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Permaculture practices & permutations

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MicroLife Ocean Harvest 4-2-3. Web Soil Survey. School Curriculum - The Aquaponic Source. 10gal Aquaponics sys Manual. Red Worm Composting. 20 Urban Food Forests from Around the World. The Seven Layers of a Food Forest.

20 Urban Food Forests from Around the World

Diagram by Graham Burnett via Wikipedia. The concept of a food forest has its roots in permaculture, a philosophy that advocates for managing agricultural landscapes in harmony with nature. The practice emphasizes perennial, low-maintenance crops that leverage natural nutrient inputs, drainage patterns and climate to achieve a self-sustaining, food-producing ecosystem. A food forest is quite literally a forest that produces food for people (and, most certainly, forest critters) to eat. Nut and fruit-producing trees and shrubs are planted with herbs, vines and ground flora that produce fruits, vegetables, and edible greens and roots.

Here's a quick rundown of 20 urban food forests or related projects: 1. Launched in London in 2011, the London Orchard Projects works with community groups to inventiry, restore and create urban orchards across the city. 2. 3. Tree fruits, berries and vegetables are free for the taking ni Seattle's Beacon Forest Neighborhood. Paul wheaton's daily-ish email. Plants For A Future : 7000 Edible, Medicinal & Useful Plants. Off the Grid. Humanure Handbook: Chapter 3: Compost Myths. What is one of the first things to come to mind when one thinks of compost? Humanure Handbook: Chapter 3: Compost Myths

Turning the pile. Turn, turn, turn, has become the mantra of composters worldwide. Early researchers who wrote seminal works in the composting field, such as Gotaas, Rodale, and many others, emphasize turning compost piles, almost obsessively so. Much of compost's current popularity in the West can be attributed to the work of Sir Albert Howard, who wrote An Agricultural Testament (1943) and several other works on aspects of what has now become known as organic agriculture. Sir Howard's discussions of composting techniques focus on the Indore process of composting, a process developed in Indore, India, between the years of 1924 and 1931.

A large industry has emerged from this philosophy, one which manufactures expensive compost turning equipment, and a lot of money, energy, and expense goes into making sure compost is turned regularly. Or do you? Turning compost potentially serves four basic purposes. No. Design with Nature.

Free plans and pictures of PVC pipe projects. Sustainably Grown Gourmet Mushrooms. Edible & Ecological Landscapes. Permaculture. The Urban Farming Guys. Vortex Filter DIY - Organic Fertilizer on Demand. HighBrix Gardens. Hugelkultur, nature's raised garden beds. FOR 25 YEARS I have grown my vegetables in raised beds, but the kind that you need to purchase lumber and bolts and use a saw and hammer to construct, then fill entirely with soil and compost.

hugelkultur, nature's raised garden beds

Lately I’ve been looking longingly at photos of a centuries-old, sustainable way of making raised garden beds called hugelkultur, or hill culture. “It’s like sheet mulching or lasagna gardening,” says Dave Whitinger of All Things Plants, who regularly lectures on the subject, but in hugelkultur, “wood is the first level of your sheet-mulched bed.” In print or my latest public-radio show and podcast, hugelkultur 101 with Dave (whose robust hugelkultur onion bed that is up top). prefer the podcast? HUGELKULTUR was the subject of the latest edition of my weekly public-radio program, a conversation with Dave Whitinger of the thriving All Things Plants web community. Hugelkultur: the ultimate raised garden beds. Raised garden bed hugelkultur after one month raised garden bed hugelkultur after one year raised garden bed hugelkultur after two years raised garden bed hugelkultur after twenty years It's a german word and some people can say it all german-ish.

hugelkultur: the ultimate raised garden beds

I'm an american doofus, so I say "hoogle culture". I learned this high-falootin word at my permaculture training. Holzer Agroecology. Sepp Holzer's Permaculture. While most people think they are mending the world's problems by contemplating light bulbs or buying "organic", there are thousands of people making a more significant difference.

Sepp Holzer's Permaculture

And out of those thousands there are a few dozen trail blazers. And out of those few dozen there is one guy that is WAY out ahead of the pack. The mighty, the glorious, the amazing ... Sepp Holzer. Sepp Holzer was doing permaculture before he ever heard the word. And I was fortunate to study under him for twelve days. Update! After watching his videos about 18 times each, and then reshaping about 15 acres of land to be "Sepp Holzer Style" (terraces, ponds, plus lots of trees), it was bizarre to meet him and shake his hand! So, just as the first evening is getting started, we ham it up for the camera a little: buy at buy at The Sepp Holzer 3-in-1 DVD. This is a great 45 minute DVD on general Sepp Holzer technques. Buy ebook at buy paperback at So ...