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theconversation The risk of thermonuclear war has rarely been greater. But despite the growing threat, the general public are less prepared than they ever have been to cope with an attack. With Trump in the White house, Putin in the Kremlin, North Korea testing ballistic missiles and the perilous state of military security, nuclear war is a real possibility. It would kill millions (perhaps billions) of people, leave many more seriously injured, coat the planet in radioactive fallout and destroy the ecosystem. The Doomsday clock, which measures how close we are to apocalypse, has been moved from five to three minutes to midnight. Time is short – but the UK is not ready. "Our Kids": The Role of the ELL Specialist – ELLstudents We, as ELL teachers, already know how to work well with English learners. We knowwhat we need to do to help them succeed. But classroom teachers don't always know what to do and they don't always understand that we can help! We are there to be a resource and an advocate.

50 best augmented reality games: massive overview of AR games market - Thinkmobiles AR technology is getting deeply implemented in the gaming industry. Nowadays, this is not just the fantastical concept. Augmented reality games can allow you to fight aliens, capture fantastical creatures, defend kingdoms in the real world. And this all is possible without super expensive headsets – just an AR-enabled smartphone or console is required. We’ve done a huge job to collect all the AR games that are worth your attention. Using the Apptopia app, we also prepared monthly downloads and total revenue overviews for the most popular of them. Log In - New York Times Log In Don't have an account? Sign up here » Facebook Google or

Begin Here – imaginED This blog is for educators of all kinds. This blog is designed to support and enable imagination-focused teaching in all contexts, from formal to alternative learning contexts, and from primary school through post-secondary education. It is about education that inspires. Can Entrepreneurs Learn Something About ‘Disruption’ From Trump? Love him or hate him, everyone can at least agree that Trump is a disruptor. Erik S. Lesser-Pool/Getty Images Love him or hate him, everyone can at least agree that Trump is a disruptor. In just his first few months in office, he’s upended relationships presidents traditionally have with just about everyone, from the judiciary to the free press.

How Students Critiquing One Another’s Work Raises The Quality Bar Too often, when students produce school work, they turn it into a teacher for a grade and move on. And after the teacher spends time evaluating the student’s work, many students never look at the feedback, a cycle that frustrates both parties and isn’t the most effective way to learn. Several schools are trying a different model — one that takes more time but also helps students feel more ownership over the quality of their work. Called peer critique, students follow clear protocols that remind them to “be kind, be specific, and be helpful” in the feedback they give to peers. In the Edutopia video shown below about Two Rivers Charter School in Washington, D.C., students explain how through a process of revisions, they can feel proud about gradually producing high quality work. And, since students start doing the peer critique protocol in preschool, the school has built up a culture infused with a growth mindset.

The Storyteller’s Guide to the Virtual Reality Audience Thank You The extended team: Paisley Smith, Judeth Oden Choi, Alexandra Garcia, Amy Santamaria, Joseph Lim, Maya Hawke and Emily Goligoski. As well as the test participants & actors. Our partners: Tran Ha and Stanford’s Media Experiments; Vincent McCurley, Milan Koerner-Safrata, Paisley Smith, Janine Steele, Loc Dao, from NFB Interactive.