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A Giant Map drawn with a Pen · volzo. 10 Jan 2021 For quite some time I entertained the thought of having a wall-sized world map. Maybe it started when I read the blog post by Dominik Schwarz about his map, maybe a bit earlier. Exactly as Dominik I soon realized it’s really hard to buy a map which is neither ugly nor has a low resolution/amount of details. However, the process of getting from information to image involves in this case a manual artistic process. This is especially visible when having a look at the continental shelf. I for one would prefer something a bit more automatic, after all I am not a professional illustrator.

Like all things in life, something is considerably more complicated the closer you look at it and this is true for the process of turning geo-info into a map at a certain zoom-level. I experimented a bit with different map data sources, thought about inkjet printing and wrote a script to scrape google maps tiles and stitch them. Data: First step: how to get the data? On a glance: Hardware: Plotting: U.S. Army Music - Bugle Calls. Features & Specs — EverBlock. Smaller shipments may be sent with small package parcel services such as UPS or FedEx. For larger shipments, EverBlock® modules stack neatly on pallets and can be shipped compactly via LTL (less than truckload), standard trucks, or overseas shipping containers. Stack 24 blocks per row (4 blocks x 6 blocks) on traditional 40"x48" pallets, up to 12 rows high (72"), for a total of 288 blocks per standard pallet (Weight 674lbs). In some situations pallets can be loaded with an additional row for 312 Blocks (78" H).

Small Box (12”x12”x7”): Holds 2 Full Blocks or equivalent Half and Quarter blocks. Can hold two Finishing Caps nested on top of blocks. Medium Box (12"x12"x14"): Holds 4 Full Blocks or equivalent Half and Quarter Blocks. Can hold two Finishing Caps nested on top of blocks. Large Block (24"x18"x20"): Holds 18 Full Blocks or equivalent half and quarter blocks.

Average Weather in Belleview, Florida, United States, Year Round - Weather Spark. In Belleview, the summers are long, hot, oppressive, and mostly cloudy; the winters are short, cool, and partly cloudy; and it is wet year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 46°F to 90°F and is rarely below 31°F or above 94°F. Climate Summary Click on each chart for more information.

Based on the tourism score, the best times of year to visit Belleview for warm-weather activities are from late March to mid May and from early October to late November. The hot season lasts for 4.7 months, from May 9 to September 30, with an average daily high temperature above 86°F. The hottest day of the year is July 16, with an average high of 90°F and low of 73°F. The cool season lasts for 2.6 months, from December 5 to February 23, with an average daily high temperature below 72°F.

Average High and Low Temperature The daily average high (red line) and low (blue line) temperature, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. Average Hourly Temperature Rainfall. Animated Knots by Grog | How to Tie Knots | Fishing, Boating, Climbing, Scouting, Search and Rescue, Household, Decorative, Rope Care, StumbleUpon. How Earth Moves. Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175 - The sound of history. baltic proa. Large Swedish Tacking Outrigger Here we have a large Swedish tacking outrigger/tacking-proa. This boat is utterly fantastic, I just love it, superb!! The main hull does not seem to have an extremely high length/width ratio thus speed may be less than some other high performance multihulls, but the relatively stocky hull for a mulithull means that a much larger cabin can be employed and greatly increasing the enjoyment of the boat. Finish looks superb. Rig looks like twin junk sails, cheap, effective and easily reefed. Not sure about the forefoot, maybe something a little deeper and finer would have better wave peircing abilities. But that aside, I just love it. I love the way the cabin topsides are blended into the main hull, this gives structural advantages and weight advantages.

Akka was first launched in 2003 and is not a restoration A bit more info. Overall this boat is utterly fantastic. The Chemistry of Whisky. Click to enlarge Whisky is one of the world’s most popular spirits, and comes in many different classes and types. The character and flavour of these differing types vary widely; this, of course, comes down to their varying chemical composition. Here, we take a look at where some of these different compounds come from, and what they contribute. Making whisky is, to an extent, a relatively simple process (albeit a long one). This is where fermentation comes in. After fermentation, the liquid is referred to as the ‘wash’. The final, most important step of whisky manufacture is ageing. So, now that we know a little more about how whisky is produced, it’s high time we discussed some of the compounds that give it its flavour. Phenolic Compounds Phenols primarily contribute bitterness and smokiness to a whisky’s flavour.

