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Artisan Fire Pizza Oven, Outdoor Pizza Oven by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet brings old-world pizza oven cooking to the modern outdoor kitchen with this stainless steel gas-fired pizza oven. The countertop design requires no installation, and cooking temperatures are reached in as little as 20 minutes for the ultimate convenience. After just a 45-minute pre-heat, this powerful backyard pizza oven can bake a Neapolitan-style pizza in less than 3 minutes. Total Control Burner System balances the heat for any style of pizza. Two high-performance gas burners empower you to cook with confidence. Adjust the top burner to control the browning of pizza toppings.

Kalamazoo's outdoor pizza oven offers a broad temperature range from 350° to over 800°F. Open front cooking makes for a more interactive and romantic cooking experience. Professional pizza baking deck delivers perfect crusts. The cooking deck is a professional-grade ceramic material. Ready to cook when you are. No installation required. Make more than just pizzas. Welcome to Solaire Grills. Welcome to Solaire, the Muscle Car of gas grills.

Welcome to Solaire Grills

Please explore our site to learn why Solaire is more than just another pretty stainless steel gas grill. Each Solaire grill has a "rocket under the hood" - the Solaire Infrared Burner. This superior burner gives you the high heat necessary to lock in the juices for more tasty, flavorful food than you can ever get from a conventional barbecue grill. Professional chefs demand high heat to create great taste - and now you can too with a Solaire Infrared.

Solaire Infrared Grills preheat in only 3 minutes, and cook about twice as fast as more traditional units. Become the undisputed wizard of backyard grilling, the envy of your neighborhood, and the hero of your family when you serve them juicier, more flavorful food then they've ever tasted from an ordinary grill. Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill - Reviewed at; Barron's Magazine "Gadget of the Week" Solaire® Infrared Grills - the environmentally friendly "green" grill. Mirror LCD TV / PC Screens. Mirrorvision from Pro Display is a product line which gives display technologies a whole new look and feel.

Mirror LCD TV / PC Screens

A range of display solutions that fully integrate with their surroundings, creating light and space in any room. Pro Display’s unique mirror glass reflections technology is combined with a number of display devices to create a screen with a difference. When the device is switched on, the PC / TV images magically appear through the mirror surface, becoming a high resolution screen. Then when the display device is switched off the screen surface reverts back to a normal mirror. Pro Display offers a range of Mirrorvision Glass Panels or Framed Overlays to transform your LCD or Plasma Screen into a ‘decorative mirror’ when the device is switched off. Mirrorvision Glass Panels come in two standard thicknesses 4mm or 6mm and the largest single panel size is 1750mm x 1250mm or 3150mm x 1750mm.

Custom shapes and sizes can be cut to order. Optional - Interactive Touch Screen Overlay. TV Mirrors. Home furnishings, kitchens, appliances, sofas, beds, mattresses.


Doors. Storage. Bed. Hive - modern design for the home. Lane Furniture : Quality Recliners, Sofas and Chairs in Leather and Upholstery, Home Entertainment Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture and Dining Room Furniture for your entire home. Teen Bedding, Furniture & Decor for Teen Bedrooms & Dorm Rooms.

Home Furnishings, Home Decor, Outdoor Furniture & Modern Furniture. Furniture for your Living Room, Bedroom & Dining Room. Ashley Furniture Home. It's easy to find the Office Supplies, Copy Paper, Furniture, Ink, Toner, Cleaning Products, Electronics and Technology you need. It's easy to find the Office Supplies, Copy Paper, Furniture, Ink, Toner, Cleaning Products, Electronics and Technology you need. It's easy to find the Office Supplies, Copy Paper, Furniture, Ink, Toner, Cleaning Products, Electronics and Technology you need. It's easy to find the Office Supplies, Copy Paper, Furniture, Ink, Toner, Cleaning Products, Electronics and Technology you need.

VELUX Skylights, Sun Tunnels, Roof Windows, and Skylight Blinds. Standby Generators. Unfortunately, Lennox no longer offers home generators.

Standby Generators

If you own a Lennox® Residential Generator and have questions regarding your warranty, please contact the dealer who sold you the product, or call 1-800-9LENNOX. If you are looking for product literature or homeowners manuals use our product literature tool and select your model number in the dropdown menu. Lennox offers innovative heating, cooling and air quality systems. We manufacture high-efficiency HVAC systems including furnaces and air conditioners designed to conserve energy and save money. Our complementing air filtration systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers help keep indoor air quality healthy and clean.  Home Theater Seating  Home theater seating comes in many different varieties, but if you are looking for alternative seating from one of the top manufacturers for your home theater then the Cuddle Couch if for you.

 Home Theater Seating 

The Cuddle Couch takes home theater seating to a new level. This stylish, contemporary seating is great for relaxing with your favorite film, TV show or book. These specialized couches have heavy duty thick wall construction, and at least 2.5 pound foam in each chair. You can choose your level of firmness for your couch, this customizes the couch to your preferences. Elite Home Theater Seating - Why Choose Elite HTS - Custom Design & Construction Furniture - Elite HTS. Movie Seating - Theater Seat Store. Home Theater Seating, Accessories, Signs, Popcorn Machines, Posters. Home Theater Installers.