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The Pen Addict

The Pen Addict

Scribal Work Shop Rhodia Writing Pads | Official U.S. Distributor Rhodia Classic The iconic orange & black notepad Rhodia Business Tools to make your business more effective Dot Everything The original dotGrid Rhodia Boutique Fun and trendy Rhodia accessories and gifts Rhodia Color Between orange & black there's a Rhodia for you

Moleskine Journals, Notebooks and Date Books , MoleskineUS The pleasure of good paper | Recording Thoughts Good paper is worth having, now more than ever. Paper quality has plummeted, from the pads companies buy for their employees to the paper in the copier. More than ever a paper document is seen as a barely necessary waste, and as a result we’ve developed a near contempt for paper. But for personal planning documents it is worthwhile to get decent paper, both for physical and psychological reasons. My project management system is handwritten on letter size sheets. The paper I use is Strathmore Writing 25% cotton in 24lb weight, in natural white. You can also checkout the fine business papers section of the local office superstore, but my experience is that these papers aren’t aimed at writing, but resumes, thesis, and similar documents that are usually printed. High quality paper is nicer to write on because it takes ink well and the surface has better texture than copier paper. It’s like dressing better. It’s cheap luxury. Share and Enjoy

Premium Writing Pads Stock your Binder or Portfolio with the Perfect Pad Top-quality, tear-resistant Writing Pads feature a generous right margin to organize your thoughts, build your arguments, and highlight key topics. Pre-printed date and page number spaces for easy reference. Often, the most time-consuming and most critical step of any project or case is the preparation, and we’ve designed our Specialty Pads with that in mind. You will immediately notice the superior quality of our substantial, tear-resistant notepads when you put pen to paper. Handy headers help you categorize your notes by date and subject for easy filing. Bindertek Specialty Writing Pads are pre-drilled to fit in Bindertek Binders. Sheet size: 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. in Cream 6 pads per pack. 50 sheets per pad. ♦ Customization Available.

10 Tools I Can’t Live Without | The Well-Appointed Desk I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the tools I use everyday, my absolute must-haves. While I love having an assortment of gel pens, fountain pens and a bevvy of different notebooks, I realized that there are a few tools I use everyday, without fail. I also have some tools very specific to my job that might not be of interest to readers but I thought I’d share the everyday go-to tools, in no particular order. Hobonichi Planner ¥2,500 for the planner, covers start at ¥1,5003×5 blank index cards $1.49/100 cardsField Notes $9.95/3-pack (or comparable pocket-sized notebook. What are the tools you can’t live without? Like this: Like Loading...