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Biomimicry furniture

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Phototropia. Polymer Opals. Живая мебель, выставка в Лондоне. 29 Мая 2013 В Лондоне в эти выходные проходит выставка Живой мебели.

Живая мебель, выставка в Лондоне

Reuben Margolin. Theo Jansen creates new creatures. Neri Oxman: On Designing Form. Офисная мебель Юнитекс - Напечатанная реальность. К вопросу о первоочередности курицы и яйца предлагаю добавить еще один похожий: об инновациях и образе мышления.

Офисная мебель Юнитекс - Напечатанная реальность

Как спрос рождает предложение, так инновации, теоретически, должны появляться в ответ на человеческую потребность. Ну и еще давно известно, что лень – двигатель прогресса… И все-таки, новая технология приходит для решения задачи, или же задача возникает, когда готова почва для ее реализации? На эти мысли меня навела шагающая в будущее семимильными шагами технология 3D-печати. Сама она применяется уже около 30 лет и использовалась в основном дизайнерами чего-бы-то-ни-было для маленьких моделей или рабочих образцов, или же для производства маленьких предметов – украшений, например. Активно 3D-плоттеры используют и в макетных мастерских.

Городской музей (Stedelijk Museum) Амстердама совсем недавно приобрел в свою коллекцию стул Solid C2 – первый предмет мебели, напечатанный целиком и сразу на 3D-плоттере. Walking Bookcase : Wouter Scheublin. Walking Bookcase Selected for the Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition, dedicated to the marriage of craftsmanship and design, Wouter Scheublin took the opportunity to make a unique Walking Bookcase.

The Walking Bookcase, ultimately equipped with Wallpaper* City Guides was shown in Milan during the Salone del Mobile, 2010. Reuben Margolin. Writing Desk Inspired by the Grace of a Deer. We really like designs that have unusual sources of inspiration. This highly elegant writing desk was designed by Alex Kozynets and comes with a lovely twist. BIO-INSPIRED: Pratt Student Designs a Table Inspired by Insects.

Industrial Design student, Alvaro Uribe of Pratt Institute, wowed us last weekend at BKLYN Designs with his sleek Mantis Table.

BIO-INSPIRED: Pratt Student Designs a Table Inspired by Insects

Inspired by insect body parts and adding a light and elegant touch to any interior, the table’s base is structured to mimic the small and delicate legs of a praying mantis which are uniquely angled to support the insect’s disproportionately long and heavy body. The design uses bio-inspired concepts adding to the structure’s lightness while still encompassing high-strength properties to support the heavy glass surface.

HALF LIFE: Living Bioluminescent Lamp Made From Hamster Cells! It may sound like something cooked up in Frankenstein’s lab, but Joris Laarman has created an incredible living lamp made out of (get this) bioluminescent, living, glowing hamster cells.

HALF LIFE: Living Bioluminescent Lamp Made From Hamster Cells!

Called the “Half Life,” his lamp produces a soft, ambient glow using cells from a Chinese hamster enriched with firefly genes (which are what make it light up). Biochemistry, meet interior design. IT’S ALIVE! Video via FastCompany You’ll be happy to hear that no hamsters were harmed in the creation of Laarman’s lamp – the cells come from a culture of tissue that has been kept alive since 1957 (creepy). According to Laarman, “the development of bioluminescence systems in living organisms occurred naturally about 20 or 30 times in evolution. Joris Laarman cut his teeth designing anatomical tables and chairs inspired by bones (see the pic above), but his Half Life lamp broaches an entirely new breed of living furniture.

Coral Lamp: Biomimicry in Design. Milan Report: Break-Out Moment for Biomimicry? Two years ago the words "green" and "sustainable" were barely uttered at the Milan Furniture Fair, largely because the furniture makers based in Northern Italy have a big investment in their production facilities and are loathe to retrofit them to conform to green principles.

Milan Report: Break-Out Moment for Biomimicry?

Instead, there was much defensive talk about how European manufacturing is de facto green because of its efficiency. Rugged Rucksack: Armadillo-Shelled, Hard-Case Backpack. In nature, the scaled mammals of the Manidae family feature a curious combination of hard and soft, firm but flexible.

Rugged Rucksack: Armadillo-Shelled, Hard-Case Backpack

The applications to luggage are at once obvious and relatively untapped. Recycled rubber inner tubes form the material basis for this series of backpacks, brief cases, hand bags and purses from Cylus (and inspired by the work of the Biomimicry Institute). “By joining together layers or surfaces with a membrane, the structure, form, movement and a container space is generated.” A central axis provides a pivot point around which each rounded piece of the exterior shell can wrap and rotate, containing precious items in an impact-proof case while offering easy access to the contents. The whole series of Pangolin products is nearly architectural in nature, not just for its substantial physicality and expressive shape, but also in the way it builds a bridge between the environment and design.

Jelly Jelly …not the bean jellyfish the one that stings!!! So this past weekend, I went to a catamaran boat trip in Miami for my cousin’s birthday celebration.

Jelly Jelly …not the bean jellyfish the one that stings!!!

Between raining showers and sunny moments, the Jellyfish was not shy at all to show up for the party and we sort of got close, too close if you ask me... My left leg, has a new pattern, is something between the so popular snake skin and a really bad rash. Design Academy Eindhoven, Saskia van der Steen It is completely swollen and irritated after an allergic reaction from the poison which probably wasn’t that bad because, I am still here writing my blog; but as I mention before, anything can inspire a creative person, so here we are again.