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theconversation The risk of thermonuclear war has rarely been greater. But despite the growing threat, the general public are less prepared than they ever have been to cope with an attack. With Trump in the White house, Putin in the Kremlin, North Korea testing ballistic missiles and the perilous state of military security, nuclear war is a real possibility. It would kill millions (perhaps billions) of people, leave many more seriously injured, coat the planet in radioactive fallout and destroy the ecosystem. The Doomsday clock, which measures how close we are to apocalypse, has been moved from five to three minutes to midnight. Time is short – but the UK is not ready. Podcast software and hardware to create a killer podcast Are you considering setting up an Audio Podcast? Curious about the Podcast software you need to get up and running? It’s an area that is growing and will continue to grow rapidly.

"Our Kids": The Role of the ELL Specialist – ELLstudents We, as ELL teachers, already know how to work well with English learners. We knowwhat we need to do to help them succeed. But classroom teachers don't always know what to do and they don't always understand that we can help! We are there to be a resource and an advocate. At the end of the day, the questions are: "How do we, ELL specialists, establish strong relationships with general education teachers? How do we keep focused on a shared mission of supporting ELLs and set everyone up for success within a system that is often setting us up for failure?"

The Guillotine's Namesake Was Against Capital Punishment By the time Joseph Guillotin died, aged 75, the invention which now bears his last name had become synonymous with the terror and mass executions of the French Revolution. His funeral occurred on this day in 1814. At the same time, writes Richard Cavendish for History Today, his family was lobbying the French government to change the guillotine’s name so that their family name would no longer be synonymous with a period known as the “Terror.” “The government refused, so they changed their family name instead,” he writes. Ironically, Guillotin’s motives were good: he wanted to make execution—gruesome even now, but particularly brutal in pre-revolutionary France—more humane. 50 best augmented reality games: massive overview of AR games market - Thinkmobiles AR technology is getting deeply implemented in the gaming industry. Nowadays, this is not just the fantastical concept. Augmented reality games can allow you to fight aliens, capture fantastical creatures, defend kingdoms in the real world. And this all is possible without super expensive headsets – just an AR-enabled smartphone or console is required. We’ve done a huge job to collect all the AR games that are worth your attention. Using the Apptopia app, we also prepared monthly downloads and total revenue overviews for the most popular of them.

Log In - New York Times Log In Don't have an account? Sign up here » Facebook Google or Why Recent Grads Are Breaking Up With Blogs in Favor of Podcasts Bobby Hobert recently graduated from a small business school outside of Boston. Like many college students before him, his post-graduate plans were a little murky. "Everyone was talking about what they were doing next," he says. "At 22, I still haven't necessarily found what it is I want to do with my life." Hobert's dreams include starting a lifestyle brand, but he wants to build his credibility first. A few years ago, his instinct may have been to start a blog.

Begin Here – imaginED This blog is for educators of all kinds. This blog is designed to support and enable imagination-focused teaching in all contexts, from formal to alternative learning contexts, and from primary school through post-secondary education. It is about education that inspires. By imagination we mean wonder, we mean a lingering sense of awe, a desire to know more, and pleasure in learning. We mean the sense of the possible that has been the genesis of all invention in the world.

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