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Amazon files patent for flying warehouse. Image copyright USPTO Amazon has filed a patent for massive flying warehouses equipped with fleets of drones that deliver goods to key locations.

Amazon files patent for flying warehouse

Carried by an airship, the warehouses would visit places Amazon expects demand for certain goods to boom. It says one use could be near sporting events or festivals where they would sell food or souvenirs to spectators. The patent also envisages a series of support vehicles that would be used to restock the flying structures. The filing significantly expands on Amazon's plans to use drones to make deliveries. In the documents detailing the scheme, Amazon said the combination of drones and flying warehouses, or "airborne fulfilment centres", would deliver goods much more quickly than those stationed at its ground-based warehouses. Also, it said, the drones descending from the AFCs - which would cruise and hover at altitudes up to 45,000ft (14,000m) - would use almost no power as they glided down to make deliveries.

Pando. In what is quickly becoming the age of Prime, why do investors still hate Amazon? The what’s for dinner shakeout: Would you rather be killed by churn or Amazon? Companies attempting to “solve” dinner closed more rounds of funding in the last five years than any other on demand category.

The what’s for dinner shakeout: Would you rather be killed by churn or Amazon?

And, yet, here we are in 2016: I’ve spent months trying most of the major ones-- eight of them at last count. So I’m deeply familiar with all the major offerings. And after all of that, I only regularly use one (Postmates) and only for about one or two meals a week. Even as a busy, working, single mom in San Francisco, the center of the on demand primordial soup, I still find myself getting to 5 pm and wondering what I’ll have for dinner. Just like I did five years ago. Untitled. (Image via Robert Scoble) Flexport has obtained information that Amazon China has registered to operate as an ocean freight forwarder in the United States.


The Federal Maritime Commission now lists Amazon China in its directory of licensed Ocean Transportation Intermediaries—the list of companies authorized to sell ocean freight services. Here’s the screenshot from the FMC’s directory showing Amazon China’s freight forwarding license information: (To access this page, go to FMC’s directory of NVOCC licensees. On the search dropdown menu, scroll down to “Trade Name.” Amazon demonstrates its delivery drone platform - prime air. Nov 30, 2015 amazon demonstrates its delivery drone platform - prime air amazon demonstrates its delivery drone platform – prime air all images courtesy of amazon after much speculation and a sample concept, amazon is finally rolling out their drone delivery system – ‘prime air’. explained by TV show host jeremy clarkson, the future delivery system is designed to safely send packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using self-sufficient small unmanned aerial vehicles. the program has great potential to enhance online shopping services to millions of customers by supplying rapid parcel delivery that will also increase the overall safety and efficiency of the transportation system. amazon says it will take some time to deploy because the federal aviation administration (FAA) is still deciding laws for utilizing autonomous aerial vehicles. to see the amazon ‘prime air’ platform in action, check out the video below: the drone has two sets of vertical and horizontal thrust options.

amazon demonstrates its delivery drone platform - prime air

Why the New York Times’s Amazon story is so controversial, explained. On Sunday, the New York Times published a massive exposé of Amazon's "punishing" work culture.

Why the New York Times’s Amazon story is so controversial, explained

The company, the Times alleged, "is conducting a little-known experiment in how far it can push white-collar workers, redrawing the boundaries of what is acceptable. " The anecdotes from the article are searing. "Nearly every person I worked with, I saw cry at their desk," said Bo Olson, who worked in Amazon's book marketing department. A woman who gave birth to a stillborn child recalled being told that "to make sure my focus stayed on my job. " Other employees report emails that land after midnight and are followed by texts if a reply doesn't materialize quickly enough.

The Times story, by Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld, is an incredible piece of reporting, boasting interviews with "more than 100 current and former Amazonians. " Amazon launching Amazon Coins currency for use on Kindle Fire. In May, Amazon will give Kindle Fire owners 'tens of millions of dollars' worth of virtual coins (coins image: Shutterstock) Amazon sells its line of Kindle Fire tablets (roughly) at cost, betting that each owner will buy enough books, music, movies, and apps to make a tidy profit.

Amazon launching Amazon Coins currency for use on Kindle Fire

With digital spending playing such a huge role for the online retailer, Amazon wants to make it as easy as possible for you to throw down for that new Angry Birds game. Jeff Bezos and company have a new approach to driving the post-purchase Kindle Fire economy: virtual coins. Another option You might cringe at the mention of virtual currency. Amazon Plans To Ship Items Before You Buy Them. Amazon's hachette job evokes George Orwell in ebook price fight. In what is fast becoming a regular negotiating tactic, Amazon has halted pre-orders of DVDs and Blue-Ray discs of some Disney movies.

Amazon's hachette job evokes George Orwell in ebook price fight

This includes titles such as “Maleficent,” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. The fight between Amazon and Disney however is really about contractual terms and follows a similar disagreement with Warner Brothers earlier this year where it stopped pre-orders of “The Lego Movie” and other titles.