Phenol, cresols, xylenol and guaiacol are amongst the most important phenolic compounds in whisky, in terms of contribution to flavour. Whisky Lactones Aldehydes Esters Like this: RU 800 S. 1st Squad, 3rd Platoon. The Visible Atomic Bomb. (627) John Coulter's WEIRDEST LOCK ON EARTH!! Patent US5131247 - Lock assembly with curved keyway - Google Patentler. This is a continuation-in-part application of copending U.S. patent application Ser. No. 07/520,579, filed on May 8, 1990, now U.S. Pat. No. 5,086,632. 1. Field of the Invention The invention relates to a lock assembly with a curved keyway, more particularly to a lock assembly having a lock body with a longitudinal curved keyway and at least two differently oriented sets of tumbler members provided thereon. 2. Co-pending U.S. patent application Ser. Some of the drawbacks of the above-mentioned lock assembly are as follows: 1.

Therefore, the main objective of the present invention is to provide an improved lock assembly having a lock body with a longitudinal curved keyway that permits incorporation of at least two differently oriented sets of tumbler members. Another objective of the present invention is to provide an improved lock assembly which incorporates a key engaging means to prevent untimely release of the flexible key from the curved keyway of the lock body. 1. 2. 3. 4. Census Reporter. Maker Faire Madness. Be a Maker Maker Faire offers the opportunity for us to see ourselves as more than consumers; we are productive; we are creative. • READ MORE Maker Toolkit This is your resource center to guide you through the many details of exhibiting at Maker Faire. • READ MORE Maker Faire: A Bit of History Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.

The man behind the smallest V-12 engine in the world (English subtitles) Laniakea: Our home supercluster. You're Getting Old! How Gravity Makes Things Fall. Darwin's Beagle library. "books; those most valuable of all valuable things" Darwin to Catherine Darwin 1833 The voyage of the Beagle (1831-1836) was one of the most important scientific expeditions in history.

On board was the young naturalist Charles Darwin. His investigations would change science and the world forever. There was no sudden discovery on the Galapagos sparked by the finches as popular legend has it. Instead he intensively studied the geology, animals, plants and peoples of the lands visited. As a research vessel HMS Beagle may not have had the internet, but she did have an impressive state-of-the-art library of about 400 volumes. The library consisted of works that belonged to Captain FitzRoy and other officers on the ship. Reconstructing the lost library In the 1980s, the editors of the Correspondence of Charles Darwin reconstructed a list of 132 works that were probably in the library based on evidence from Darwin's notes and other sources.

Some totals Illustrations Reading on the Beagle. OUT OF CTRL | Netwars. Daily Zen List — 70 of the Most Useful Websites on the Internet. Paper size. A size chart illustrating the ISO A series and a comparison with American letter and legal formats. Comparison of some paper and photographic paper sizes close to the A4 size. Paper sizes affect writing paper, stationery, cards, and some printed documents. The international standard for envelopes is the C series of ISO 269.

International paper sizes[edit] The following international paper sizes are included in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): A3, A4, A5, B4, B5.[2] A series[edit] A size chart illustrating the ISO A series. The base A0 size of paper is defined as having an area of 1 m2 and a dimension ratio of 1 to √2, making the A0 paper size exactly m × m. Successive paper sizes in the series A1, A2, A3, and so forth, are defined by halving the preceding paper size across the larger dimension. The behavior of the aspect ratio is easily proven: on a sheet of paper, let a be the long side and b be the short side; thus, a/b = √2. The DIN 476 standard spread quickly to other countries. B series[edit] Woodsmith Tips — Tips, Techniques, and Videos from Woodsmith and ShopNotes.

