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Cardboard Furniture

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DSDN104 - Sasathorn Inthasuwan. Wooden Textiles : Beautiful Innovation by Designer Elisa Strozyk :: Interior Design Photos New Ideas Exhibition. May 17, 2012 6:49 PM Initially when you look at these pictures you might think that it could be paper, but in fact it’s actually wood. How cool is that ? These amazing pieces were created by Elisa Strozyk, a young designer from Germany, that is able to turn blocks of wood into delicate paper-like material. So far she has created wooden rugs, bed covers, table cloths and is working on a line of wooden clothes. Elisa Strozyk has been researching ways to provide wood with textile properties in testing methods to make wood flexible and soft, or interweave textile elements. One of the processes to design a flexible wooden surface is its deconstruction into pieces, which are then attached to a textile base.

The wood is cut by hand or laser cut, and all tiles are stuck by hand to compose a textile-like surface. She spent months working on her original idea, experimenting with different types of wood, until she settled on wood veneer. ANNE KYYRÖ QUINN | Profile | Interior accessories | Interior. Resembling artworks more than conventional fabrics, the contemporary creations produced by the Anne Kyyrö Quinn studio are not textiles as you once knew them. Cut, sewn and finished by hand, our unique choice of luxury natural fabrics are crafted into interior textiles designed to harmonise timelessly with any setting.

Each product is conceived as a gesture of simplicity, yet, we make space for bold colours, rich textures and striking motifs. Anne Kyyrö Quinn’s sculptural approach has pioneered a new genre of interior textiles based on three-dimensional structure rather than smooth surface ornamentation. Our products are based on a portfolio of eighteen core designs inspired by organic shapes and expressed with Scandinavian simplicity. Whether crafted into cushions, throws, table runners, wall panels or blinds, each design has a tactile feel that appeals to the eye as well as to the hand. 3D Textiles: Patterned Cuts Add Depth to Flat Interior Decor. The dismal default for most fabrics is combination of opacity and patterns. For some purposes, such as bedsheets or fully light-blocking window shades, this makes sense … for many interior applications, however, something semi-transparent and altogether more dynamic can make a world of difference design-wise.

Cr? Ation Baumann has been involved with the production of so many types of textile it would be impossible to begin to list them all here. A brief overview would also be difficult, so the focus here will be on simple and color-free designs that revolve around creative pattern, printing and cutting strategies. In some cases, transparency is a by-product of the constituent materials used and the way they are assembled. For interior space dividers and room-from-room separators, these provide a point of visual engagement but also exist in tension between being solid and invisible, windows and doors.

Starbucks Coffee at Dazaifu Tenman-gū by Kengo Kuma and Associates. Architects Kengo Kuma and Associates have installed a Starbucks coffee shop on the approach to a Shinto shrine in Dazaifu, Japan. Over 2000 wooden batons line the interior of the shop, creating a diagonally woven lattice that spikes out beyond the recessed glass facade. Signage for the shop nestles amongst the beams, while a strip of planted reeds marks the entrance. You can see more projects by Kengo Kuma here, including the competition-winning proposals for the new V&A Museum in Dundee, Scotland.

Photography is by Masao Nishikawa. The text below is from Kengo Kuma and Associates: Starbucks Coffee at Dazaifu Tenmangu Omotesando Location of this Starbucks is somehow characteristic, as it stands on the main approach to the Dazaifu Tenmangu, one of the most major shrines in Japan. Along the main path to the shrine, there are traditional Japanese buildings in one or two stories. The building is made of 2,000 stick-like parts in the sizes of 1.3m – 4m length and 6cm section.

Woven Bamboo Veneer Pendant Lighting By Edward Linacre | Decor Advisor. The “Weave Pendant Lamp” (above) is one of 2 new offerings from Edward Linacre. Extremely, it really is developed on pc, using CAD, and incorporating basket weaving tactics. The result? A sublimely woven bamboo (the material of decision) lamp that demands no glue at all to hold it collectively. A self-supporting 3D woven structure made from 1 the world’;s most renewable sources (bamboo) – it would appear fantastic on a covered porch, wouldn’;t it?

“The Nest” emulates the honeycomb design and style of a bee’;s nest. Pieces are interlocking without the use of glue or adhesives – environmentally friendly! The Weave Pendant comes in a range of timbers, such as bamboo. More details: Edward Linacre Posts related to Woven Bamboo Veneer Pendant Lighting By Edward Linacre. Cardboard Furniture. Creative Furniture: Instructions To Make A Cardboard Chair., instructions to make a cardboard chair, cardboard chair ideas ~ Latrice Designs. Creative Cardboard Chair Ideas: Instructions To Make A Cardboard Chair. Uploaded by Leim at Wednesday, July 10, 2013, the mesmerizing Instructions To Make A Cardboard Chair. image above is one of the few mesmerizing photos that related to the main page Creative Cardboard Chair Ideas.

There are 7 mesmerizing photos more that you can see below including Corrugated Cardboard Furniture. image, Build Cardboard Furniture. image, Cardboard Chair Kids. image, Cardboard Chair Design image, Homemade Cardboard Furniture. image, Cardboard Chair Ideas image, and other. Do not miss to check all photo by clicking thumbnail bellow. Other Mesmerizing Gallery of Creative Cardboard Chair Ideas instructions to make a cardboard chairCardboard chair kidsCardboard chair designscardboard chair ideashomemade cardboard furniturebuild cardboard furniture This Week Popular Customized Designs of Kitchen Hutch at IKEA Consider yourself in a kitchen, without shelves and cabinets.

Creative Bookshelf Plans in Unique Designs. The £10 cardboard bicycle you CAN ride in the rain. By Mark Prigg Published: 11:15 GMT, 17 September 2012 | Updated: 15:34 GMT, 17 September 2012 A bicycle made of cardboard may seem an unlikely form of transport - but one inventor claims to have developed one that costs just £10 to make. By folding over sheets to double their strength, he claims the machine is durable, waterproof and costs very little to produce.

Everything apart from the brakes and chain is cardboard - including the seat. Scroll down for video The £10 cardboard bicycle that could revolutionise third world transport. It is covered with a waterproof resin then painted. That means it could become a cheap form of transport in rural Third World regions as well as being the ultimate green machine. Israeli-based engineer Izhar Gafni now has financial backing from a company called ERB which is an active partner in managing all the business and financial aspects of this project. Izhar got the idea after he heard about a man who had built a cardboard canoe. 'Not a bicycle.'