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Become An Amazon Kindle Bestseller (with a book that takes 2 weeks to write) How to Make Amazon Associates Product Bundles | Living Well Through Living Simply. Have you ever wanted to group a few prod­ucts together, to make it eas­ier for your read­ers: they can click once and be done shopping? Though there isn’t a way to do this auto­mat­i­cally in Asso­ciates Cen­tral, you can lever­age the HTML code in Asso­ciates Cen­tral for Asso­ciates’ add-to-cart func­tion­al­ity.

You don’t need to be able to write code to do this, but you do need to be com­fort­able edit­ing it — so famil­iar­ity with some basic HTML con­cepts will be help­ful. If you need a great place to learn, check out the W3 Schools. They’re an excel­lent resource. The first step is to login to your Asso­ciates Account. Let’s get started! Copy the code in the “Add-to-Cart But­tons” sec­tion, and paste it into your favorite text edi­tor (like Notepad if you use a Win­dows com­puter). Let’s go through the parts of code I’ve high­lighted so you know what each of them does. value=“storeid-20″ This is your Asso­ciates ID, or a Track­ing ID. Value=“[AWSAccessKeyId]” This is the last part. FREE help: Sell Amazon bundles and Amazon multipacks. I talk with a good number of sellers who get discouraged because of ‘seller saturation’ (they find a great product to sell, then a ton of sellers jump in and sell the same product, thus the original seller’s listing becomes ‘saturated’).

I’ve enjoyed less competition AND higher profits when I combined two or more different p roducts into one newly-created Amazon product (called a ‘Bundle’), OR when I’ve combined multiples of the SAME product (called a ‘multi-pack’) and created the listing in the Amazon catalog for the first time. In either case, I’ve been ‘first to market’ with the multipack or bundle, giving a huge head start over the competition (or many times NO competition)…And the more unique the bundle/multipack, the less change you’ll have of any seller jumping on your coattails. All the “How and Why” info you need is below > Sell Multipacks on Amazon (by Jessica Larrew): Free guide and video and another video. > Amazon’s bundling policy is here. Need profit proof? The Art of Product Bundling for Higher Profit. Product Bundling is simply selling more than one item for one price.

Selling a ‘set’ or a ‘lot’ or a ‘bundle.’ The possibilities are endless: 1. A coffeemaker with filters and a bag of coffee 2. 2 bags of a special coffee instead of just one 3. A body wash, body lotion and shampoo in the same scent 4. A pair of interchangeable shoes with a couple different tops 5. A Corduroy stuffed teddy bear with the book, Corduroy. 6. So why would you want to bundle your products? On eBay each sale brings a cost of between five and fifty cents for insertion fees, and a variable rate Final Value Fee (FVF) percentage, as well as a FVF percentage on the cost of shipping. The FVFs are a percentage of your sales, but the insertion fees are a straight cost, from five cents up to fifty cents.

Shouldn’t your goal be to keep your fee percentage as low as possible? Bundles are most effective when they are related products that consumers typically buy together anyway. Creating Product Bundles on Amazon for Better Product Placement | Jessica Larrew. I was asked recently to talk about making bundles on Amazon. This is something that I do if I feel the bundle will really benefit the products included. One of the reasons would be that the items alone sell for too little to make a profit after fees, but bundled together, they have more profit potential. Another reason is if the items sell together a lot, so why not save the buyer a step, therefore insuring that you get the sale for all of the items included. I do not agree with making bundles, just to give you the exclusive edge. In my opinion, the items should be the same brand, and go together normally. So, I would not create a bundle for a backpack and a random pen.

This clutters the Amazon marketplace and creates confusion for the buyer. Here is a listing that I found recently that screams: “THIS IS MY LISTING!” When a buyer is looking to purchase a Backpack, it is very likely that they will also wish to purchase the matching Lunch Bag. How to create Amazon Product Bundle (for Amazon Sellers) Help: Product Bundling Policy. Sidestep the Competition with Product Bundles | SellerEngineSellerEngine. Selling Bundles and Multi-Packs on Amazon FAQ. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Bundles – Multipacks, Multipacks & Bundles – we’ve all heard those terms and have used them interchangeably – however – bundles and multi-packs are two different things as far as Amazon is concerned.

Different – and each with their own Amazon guidelines. So let’s get them all sorted out here in this article… Debra Conrad and Charlene Anderson were interviewed by Kat Simpson on That Kat Radio about “Bundles”, you can listen to the podcast above. What Amazon says about bundles “Sellers can create bundles composed of different products to create a new bundled product. “Bundles must consist of items that are highly complementary and provide value to the buyer when compared to the individual items purchased separately.” (from: Amazon’s Product Bundling Policy - VERY important to read, digest and understand. Why Bundles Can Be a GREAT Business Strategy From Amazon: