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Will Hooker - Introduction to Permaculture

Will Hooker - Introduction to Permaculture

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How to Start a Small Permaculture Tree Nursery Recently I attended a farm forestry course with David Holmgren and Darren J. Doherty, a subject I’d like to address today. To even start a farm forestry operation, or even a permaculture orchard, you’ll need to source a huge number of trees from somewhere. I crunched a few numbers and browsed the relevant websites: it seems that small bare-root trees will cost, on average, $20 or more, an amount that will soon add up.

Introduction to Permaculture - 40 hours of Free video lectures Permaculture means 'permanent culture,' (or 'permanent agriculture') and ...'is the conscious design and maintenance of cultivated ecosystems that have the diversity, stability, and resilience of a natural ecosystem.' (Bill Mollison) This course will explore, through lectures, discussions, field trips, and required projects, a design/thinking methodology that seeks to profide for our physical needs, food, water, shelter, energy, etc., while doing so in an environmentally friendly, sustainable manner. Download all lectures for Free here: Watch online all lectures for Free here:

how to farm We – humanity; the world – need to produce, distribute, and generally treat our food in quite a different way, because the way we do things now is a disaster on every front: humanitarian, political, economic, social, ecological. We need Enlightened Agriculture – loosely but adequately defined as: “Farming that is expressly designed to provide everyone, everywhere, and forever with food of the highest standard, nutritionally and gastronomically, without wrecking the rest of the world”. Broadly speaking, this requires us to treat all farming as an exercise in Agroecology, and to perceive humanity itself as part of the grand global ecology: one species in a huge and diverse synergy. Vital, too, is the concept of Food Sovereignty, which basically means that humanity – all of us – should keep control of our own food supply. Enlightened Agriculture begins with three questions: what is it right to do?

Regrarian Handbook *1. CLIMATE CHAPTER’ eHANDBOOK (77 pages) available NOW for only AUD$5!! *ON SALE as a FULL HARDCOPY late-2015!! The ‘Regrarians Handbook’ is a succinct & sequential outline of over 300 integrated methodologies and techniques that have been proven over many years of universal application to work towards regenerating human & livestock’s lives along with production landscapes. It does so in a wholly practical, positive & pragmatic fashion, promising to be a relatively ageless tome that generations of users will refer to as they negotiate the design, development & management of systems they operate. Permaculture / Organic Farming - Documentary Films Archive // May 1st, 2012 // agriculture With information on mushroom cultivation, sowing a fruit forest, alternative ways to keep livestock, and more… Sepp Holzer farms steep mountainsides in Austria 1,500 meters above sea level. His farm is an intricate network of terraces, raised beds, ponds, waterways and tracks, well covered with productive fruit trees and other vegetation, with the farmhouse neatly nestling amongst them. This is in dramatic contrast to his neighbors’ spruce monocultures.

Recommended Reading Recommended Readings Hopkins, R. (2008) The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience, Chelsea Green Publishing. Heinberg, R. (2007) Peak Everything: Waking Up to the Century of Declines, New Society Publishing. Holmgren, D. (2003) Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability, Holmgren Design Services. Homer-Dixon, T. (2003) The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity and the Renewal of Civilisation, Souvenir Press.

The Food Forest Card Game You probably already know that I am in “shameless self-promotion” mode with the Food Forest card game. Fortunately for all of us, the campaign will soon be drawing to a successful close! The game will eventually be available to the general public but this is the last call for now. If you know anyone who wants a copy, or to show their support, please spread the word. Any final pledges will make our job a whole lot easier! Perhaps there is no typical path for a Geoff Lawton PDC graduate, please note his new web address –, but it is fair to say that one feels strangely empowered after graduation. [Market Farming] Eliot Coleman's seed starting mixture Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at Wed Apr 6 11:08:23 EDT 2011 From ATTRA: The following four recipes are credited to Eliot Coleman.

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