InstaGrok | A new way to learn. Cruz deWilde: Career Portfolio. In the late 1600’s, Sir Isaac Newton got bonked on the head by an apple and surmised that every point of mass is attracted to every other point of mass with a strength that diminishes as the inverse of the square of the distance that separates them. The predictive accuracy of his equation was so consistent for so long, that his theory became law, despite the fact that he never managed to explain how gravity works. And it wasn’t until the dawn of Quantum Mechanics that we found out that gravity doesn’t always work. Today, our current collection of laws and theories representing some of humanity’s best efforts to describe the universe might be affectionately described as a large, codependent, dysfunctional family that lives by the mantra 'Often wrong, but never in doubt.' The Law of Gravity is the family patriarch that younger theories such as Relativity, Big Bang, and Quantum Mechanics are still forced to respect, even as they rebel against him.

Data Visualization, Design and Information Munging // Martin Krzywinski / Genome Sciences Center. ▲ 2013 day ▲ 2014 day ▲ 2015 day ▲ 2014 approx day ▲ Circular art This section contains various art work based on , and that I created over the years. day art and approximation day art is kept separate. All of the posters are listed in the posters section. Circular and spiral art based on the digits of , and . Read about how they were made and browse through the posters. Some of the art shown here has been featured in a Numberphile video. Fri 10-07-2015 The Jurassic World Creation Lab webpage shows you how one might create a dinosaur from a sample of DNA. . ▲ We can't get dinosaur genomics right, but we can get it less wrong. With enough time, you'll grow your own brand new dinosaur.

What went wrong? ▲ Corn World: Teeth on the Cob. Thu 11-06-2015 I was commissioned by Scientific American to create an information graphic based on Figure 9 in the landmark Nature Integrative analysis of 111 reference human epigenomes paper. ▲ Network diagram redesign of the heatmap for a select set of traits. Cool and Stylish Fireplace Designs. Collection of beautiful modern fireplaces and unusual fireplace designs that will heat your house in style. Mobile Fireplace Travelmate portable fireplace makes it possible to set up stylish source of heat wherever you want it. [link] Cabinet Fireplace GATE fireplaces by Conmoto come with a wood storage cabinet right next to the fireplace. [link] Round Fireplace Make a stunning centerpiece in your living room; with glass on either side, you can enjoy the flickering flame from every angle. Coffee Table Fireplace Beautiful Vidro fireplace table is completely mobile and requires only gelled ethanol fuel to burn a smokeless flame in your room.

Trunk Fireplace Contemporary bio-ethanol powered fireplace in a trunk from Atria. Wall Fireplace Wall-mounted fireplace provides an attractive addition to any room. Waterfall Fireplace Hearthfall is a beautiful, cascading waterfall that will transform your regular fireplace from a seasonal commodity to an elegant, year-round functional work of art. Natural Earth. Steam Extraction of Essential Oils. Considering the cost of some essential oils exceeds $400 per oz. (30 ml) and most essential oils cost about $100 per oz. I thought it would be an interesting project to experiment with home made extraction. The cost of a pre-built unit (that is only about 5 gallons) is about $1,000 however, I sat up an experiment using a 55 gallon drum - and other junk I found around the farm for $0.00. The following pictures describe the materials and process. 1. Here is the 55 gallon drum I used.

Note that the drum needs the metal band that allows the lid to be removed then replaced. ATTENTION: USE EXTREME CAUTION if you don't know what has been in a drum... or if it isn't THROUGHLY clean. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. It's better to set up inside a shed. 18. 19. 20. 21. ...till only the oil remains. Conclusion: For less than $5 in propane fuel I was able to extract about $150 worth of cedar oil. Comments welcome, send email: Cool Things About Gravity on Gravity Day - Wired Science. Image: Rhett Allain Gravity Day is September 8th (9/8) which represents the constant g = 9.8 N/kg.

Clearly, we should celebrate. Here are some interesting things regarding g. What is g? You might hear people call this the “acceleration due to gravity”. That’s not really wrong, but it might be a bit misleading. I prefer to call g the magnitude of the local gravitational field with units of Newtons per kilogram. Oh, just so you know a Newton per kilogram is the same as a meter per second squared.

