I love having an assortment of gel pens, fountain pens and a bevvy of different notebooks, I realized that there are a few tools I use everyday, without fail. I also have some tools very specific to my job that might not be of interest to readers but I thought I’d share the everyday go-to tools, in no particular order. Hobonichi Planner ¥2,500 for the planner, covers start at ¥1,5003×5 blank index cards $1.49/100 cardsField Notes $9.95/3-pack (or comparable pocket-sized notebook. What are the tools you can’t live without? Like this: Like Loading...

Robert Fritz | Hinton : This blog is about the relationship between organizations and the people who work for them. And, it’s dedicated to the millions of people around the world who go to work every day wanting to do a great job. Earlier this morning, I tuned into a new podcast I’ve just started following and heard them talking about how change is soooo hard. Really? The recent 30th anniversary of the Mac reminded me just how easy it is to change behaviour when it’s well motivated. Think about it. When you got your first computer – even with all the technical challenges and you know there were many – there was no going back to that clunky typewriter and carbon copies. And, as the technology improved over the years we’ve all made the transition without batting an eye. Nearly a decade ago, I looked around while I was walking around my neighbourhood and noticed a startling thing. I knew which direction I was going in. Why? If you have any doubt, check this out. OK so now you know. Why? “Make it work people!” Me? Ouch!

How to create a spoiler or show-hide effect Here is a very simple show/hide effect code for you to copy and use. This effect is also known as a spoiler or a peek-a-boo. It uses a small inline Javascript. You can use this code anywhere, be it in the sidebar or in your blog post, as long as you can add the spoiler code to it. [Update Mar 2013] See our new and improved content spoiler. This code will add a button, clicking it will expand the content, showing the hidden part. Here is the hidden content. Simply put the content you want hidden inside the division tags, replacing the phrase HIDDEN CONTENT HERE. Customization You can replace “Show/hide” text with your own, in line 5. Enjoy!