Read more about the gravitational field. π squared is approximately g. This cool. This isn’t a magical coincidence. So, a length of 1 meter gives a period of about 2 seconds. Read more about and π. The Earth’s spin makes a difference in how much you think you weigh. Yup. If you stand at the equator, there are essentially two forces acting on you. How about this? Read more about a super fast spinning Earth. Gravity in Angry Birds Read more about the scale in Angry Birds.

Gravity in space. Mega-canyon discovered beneath Greenland ice sheet. A previously unknown canyon hidden beneath two kilometers of ice covering Greenland has been discovered by a group of scientists, led by a team from the University of Bristol. The canyon is at least 750km long and in places as much as 800m deep and is on the same scale as parts of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.

This remarkable, previously unknown, feature is thought to predate the ice sheet that has covered Greenland for the last few million years and has the characteristics of a meandering river channel. By comparison, the longest river in the UK, the River Severn, is about 350km long and much less wide and deep.

Professor Jonathan Bamber of Bristol's School of Geographical Sciences, lead author of the study, said: "With Google Streetview available for many cities around the world and digital maps for everything from population density to happiness one might assume that the landscape of the Earth has been fully explored and mapped. Greg Rutter's Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You're a Loser or Old or Something.

Exciting Links for Boring Days. Masterbreak.jpg (JPEG Image, 1200 × 785 pixels) Building A Home Theater System? Do It Right! 10 Crucial Mistakes To Avoid. Transcendental Numbers - Numberphile. Incredible way of future transportation-Straddling Bus(3D bus) If They Melded: Peter Griffin + He-Man Edition. SIGGRAPH 2013 : Technical Papers Preview Trailer. Competitor : KMS Tools & Equipment from Vancouver BC, Largest selection of tools in Canada. This Man Is Not an Artist, But His Robots Are Absolute Maestros | Wired Design. About the Aerial Camera That Spotted the Second Boston Bombing Suspect.

Mind-Blowingly Perfect Water Simulation Is Now A Reality. Don't Go Near The World's Champion Rainbow Watcher. It's Mean. Very Mean : Krulwich Wonders... Pressure Cooker. 6 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Google. How Things Work | Bozgo. - Official Website of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. Space Photo of the Day | Wired Science. 100 Websites You Should Know and Use. Home - Firespeaking. Pics from Blame It On The Voices. Swiss Volcano Stove testing. Hennessy Hammock. The Amazing Feather River Railroads-see the Seven Railroad Wonders of the World! OpenStreetMap. The Public Domain Review |

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories | Making the world a better place, one Evil Mad Scientist at a time. Tuba HT. What is Acupressure Massage. 55 Gallon Top Bar Barrel Bee Hive. Animated Knots by Grog | How to Tie Knots | Fishing, Boating, Climbing, Scouting, Search and Rescue, Household, Decorative, Rope Care, Gold-N-Scrap - How to recover Scrap Gold and jewelry - Gold and Silver refining tutorials - Make money from Scrap Gold & Silver. A visit backstage at the Beatles LOVE Show. A New Brigantine for San Francisco? | Old Salt Blog – a virtual port of call for all those who love the sea. Serendipity. Cheap Alligator Hunting Equipment Home Page. Turtle Anatomy, in Stunning Images from 1820. 10 Uncommon “Superfoods” from the World of Ultra-Endurance.

Beekeeping Supplies| Honey Bee Supplies | Bee Supply | About. BREWERY | FARMER TO FORK | THE PUB | BEER STORE | GRILL BOXES | GIFT CARDS | GETTING HERE. Feeding America. Feeding America. Squidoo : Welcome to Squidoo. Exuberant Clock. Breeze Rack – Towel Sanitizer, Hair Dryer and Bathroom Ventilator by Jo Jae Young. Whipping Post - Waterfox. Damn Interesting • A collection of Damn Interesting things. NC Worm Farm- Compost worms, bins, & vermiculture supplies. Squawkfox: Personal finance blog that makes frugal living fun. Interstates as Subway Diagram: 2011 Version | Cameron Booth.